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"A Kneaded Break"
A Kneaded Break Is A Stress Management Company With Therapists Who Offer Full Body Swedish And Oriental Massage As Well As On-Site Chair Massage In The Home, Office, Party Or Fund Raising Event, Along With Lectures And Workshops On Tension, Stress, Tai Ch

"Act T`Ai Chi Ch`Uan"

Act T`Ai Chi Ch`Uan Provides Courses In Canberra. Regardless Of Ages Or Occupation You Can Enjoy All The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi. Offers The Very Best Tai Chi Training Developed By A Tai Chi Master

"Ahn Tai Chi Studio,"

Ahn Tai Chi Studio, Established In New York City In 1970, Offers A Wide Variety Of Taoist Physical And Spiritual Disciplines.

"Authentic Kung Fu"

Teaches Both Noi Kung And Wai Kung Chi Kung Methods. All Classes, Tang Lang, Wing Chun Or T`Ai Chi Ch`Uan Begin With The Appropriate Chi Kung Exercises In Every Class.

"Bogue Falaya Tai Chi"

Bogue Falaya Tai Chi Is Situated On The Banks Of The Scenic Bogue Falaya River In Historic Downtown Covington, Louisiana. The Fall Schedule Begins On October 3rd And Ends December 18th.

"Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute"

Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute Is Dedicated To Excellence In Martial Arts Training Which Includes Tai Ji Quan , Kung Fu , San Shou , Etc .,

"China`S Living Treasures"

The Range Of The Instructional Topics Is Beginning, Intermediate, And Advanced Including Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung(Qigong), Pa Qua Chang, Hsing I Chuan To Name A Few.

"Chinese Healing Arts Center"

The Chinese Healing Arts Center Was Founded By Doctor Tzu Kuo Shih And His Family For The Purpose Of Providing The American Public With Information And Instruction In The Ancient Chinese Arts Of Taiji Chuan, Qi Gong And Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Cloud Water Tai Chi"

Cloudwater Tai Chi Is Dedicated To The Effective Practice Of The Energy Arts Of Qigong And Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

"Cnomaa, Inc."

Cuong Nhu Was Founded In 1965 By Grandmaster Ngo Dong. Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association Is A Federally Recognized Non-Profit Educational Organization.

"Crescendo Association"

The Association Provides The Students With Different Courses (One-To-One Or Group Lesson): Tai Chi Chuan (Different Levels And Applications)

"David Radford"

Taijiquan,Is An Ancient Chinese Form Of Co-Ordinated Body Movements Focusing On The Cultivation Of Internal Energy Chi Or Qi. Its Aim Is To Harmonise The Mind, Body And Spirit, Promoting Both Mental And Physical Well-Being Through Softness And Relaxation.

"Dong Family International Tai Chi Chuan"

One Hundred Years Of Traditional Taiji Training By Rachel Porter Is The Transcription Of A Conversation With Grand Master Dong Zeng Chen.

"Five Elements Theory"

Committed To Providing The Highest Quality Instruction In All Our Classes. Our Teachers Are Well-Trained In The Art Of T`Ai Chi As Well As In Methods Of Teaching T`Ai Chi Effectively

"Golden Tai Chi For Seniors"

Golden Tai Chi For Seniors Offers Instructional Packet Which Includes Books And Videos On T`Ai Chi Chuan .

"Heartland Holistic Health Association"

Services Offered Are Aromatherpay, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Tai Chi Chuan, Reiki, Shiatsu, Yoga And Others.

"International Chen Style Taijiquan Association"

Was Founded In 1991 To Promote The Teaching And Practice Of Taijiquan As Taught By Ren Guang-Yi, A Senior Disciple Of Chen Xiao-Wang, The Nineteenth Generation Standard Bearer Of The Chen Family.

"International Federation Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan"

Official Website Of The International Federation Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Founding Master Wu Chuan You Studied Under Yang Lu Chan, Then Under His Son Yang Ban Hou. Master Wu`S Disciples Included Hsia Kong Pu, Wang Mao Chi, Kuo Song Ting, Chang Yuan

"International Federation Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chu`An"

International Federation Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chu`An Includes Photo Archives, History Of Tai Chi Chu`An, And An Index Of Clubs.

"Iron And Silk Tai Chi Society"

This Web Is Designed To Help Educate Practitioners About The Many Interesting Products Available Here For Sale As Well As Elseware.Be Sure To Read Our Book Reviews To Help You Decide Which One`S Are Right

"Israel Tai Chi Center"

The Israel Tai Chi Center Is Unique In That It Has Developed A Specialised Team Of Instructors From Various Fields - Doctors, Psychologists,Social Workers, Remedial Teachers - Who Use Tai Chi As A Method Of Treatment

"Jane Golden`S"

Jane Golden`S Offers T`Ai Chi Chuan , Qigong And Other Marital Arts .

"Kung Fu Connection"

Our Group Classes Include Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Cheung Kune Pai Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan Hua Shan Pai Chi Gung Ba Gua.


Covers All Aspects Of The Internal Arts, Plus History And Philosophy. Regular Correspondents Include Leading International Masters.

"Lee`S Kung Fu And Tai Chi Center"

Center Is Dedicated To Continuing The Tradition Of Bringing Authentic Chinese Martial Arts To The People Of The Shreveport-Bossier And Surrounding Areas.

"Middlesex University Studentstai Chi Chuan Association"

Middlesex University Students Tai Chi Chuan Web Site. Our Aim In Maintaining This Site Is Three Fold. Firstly To Provide A Resource For Our Members And Students Of Middlesex University. Secondly To Provide A Platform For The Dissemination Of Information O

"Mountain River"

Tai Chi Chuan Is The Study Of An Ancient Chinese Martial Art. It Is A Self-Defence Art Designed To Help Prolong & Enrich Life Through Meditative Co-Ordinated Movement. Tai Chi Chuan Can Be Translated As The Supreme Ultimate Fist. Tai Chi Chuan Is Far More

"Mountain River Tai Chi Club"

Mountain River Tai Chi Club Offers Tai Chi Chuan , Chi Kung , Pushing Hands , Etc .,

"New York Tai Chi"

Our Style, The Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, Is Taught & Practiced According To The Teachings Of Master Chu, Gin-Soon Of Boston & The Late Grandmaster Yang, Sau-Chung -- The Eldest Son Of The World Famous Yang, Cheng-Fu.

"One With Heart"

One With Heart Offers Classes In Martial Arts, Self-Defense And Internal Healing Arts Tai Chi, Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan,

"Patience T`Ai Chi Association"

Patience T`Ai Chi Association Offers Tai Chi Chuan Form , Push Hands , Etc .,

"Peter Asco Art"

Chi Kung Means Breath Work In English. Chi Is The Vital Life Force Within Us All, It Starts As An Inhalation Of Air (Breath) And Then Is Distributed Through The Body.

"Philip Good"

T`Ai Chi Can Be Practiced By People Of All Ages And Levels Of Fitness And Regular Practice Of T`Ai Chi Can Reduce Stress ,Lower Blood Pressure And Increase Circulation , Etc. ,

"Promoting Taijiquan In Moray And Fife!"

Over The Last Few Years, Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) Has Really Gained Popularity In Both The Uk And World-Wide. It Has Been Promoted As The Way To Better Health, By Curing And Preventing Illness And Also As The Way To Spiritual Enlightenment. Sometimes Peo

"Silver Tiger T`Ai Chi"

Silver Tiger T`Ai Chi Provides Instruction In Wu Ji-Style Tai Chi ,A Soft, Internal Chinese Martial Art Consisting Of Slow, Flowing, Meditative Movements.

"Single Whip"

The Concept School In Westtown, Pa, The William C.C. Chen`S 60 Movements Form Of Tai Chi Chuan Is Taught By Sifu Peter Herman.

"Tai Chi & Medical Qi Gong Center"

Offers Courses, Seminars, Workshops As Well As Treatments Of Different Diseases, Both Physical And Mental. The Center Has Been Offering Its Services In Different Parts Of Sweden And Also Abroad . Besides Denmark,

"Tai Chi Academy"

The Academy Is A School Established To Promote The Health, Discipline, Skill, And Cultural Aspects Of The Chinese Martial Arts Which Includes T`Ai Chi Chuan , Wu Shu , Etc .,

"Tai Chi Center"

Offers Information About Tai Chi Which Is A System Of Movement Meditation Valued In China Since Ancient Times For Its Ability To Promote Health And Well-Being. The Practice Consists Of A Series

"Tai Chi Chuan Center Of New York"

The Tai Chi Chuan Center Of New York Offers Taoist Meditation Classes--Ranging From Beginning Introduction To Advanced Taoism Study--Under The Direction Of Master C.K. Chu. Conveniently Located Near Times Square.

"Tai Chi For Arthritis"

Tai Chi For Arthritis Is A Specially Designed Program By Dr. Paul Lam And His Team For People With Arthritis.

"Tai Chi For Health Institute"

Tai Chi For Health Institute Is An Online Resource Center For Taoist Tai Chi And Also Offers Tai Chi For Seniors, Tai Chi For Women,Tai Chi For Healing , Etc .,

"Tai Chi Ireland"

Public Classes Offered For Tai Chi Chuan. Classes Will Now Be Run On A Module Basis. Beginners Will Take Module I.

"Tai Chi Online"

Tai Chi Online Is The Brain Child Of Bob Weatherall And Steve Jowett. The Aim Is Bring The Martial Art Of Tai Chi To The World. We Aim To Provide Instruction In The Art Of Tai Chi Via The Internet, With The Aid Of Written Instructions, Photographs, Diagra

"Tai Chi Productions"

Provides Tai Chi Which Is An Unusual Form Of Martial Arts Whereby We Believe In Building Strength Mental And Physical From Within, Softness Is Stronger Than Hardness, Moving In A Curve Is Better Than A Straight Line, Yielding Is More Efficient Than Conf

"Tai Chi School Of Westchester,"

The Tai Chi Chuan School Of Westchester Has Been In Existance Since 1976. Tai Chi Will Help You In Reaching Your Lifelong Goals Of Obtaining Optimum Physical And Mental Health, While Developing Your Spiritual Awareness

"Tai Chi Union"

The Tai Chi Union For Great Britain Is The Largest Collective Of Independent Tai Chi Chuan Instructors In The British Isles.

"Taichi Tao Cente"

Offers Taichi Information, Background And Current Classes, And Provide Online Instruction.

"Taijiquan Tutelage Of Palo Alto"

Taijiquan Is The Pinyin Version Of Spelling T`Ai Chi Ch`Uan (Which Is Also Sometimes Seen As Tai Chi Chuan, Taichichuan, Tai Chi, Taichi, Or Taiji.

"Tao New York"

A Not-For-Profit Educational Center Devoted To The Practice And Study Of Traditional Chinese Arts And Sciences, With Special Emphasis On The Tai Chi Chuan

"Taoist Tai Chi Society Of Australia Inc."

Taoist Tai Chi Is A Form Of Tai Chi Specifically Aimed At Cultivating Health And Vitality, Developed By Master Moy Lin-Shin, A Taoist Monk. Master Moy Synthesised

"The Angelic Tarot"

Tarot, Angels, Astrology, Consultations, Angelic Tarot Practitioner Certification, Healing, Tai Chi Chuan And Chi Kung Instruction, Motorsports, Martial Arts, Seminars, Qabalah, Photography, Art.

"The Center For Complimentary Healthcare"

The Center For Complimentary Healthcare Offers Services Such As Qigong,Massage Theraphy, Tai Chi Chuan, Music Theraphy, Reiki, Yoga,Acupressure And More.

"The International Chen Style Tai Chi Development Center"

Dedicated To The Promotion Of Authenic Chen Styletaijiquan And Its Many Benefits. We Offer Formal Instruction In Orthodox Chen Style Taijiquan

"The Kathmandu Center Of Healing"

"Relaxation: A Key To Practicing Tai Chi, ""Relaxation In The Highest Sense Means Faith.Tai Chi The Regular Program - Introductory Classes In Tai Chi And Qi Gong Are Offered On A Two To Three Month Basis. Classes Run From 9:00 To 10:30 A.M. Every Monday, W"

"The Stress Site"

Stress And Tai Chi : Tai Chi Is An Immensely Popular Way To Relieve Stress. It Is A Gentle Form Of Exercise But One Which Requires Concentration, As You Need To Focus Completely On Each Series Of Movements In Order To Get Them Right. This Pushes All The S

"Three Dragonsway"

A School Of Chinese Boxing. We Are Specialize In Are: Tai Chi Chuan, Pakua Chang, Chin Na. Headed By Professor James Cravens In South Florida.

"Tilopa Tai Chi Center"

Teaching The Complete Kuang Ping Long Form Of T`Ai Chi Ch`Uan And Qi Gong In The Chen Style, With Taoist Philosophies, In Minneapolis Since 1977.

"Waterwheel Tai Chi Center"

For Five Years Waterwheel Tai Chi Has Been Offering Classes Throughout Lower Fairfield County. As Tai Chi Classes Have Become More Accessible And Popular.

"William C. C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan"

Teaching Tai Chi Chuan At The Beginning Of The 1950s While Training As A Live-In Student Of The Famous Great-Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching Who Preferred To Be Called Professor Cheng

"Wushu Zentrum Hamburg, Virchowstr."

Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Bagua Und Shaolin Kungfu. In 1998 Bezog Er Neue Rdume In Hamburg Altona. Damit Ist Die Schule Sehr Zentral Und Mit Vffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln (S-Bahn) Leicht Zu Erreichen.

"Xiang Hua"

Offers Xiang Hua Chinese Martial Arts, Somerville/Boston Ma. Chinese Guyiquan Kung-Fu And Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) Under Master George Lawrence.

"Xiong Jing School Of Tai Chi Chuan"

Workshops, Books And Video`S Teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong And Self Defense.Learn Martial Art`S The Traditional Way In California

"Xiong Jing School Of Tai Chi Chuan"

Xiong Jing School Of Tai Chi Chuan Teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong And Self Defenses .

"Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio"

Master Y.C. Wong Is One Of The Senior-Most Hung Gar Kung Fu Authorities Teaching In The United States Today. At The Age Of Six, He Started Training In This Style Under His Own Father In Canton, China.

"Yang Family Tai Chi"

In 1998 Masters Yang Zhen Duo And Yang Jun Founded The International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association, Uniting The Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Centers

"Ying Jow Pai"

Offers Ancient Arts Of Self-Defense - For Strength And Health - Classes Daily. Provide Classes For Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, Master Leung Shum.

"Yoga West Holistic Center"

Yoga West Holistic Center Is A Unique Facility Offering Tai Chi, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Crystals, Feng Shui, Massage,Etc .,

"Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association"

The Purpose Of The Association Is To Promote And Research Tai Chi Chuan And Other Chinese Martial Arts.

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