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"1st Chinese Herbs"
Offers Pure Essential Oils Aromatherapy.Also 1st Chinese Herbs Offers Herbs To Individuals Seeking Alternative Medicine, Complimentary Medicine And Herbal Remedies To Satisfy All Your Herbal And Nutritional Needs.

"3 Flowers Healing"

Aromatherapy Synergies : Create Harmony With Fragrant 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends Married With The Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences And Other Elemental Energies.

"4 Natural Aromatherapy"

Massage Oils Travel Sets, Massage Lotions Travel Sets, Bath Salt Travel Sets, Bath & Shower Gel Travel Sets, Spas In A Bag, Body Bar Guest Sets, Cleansing Bar Sets, Gift Crates

"4 Natural Aromatherapy"

Aromatherapy Products, Including Essential Oils, Diffusers, Bath Gels, Massage Oils, Bath Salts, Gift Baskets


Our Massage Products Includes : Aromatherapy Body Oil, Therapeutic Body & Bath Massage Oils 4 Oz, Aromatherapy Massage, Bath & Body Oils 4 Oz, Massage Oils 4 Oz, Moisturizing Massage Oils 8 Oz, Bath & Body Oil 2.5 Oz Decorative Glass Bottle, Bath & Body O

"A Woman Of Uncommon Scents"

A Woman Of Uncommon Scents: Importer Of Extraordinary Essential Oils. A Woman Of Uncommon Scentsis A Raw Materials Supplier Of Therapeutic Quality Organic And Wild Crafted Essential Oils Purchased Direct From Worldwide Farmers And Distillers Who Practice

"A World Of Plenty"

Essential Oils--Aromatherapy Quality, For Use In Massage & Bath Oil, Perfume, Soap, Lotion, Potpourri & Candles.Before Using On Skin, Do A Patch Test Of Finished Product On Inside Of Arm To Check For Allergic Reaction.These Products Are Not Sold For Food

"Aaa Aromatherapy Essential Oils Fragrance Massage Oil"

We Specialize In Essential Oils. We Understand Your Massage Oil And Fragrance Needs. We Use Our Expertise In Aromatherapy And Essential Oils To Give You Options So You Can Choose The Right Product For Your Wants And Needs. Products : Allspice Berry Essent

"Abbey Essentials"

A Guide To The Purest Essential Oils And Their Uses With A Listing Of Some Of The Best Prices Available. These Oils Come From All Over The World And Have Been Analysed And Selected On The Basis Of Quality And Purity. The Different Essentail Oils Are Angel

"Acqua Vita"

Acqua Vita Is Committed To Sourcing And Supplying Only The Finest Organic And Sustainably Wildcrafted Essential Oils, Hydrosols And Carrier Oils, Produced Exclusively For Aromatherapy.These Certified And Chemically Specific Oils Account For Less Than 2% O

"Actiprime, Inc."

Each Ingredient Works In Perfect Harmony To Relieve Minor Aches, Sore Muscles And Arthritis Pain. First We Add The Finest Aloe Vera, Known For Its Natural Pain Inhibitors, Processed In Our Own Secret Formula Oils.

"Active Essential Oils"

Active Essential Oils Is Source For Quality Young Living Essential Oil Products Aromatherapy, Massage Oils, Herbal Formulas, Beverage And Tea Drinks, Vitamins, Minerals, High Energy Herb Food, Weight Lo


We Pride Ourselves On Offering Genuine And Authentic Essential Oils .We Are Happy To Offer You Aromatherapy Blends And Natural Cosmetics, Made From Pure And Natural Ingredients. All Of Our Products Are Made In Small Batches, Free Of Synthetics.

"Adriaflor Essential Oils"

Offers Genuine And Authentic Essential Oils And Hydrosols.Also Offers Pesticide And Synthetic Fertilizer-Free Essential Oils From France, Italy And Other Countries.

"Advanced Aromatherapy And Herbal Medicine Co."

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Are The Constituents In Plants That Provide Their Aroma. These Aromatic Molecules Are Found In Flowers, Berries, Fruits, Roots, Rhizomes, Leaves, Bark, Wood, And So On

"Advanced Aromatherapy And Herbal Medicine Co."

Essential Oils Are The Plants Analog Of Hormones, Comprising The Botanicals Life Essence.Aromatherapy Essential Oils Are Pure Distilled Or Expressed Aromatic Oils And Comprise The Botanicals Life Essence, And Can Provide Therapeutic Effects.

"Advanced Aromatherapy And Herbal Medicine Co."

Manufactures Aromatherapy And Herbal Medicine Products Including Essential Oils, Supplements, Bath Salts, And Body Care.

"Affordable Luxuries"

Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Bath-Massage Oils Are Offered Which High Quality Essential Oils Delicately Blended To Create The Ideal Balance For The Perfect Blend. Fragrance Oils Are Made From Essential Oils And/Or Man-Made Fragrances. These Bath-Massag

"Air Aroma"

The Essential Oil Reveals The Vitality And The Life-Force Of The Plant.Essential Oils Are Obtained From Seeds, Bark, Flowers, Roots, Wood And Peel. Aroma Diffusing Produces The Ideal Air Quality In All Areas. The Choice Of The Right Type Of Pure Essential

"Alchemy Mine, Inc"

Pure Essential Oils . Our Pure Essential Oils Are Undiluted And The Finest Quality We Could Find. These Oils Are Sold In 10ml (1/3 Oz - Over 2.5 Drams) Bottles That Have A Orifice Reducer Top.

"Alexander Essentials"

Superior Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Products At Sensible Prices . Worldwide Suppliers Of Superior Essential Oils, Floral Waters, Aromatherapy Products And Herbal Body Care Products At Sensible Prices.

"Aliris Of Sonoma"

Sore Muscle And Limb Oil The Sales Of This All-Natural Treatment Continue To Grow Exponentially. This Product Works Its Magic Without The Offensive Smell Of Camphor Or Menthol. Instead, We Use Essential Oils That Are Great For Reducing Soreness. This Topi

"All Aroma Aromatherapy"

All Aroma Aromatherapy Is Pleased To Offer A Complete Line Of High Quality Pure Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Products For Your Aromatic Enjoyment.

"All Things Natural"

We Are A Small Family Business Supplying An Extensive Range Of High Quality 100% Pure Essential Oils. Using Only High Quality Oils, We Make Individual Blends To Order. Our List Of Pure Bases, Which Include Not Only A Wide Selection Of Base Oils But Bases

"Allen Creek Associates, Inc. Bellanina"

At Our Day Spa Located In The Historic Kerrytown District Of Downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, We Offer Many Services In Massage And Skin Care And Carry A Complete Line Of Skin Care Products, Aromatherapy Essential Oils And Massage Tools.

"Allison England"

Allison England, A Fully Qualified Aromatherapist And World-Renowned Author In This Field, Has Been Creating Aromatherapy Products For Mothers And Babies Since 1980. Countless Magazine Articles On Allisons Pioneering Armomatherapy Products Have Been Publi


Simplicity Of Pure & Natural Luxury Herbal Creams, Lotions, And Treatments For Health And Beauty Made Here In The Hawaiian Islands. Mineral Oil Free & Infused With Botanicals From The Pacific And The World.

"Alternative Therapies Laboratory"

Essential Oils, Or Essences As They Are Also Called, Are Highly Concentrated Substances Extracted From Roots And Plants.Quite Apart From Their Medicinal Properties, Just Smelling An Essential Oil Can Uplift The Spirits.Whether Absorbed Through The Skin Or

"Alternative Therapies Laboratory"

Atl Is A Professional Private Company - One Of The Largest North American Suppliers Of Pure Essential, Carrier Oils, Absolutes, Resinoids, Gums And Other Natural Products For Aromatherapy, Cosmetics, Soap, Candle Manufacturers, For Distributors, As Well A

"Amaranthine Aromatics"

Pure Essential Oils : These Are The Freshest And Highest Quality Pure Botanical Plant Extracts That You Can Find . Allspice Pimento Berry Half Ounce, E036 -- Anise Half Ounce, E092 -- Basil Sweet Europe Half Ounce, E093 -- Bay Half Ounce, E001 -- Bergamot

"Amaranthine Aromatics"

Aromatherapy Is A Holistic Therapy That Uses Essential Oil Treatments To Reach Balance In Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Health.

"Amaranthine Aromatics"

Aromatherapy Supplies For Beginners And Professionals :Aromatherapy Books, Essential Oils, Essential Oil Diffusers, Herbal Tinctures .

"Amaranthine Aromatics"

Essential Oils Are The Pure Unadulterated Steam Distillations And Expressions Of Flowers, Fruits, Leaves, Woods, Roots, And Grasses. Some Have Called Essential Oils The Soul, Or Life-Blood Of Plants. They Are The Concentrate Of Aromatic Compounds Found Wi

"Amasha Oils"

The Amasha Oils Essential Oil Blends Are Called The Artemis Oil Remedies. Amasha Oils Artemis Oil Remedies Have Many Positive Effects. Here Are Some Of Them Pure Essential Oil Blend: Unity, Pure Essential Oil Blend: Intellect, Pure Essential Oil Blend: Be

"Amasha Oils"

Offers Amasha Oils Produces Whcih Unique Essential Oil Blends For Discriminating Users In The Fields Of Therapeutic Massage, Bio-Energetic Therapies, Aromatherapy, Various Froms Of Meditation And Tantra, Metaphysical Students Of All Levels,

"Amberfields Aromatherapy"

Amberfields Aromatherapy Provides A Complete Line Of Pure & Organic Essential Oils For Your Natural Health And Well Being. Please Feel Free To Browse Our Site And For Your Shopping Convenience We Accept Visa, Mastercard, Personal Checks, Money Orders And

"Amrita Aromatherapy"

A Full Line Of Aromatherapy Products Based On 100% Pure Botanical Essential Oils From Wild Crafted, Certified Organic And Carefully Selected Sources . Amrita`S Organic Essential Oils Have Been Gas Chromatographically Tested To Ensure Their Purity And Natu

"Amrita Aromatherapy"

Amrita Is A Manufacturer Of A Complete Line Of Quality Aromatherapy Products And A Leader In Aromatherapy Research And Education. We Sell Wholesale To Aromatherapy Stores, Health Stores, Salons, Spas Etc. Our History

"Amrita Aromatherapy"

A Full Line Of Aromatherapy Products Based On 100% Pure Botanical Essential Oils From Wild Crafted, Certified Organic And Carefully Selected Sources .

"Ancient Forest Essences"

Ancient Forest Essences Specializes In Flower Essences As Well As Essential Oils And Blends.

"Andrew Pacholyk"

Essential Oils Work On Several Different Levels. They Affect Most People Through The Sense Of Smell. The Sense Of Smell Is The Most Complexed And The Sensitive Of The Five Senses.Angels Mist Essential Oils Are Free Of Chemicals, Fillers, Solvents, Emollie

"Angel Essence"

Angel Essence, Distributers Of The Finest Quality Essentail Oils And Aromatics Available .E.O.B.B.D. Certified Pure Aromatic Essential Oils Blended For Meditation, Aroma Therapy And Massage In Healing The Mind, Body And Spirit With Aromatherapy.

"Angel S Essence Inc"

Essential Oils Are Used In Aromatherapy As Well As In The Perfume Industry. Our Essential Oils Are Aromatherapy Grade, Which Is The Best Grade Available. These Oils Are Highly Volatile, That Is To Say, They Evaporate Rather Quickly If Left Undiluted In Th

"Angels Essence Inc."

Our Exceptional Perfume Body Oils Are Made From Fine Quality Ingredients And Do Not Contain Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Or Baby Oil. Our Perfume Oils Contain The Natural And Synthetic Cosmetic Grade Oils Which Are Healthy For Your Skin, And Would Not Clog Pores

"Ann Albers"

Essential Oils Contain Potent Natural Chemicals And Should Be Treated With Respect.The Different Fragrances Of Oils Are Allspice, Bergamot, Birch (Sweet),Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, F

"Annbidextrious Oils"

Customized Massage And Aromatherapy Oils. Handmade Oils For Your Personalized Needs

"Anti-Aging Choices"

Some Of Our Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Perception Blend, Composure Blend , Composure, Wealthy Blend , Helichrysum, Cypress, Respire Blend, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Helichrysum Etc .


Essential Oils Are Extracted From The Essences Of Plants. These Potent Oils Are Hidden In Tiny Glands Within The Plant. Offering A Great Variety Of Beneficial Properties, Ranging From The Physical To The Emotional.

"Appalachian Valley Natural Products"

Early-Harvest Extra-Virgin Olive Oil : This Is Prize-Winning, Early-Harvest, Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil With A Lab Tested Acidity Of Less Than 7/10th Of One Percent - It Can`T Be Found In The Usa Except In Some Very Special Gourmet Shops And The

"Aps, Inc."

Offers Each Aromatic Botanical Blend Is Drenched With Naturally-Pampering Essential Oils, Skin-Soothing Emollients, And Nourishing Vitamin E. 8 Oz. - $12.95

"Aqua Oleum"

Our Carrier Oils : Sweet Almond, Apricot, Avocado, Borage, Calendula, Carrot, Coconut, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Hypericum, Jojoba, Peach, Rosehipseed, Wheatgerm .

"Aqua Oleum"

Aqua Oleum, Suppliers Of High Quality Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Products For Three Generations . The Aim Of Our Company Is Not Only To Provide The Finest Oils But To Operate In An Ethical Manner In Our Relationships With Both Suppliers And Customers

"Aroma Affair"

All Our Products Are Created With Essential Oils And Extracts To Stimulate And Invigorate You. Also Visit Our Gift Pages, Featuring Unique Baskets For Gift Giving To Even The Most Discriminating , Whether It`S For Yourself,A Friend Or Even Corporate Gifts

"Aroma Associates"

Young Living Independent Distributors Who Work Together To Promote The Use Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy. We Share The Vision Of Young Living Essential Oils And Other Essential Oils Companies To Effect The Wellness And Prosperity Of Others. As A Lear

"Aroma Direct"

Aromatherapy And Natural Beauty Products,Essential Oils . Aroma Direct Consists Of A Complete Range Of The Highest Quality Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Products, Together With A Unique Selection Of Natural Beauty Products To Offer You The Best For Your

"Aroma Essentials"

Aromatherapy Bath And Body Apothecary For Therapeutic Essential Oils, Diffusers, Bath And Body Products For Relaxation, Stress Releif. Thymes, Davies Gate, Essentiel Elements, Aesop, Fresh, Aromafloria - Gift Baskets, Candles, Soaps, Seminars And Much Mor

"Aroma Market"

Aromatherapy Massage & Body Oil : Touch Is One Of The Most Valuable Tools For Nurturing And Healing The Body. Therapeutic Massage With Aromatherapy Oils Heightens The Healing Effect. Therapeutic Massage Can Be A Full Body Massage, A Spot Massage At Pressu

"Aroma Mastery"

Golden Touch 1 Oil Kit , Golden Touch 2 Oil Kit, Feelings Kit, Raindrop Therapy Oil Kit . Our Blends: Abundance ,Acceptance ,Aroma Life , Aroma Siez , Awaken , Brain Power ,Christmas Spirit , Citrus Fresh , Clarity , Di-Tone , Dragon Time , Dream Catcher

"Aroma Shop"

The Aroma Shop Sells High Quality Aromatherapy Products From Companies Such As Frontier Oil, Aromaland, And Earth Solutions At Very Competitive Prices.Alternative Therapies Are Quickly Become An Important Part Of Peoples Lives. Aromatherapy Is A Very Good

"Aroma Solutions"

Aroma Solutions Provides Solutions Through The Art Of Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy Products Offer Natural Alternatives To The Chemically Formulated Products You Use Every Day For Personal Care And Well Being.

"Aroma Studio"

Essential Oils Are Steam Distilled From The Root, Seed, Leaf, Needle, Bark, Flower, Fruit, And Wood Of Plants. Low Pressure, Low Heat Is The Preferred Method Of Distillation. Other Methods May Be Employed Such As Expression For The Peel Of Fruits Such As

"Aroma Thyme"

One, An Essential Oil Or Synergistic Blend, The Others,True Aromatherapy Bath And Body Treatments, Candles, Incense And More. We Offer Unique, High Quality, Natural Products To Allow Our Members To Experience True Aromatherpy.

"Aroma Web"

Within This Area You Will Find Links To The Profiles Of 70 Essential Oils And Absolutes, Details On 18 Carrier Oils Used In Aromatherapy And A Separate List Of 23 Hazardous Essential Oils That Should Be Avoided In Aromatherapy


Aromaremedy Bath & Body Oil :A Nourishing Blend Of Healing Botanical Oils That Help Rehydrate And Heal Dry Skin Caused By Stress, Natural Aging, Pms, Even Cold And Flu. Aromaremedy Spa Relief Kit: Invite Your Friends Over For Spa Night And Have A Spa Expe

"Aromaland Inc."

At Aromaland, The Heart Of All Our Products Is Our High Quality Essential Oils Which We Source From All Over The World. We Buy, Blend, And Sell Only 100% Genuine And Authentic Essential Oils. Whenever Possible, We Buy Oils Distilled From Plants That Have

"Aromalands Aromatherapy"

Aromaland Has Been Offering Pure And Authentic Aromatherapy And Essential Oil Products For Over 12 Years Enter Our Site To Discover The Essence Of Well Being And The Meaning Of Pure Aromatherapy.

"Aromaterra Inc."

Essential Oils For Aromatherapy. Also Natural Oils, Botanical Extracts, Bath & Body Products, Fragrance Oils, Designer Reproduction Fragrances, Perfume Oils, Natural Based Products, Aromatic Oil Blends, Massage Oils & Lotions .

"Aromatherapy Alive"

Welcome To Aromatherapy Alive! Dedicated To Bringing You The Finest Selection Of Pure Essential Oils, Scented Candles/Crystals, Potpourri, Oil Carriers, Aromatherapy Massage/Body Oils And More. Our Products Are Imported From Around The World. Whenever Pos

"Aromatherapy By Dana"

Aromatherapy Enhances Body, Mind And Spirit By Utilizing Essential Oils Extracted From Plants And Flowers.Our Luxurious Bath Salts, Oils And Aromatherapy Soaps Are Made With Only The Purest Essential Oils, Ensuring The Maximum Effect That Each Oil Has To

"Aromatherapy Market"

Aromatherapy Market Is A Webstore Providing One Stop Shopping For All Your Aromatherapy Needs. Our Synergistic Blends Have An Established Following Due To Their Ability To Assist The Bodys Immune System To Regain Balance And Health.The Products Include Ar

"Aromatherapy New Zealand"

Carrier Oils: Almond Oil(An Inexpensive Massage Oil), Apricot Kernel Oil (Lovely For The Skin), Jojoba Oil(The Perfect Oil For The Body), Macadamia Oil(A Fine Oil Containing Vitamin E).

"Aromatherapy Outlet-M.R. Internet Sales"

Offers Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Carrier Oils.Offer Absolutely The Finest Oils And Fragrances At The Lowest Discount Prices

"Aromatherapy Outlet-M.R. Internet Sales"

Lorann Oils Are 100% Pure Botanical Extracts. Obtained Exclusively Through Steam-Distillation Or Cold Press, And Do Not Contain Any Alcohol, Carrier Oils Or Other Natural Or Synthetic Diluting Agents.

"Aromatherapy Products"

Aromatherapy Products - Essential Oils, Herbal Magic, Candles, Incense . For Over 5 Years, Aromatherapy Products Have Been Supplying Essential Oils, Candles And Incense To Help Ease A Stressful Day And Put Balance And Harmony Back Into Your Life .

"Aromatherapy To Go"

Specialists In Pure Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Poducts. Countries Leading Supplier To Aromatherapists And Other Health Practicioners

"Aromatherapy Unlimited"

Our Oils : Essential Oils, Bath & Body Oils , Essential Oil Collections , Massage Oils, Grandiflorum Perfumes Etc .


Aroma Thyme Brings You The Finest Quality Pure Essential Oils At A Reasonable Price. We Select Certified Organic (Co) Organic Certified By A Third Party, Organic (Or) Same As Co Except Not Certified , Wild Grown (W) Self-Propagating - Uncultivated - Grown


Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Scentsation Of The Month Club And Online Shopping For All Your Aromatherapy And Oil Needs .


Massage / Body / Carrier Oils : Hot Rock Massage : This Is A Spa Treatment From The Arizona Desert. Peace And Love Massage Oil: 3 Drops Patchouli 3 Drops Sandalwood 1 Oz. Unscented Base Oil . Slim-U-Lite Body Oil .Night Fire Body Oil .Rejuvenator Body Oil

"Aromatic Essentials"

Aromatic Essentials Can Help You Find The Right Aroma Or Aromatic Essence To Improve Your Health. Offer A Variety Of Aromatherapy And Herbal Products. We Carry Essential Oils , Carrier Oils, Custom Blends, Blended Massage Oils, Perfume Oils, Lotions, Lip


Unique Formulations Is The Result Of Years Of Experience In The Distillation And Blending Of Essential Oils, And Reflects A Deeply Rooted Environmental Commitment.


Within This Area You Will Find Links To The Profiles Of 70 Essential Oils And Absolutes, Details On 18 Carrier Oils Used In Aromatherapy And A Separate List Of 23 Hazardous Essential Oils That Should Be Avoided In Aromatherapy .


Essential Health And Aromawise Offers Young Livings Leading Edge Essential Oils, All Natural Weightloss Products Aromatherapy Products And Programs To Change Peoples Lives

"Aromystique, Inc"

A Massage Using Essential Oils Is Absolutely Heaven! Not Only Does It Feel Wonderful But It Delays The Aging Process As Well. Luscious Aromatics Enhance Massage And Penetrate Deep Into The Skin Tissue Working To Achieve A State Of Balance And Harmony. Aro

"Ashbury`S Aromatherapy,"

Therapeutic Essential Oils, Bath And Body Care, Carrier Oils, And Supplies For Private Label Aromatherapy Manufacture. We Sell Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, And Many Other Products. Bath&Body Products:Shower Gel,Liquuid Hand Soap,Moisturizing Lotion Etc

"Aster Associates, Inc"

Oils & Room Sprays: Awakening & Cheering ,Calming & Relaxing ,Coughs, Colds & Congestion ,For Teething Babies ,Travel & Motion Sickness ,For Colicky Babies .Massage Oils For Children 2-12 Months . Awakening & Cheering Calming & Relaxing Coughs Colds & Con

"Attar Bazaar"

"Attar Bazaar, The Deepest, Richest Scents You Will Ever Smell. The ""Essence"" Or Vital Power Of Plants Is Kept Intact, So You Get The Full Spiritual Benefit Of Each Natural Plant Substance. Totally Alcohol Free, Which Means No Corruption Of The Natural F"

"Augustus Oils Limited"

Leading Worldwide Supplier Of Essential Oils, Chemicals, Oleoresins, Absolutes And Related Materials To The Flavour And Fragrance Industries. Quality Products At Very Competitive Prices, With A Wide Variety Of Shipping Options .

"Auroma Australia"

Auroma Is Australian Leader In The Essential Oils And Frangrance Industry. The Products Are 100% Pure Essential Oils Are Sourced Directly From Growers And Distillers Worldwide .

"Australian Essential Oil Company"

The Australian Essential Oil Company Was Started By Bill Mcgilvray To Market 100% Pure Essential Oils Distilled From A Unique Range Of Plants Native Only To Australia

"Avalon Aromatherapy"

Offer 100% Pure And Natural Essential Oils, Pure Vegetable Oils, Infused Oils And Blends, For All Of Your Aromatherapy Needs

"Ayur Herbals"

Manufacturer Of Herbal Extracts And Personal Care Products.Products For Face Care:Anti Sun-Tan Face Pack , Tulsi Face Pack , Sandal Face Pack, Etc

"Ayurvedic Rasayanas Intl."

Ayurvedic Alternative Herbal Products, Rasayanas, Remedies, Medicines, Herbs, Cure, Treatment And Supplements For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain, Bronchitis, Cough, Asthma, Heart And Liver Diseases, Menstruation, Pms, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia,


Ayurvedica Is A Mail-Order Company Dedicated To Bringing You The Best Quality Ayurvedic Products Available. Offers Ayurvedic Herbs, Oils Products And Accessory Items.

"Balm Of Gilead"

Balm Of Gilead Fine Essential Oils And Educational Services, Has Studied Aromatherapy For Three Years. Independent Studies In Her First Two Years, Then With Northwest Essence, And Formalizing Her Education With The Institute Of Dynamic Aromatherapy In Sea

"Banyan Botanicals"

Offers Finest Quality Ayurvedic Herb Tablets, Guggalus Bulk Herbs, Essential And Massage Oils, Attars And Other Products.

"Banyan Trading Co."

Banyan Trading Co. Is An Importer, Manufacturer And Supplier Of Premium Quality Ayurvedic Herbs And Products. We Begin By Working Closely With Reputable Foreign Growers And Domestic Organic Farmers In Order To Produce The Finest Raw Materials Available


We Offer You The Following Products:Baraka Black Seed Oil ,Baraka Balm And Cream ,Baraka Soft Gel Capsules , Baraka Seeds And Seed Capsules. A Traditional, Natural & Herbal Solution To Activate Your Bodys Defense System.

"Bassett Aromatherapy"

Foot Care & Blending Oils Zone Therapy This Highly Concentrated Grapeseed Base Massage Oil May Be Used As A Foot Massage Oil Or ³Spot Massage Oil². Blending Oils : Sweet Almond Oil , Apricot Kernel Oil , Grapeseed Oil , Jojoba Oil .

"Bassett Aromatherapy"

Bassett Aromatherapy Carries Hundreds Of Essential Oils. All Are Of Therapeutic Quality And H.E.B.B.D Certified. Wholesale And Bulk Ordering Is Also Available. Please Fill Out The Online .

"Bay House Aromatics"

We Are A Specialist Supplier Of Aromatherapy Products To People All Around The World.Products : Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Skin Creams And Lotions, Blended Aromatherapy Oils, Bath Oil And Foam Bath, Face/Body Gel, Tea Tree Products, Diffusers And Vap

"Bazaar Of India Imports"

Suppliers Of Ayurvedic Herbs, Oils, Soaps, Toothpaste, Shampoos, Books, Body Care And Skin Care Products.


Dr. Hauschka Body Oils : St. John`Swort Body Oil , Birch-Arnica Body Oil, Lavender Body Oil Etc.

"Best Essential Oils"

Wholesale Natural Pure Carrier (Base) Oils :Almond Sweet Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil , Arachis Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Avocado Oil Etc . & Massage Oils .

"Best Of Nature"

Larger Sizes Are Available On Most Of Our Essential & Perfume Oils . We Provide A Large Variety Of Essential Oils .

"Birch Hill Happenings...."

Pure Essential Oils For Use In Therapeutic Aromatherapy. These High Quality Oils Will Help You To Get To Know The True Scents And Essences. For The Beginner, Start With 2-3 Oils First, Get To Know Them Before Adding More.

"Black Seed Usa"

An Annual Herbaceous Plant, Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) Is Believed To Be Indigenous To The Mediterranean Region But Has Been Cultivated Into Other Parts Of The World Including Saudi Arabia, Northern Africa And Parts Of Asia Used For The Healthy Oils Foir

"Blue Violet Bodyworks"

Diffusion Is The Easiest And Most Rapid And Comprehensive Way To Benefit From Aromatherapy. Select A Pure, Fresh Essential Oil Or Blend, According To Your Needs. Diffuse For 10-15 Minutes Intermittently When Desired. The Best Diffusers Use A Glass Nebuliz

"Body Line"

Massage & Aromatherapy Gift Basket . Each Basket Contains An Asleep Oil, Aromatherapy Soap, Massage Oil, Aromatherapy Candle, Stress Relief Bath Soak, And Stress Relief Moisture Lotion.

"California Savvy"

Pure Massage Oil : A Magnificent, Quality Oil-Blended Of 7 Natural Oils . Available In Two Forms : Unscented ­ Golden .

"Camden Grey Essential Oils"

You Will Find A Great Variety Of Essential Oils Of The Highest Quality And Other Products Related To Aromatherapy, Toiletries, Soapmaking And Massage .

"Camden-Grey Essential Oils"

Rect Importers Of Essential Oils/Related Products. Also Sells Bottles, Disposable Pipettes, Carrier Oils, And More.


Scented Products To Spice Up Your Home And Soothe Your Senses. Each Of These Items Gives Off A Unique And Pleasing Scent . Our Aromatherapy Oils Categories: Aromatherapy Oils - Pure Essences ,Aromatherapy Oils - Blends ,Massage And Bath Oil - 6 Ounce Sque


Massage And Bath Oil - 6 Ounce Squeeze Bottle. A Wonderful Blend With A Silky Texture By Ravenwood, You Can Use This Oil For Massage, Add It To The Bath Or Apply As A Body Moisturizer. The Oil Is Scented With Pure Essential Oils.

"Candles, Cremes And Dreams, Inc."

Lorann Essential Oils Are 100% Pure Botanical Extracts. Obtained Exclusively Through Steam-Distillation Or Cold Press, And Do Not Contain Any Alcohol, Carrier Oils Or Other Natural Or Synthetic Dilutants. These Oils Can Be Mixed With Base Oils To Produce

"Candles, Cremes, & Dreams, Inc"

Aromatherapy Oil Blends : Essential Oil Blends Collection :Lorann`S Essential Oil Blends Are Pure Essential Oils In A Base Of Grapeseed And Apricot Kernel Oils. The Result Is A Distinctive, Smooth Oil With A Silken Texture That`S Never Greasy And Fragranc

"Candles, Cremes, & Dreams, Inc"

These Massage Oils Are Rich Fragrant Blends From The Finest Base, Essential, And Plant-Derived Fragrance Oil. Perfect For All Types Of Massage .Global Notes® Natural Massage Oil :Developed By Professional Massage Therapists, These Fragrantly Blended Oils

"Candles, Cremes, & Dreams, Inc. (Ccd Aroma)"

Your One Stop Essential Shop, Offering A Variety Of Products Ranging From Essential Oils, Yankee Candles, Aromatherapy, Incense And More .

"Celestial Touch"

Aromatherapy And Essential Oils By Celestial Touch Offers You The Very Best In Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Plus Fabulously Aromatic Monthly Specials

"Celestial Touch"

Aromatherapy Massage Kit:Relax And Enjoy With The Celestial Touch. Aromatherapy Massage Kit! You Get A 16oz. Bottle Of Grapeseed Oil And Three 1/8oz Bottles Of Pure Essential Oil To Create The Perfect Massage. 16oz. Grapeseed Oil. 1/8oz. Lavender Pure Ess

"Cheryls Herbs"

Therapeutic Quality Pure Essential Oils & Hydrosols, Highest Quality Dried Herbs,Wide Variety Aromatherapy & Herbal Products, Supplies & Books.

"Cloud Nine Hawaii"

The Art Of Aromatherapy Consists Of The Use Of Pure Essential Oils For Healing To Increase Vitality And Health. Our Essential Oils Come In 1/4 Oz Amber Glass Bottles And Are Of The Highest Quality. These Oils Can Be Used In Baths, Massage Oils, Inhalation

"Coconuts Concoctions"

Bath Oils Massage Oils Facial Powders Body Lotions Shower Gels Body Powders Body Soaps

"Country Cottage"

Country Cottage Works Specializes In Cottage Crafted Herbal Bar And Liquid Soap, Bath Salts, Lotions, Herbs, Teas, Incense, Essential Oils, Blended Oils, And Massage Oil Blends For Personal Use And Enjoyment

"Creation Herbal Products"

We Ve Searched The Globe For These High Quality Essential Oils. We Are Very Selective Regarding Quality And Sources Of Essential Oils. Buy Ing When Possible Any Domestically Produced Oils Direct From Distillers. We Are Networked With Direct Contacts In Tu

"Creations Di Carla"

Our Aromatherapy Bath Oils Are Truly Extravagant! Creations Di Carla Has Selected Turkey Red Oil As Our Carrier Or Base Oil. This Rare Oil Is 100% Dispersible In Water Making A Perfect Medium For Essential Oils In The Bath. Our Oil Is 100% Cold Pressed An

"Creations Di Carla"

For The Art Of Massage, Creations Di Carla Combines Protein-Rich, Vitamin A And B Containing Sweet Almond Oil With The Non-Sticky, Ultra-Fine Antioxidant And Anti-Aging Grapeseed Oil, A Common Carrier Oil In Aromatherapy And Natural Vitamin E To Create A

"Crystal Goddess Vegetable Soap Co."

Crystal Goddess Is A Small Mom And Pop Type Operation Dedicated To Making The Finest All Natural Handmade Vegetable Soap, Beauty And Bath Products. We Also Carry A Line Of Healing Crystals, Fossils, Minerals, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Blends, Diffusers

"Crystal Mountain Essential Oil"

Essential Oils And Fragrances, Hand-Dipped Incense,Aromanecklaces, Genealogy .Crystal Mountain Essential Oils And Fragrance Oils For Aromatherapy And Pleasure.

"Dakara Kies Company"

Provides Readings And Healings, Herbs, Ear Candles, Homeopathics, Flower Essences, Essential Oils. Also Help To Maintain Their Health, Naturally, With Supplements And Education.

"Dean Coleman Enterprises"

Fine Handmade Herbal Soaps, Bath Oils, Aromatherapy Sprays, Essential Oils, And Much More. We Use Garden Fresh Herbs And Pure Essential Oils In Each Of Our Herbal Blends. Our Bath Salts And Bath Oils Are Made Fresh To Give You The Best In Aromatherapy. Ev

"Dean Coleman Herbal Luxuries"

Bath, Body And Aromatherapy Items. All Of Our Products Are Handmade From The Finest Herbs And Pure Essential Oils. We Use Only Wholesome Ingredients And Would Never Think Of Testing Our Products On Animals. Pure Ingredients, Dedication, And An Earth-Frien

"Divas Botanicals"

Offers Dry Herbs,Tinctures, Essential Oils And Body Care Products And More. Also Offers Healing And Herbal Consultations.

"Dream Design"

The Complete Dream Design Catalog Of Herbal And Floral Designs, Herb Gardens, Aromatherapy Products, Candles, Body/Bath Oils, Bath Salts And Custom Close .

"Dreaming Earth Botanicals"

Like That Of Fine Wines, The Quality Of Essential Oils Varies Greatly. At Dreaming Earth Botanicals Obtain Only The Finest Quality Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils. All Our Essential Oils Are Laboratory Tested For Purity And Therapeutic Values To Provide


Welcome To E-Scent-Ials, We Are Dedicated To Bringing You Quality, Natural Bath And Aromatherapy Products And Exceptional Customer Service At Reasonable Prices.Pure Essential Oils - Pure Botanical Oils From Mother Nature.

"Earth, Life And More"

Our Products Are Made From All Natural Ingredients With No Chemical Additives. We Use Essential Oils Or Essential Oil Blends To Make Bath Crystals, Bath Splashes, Bath And Complexion Soaps, Candles, Sea Salts And Other Naturally Produced Products. See Our

"Effleurage Massage & Body Oils"

"Effleurage Massage And Body Oil : The Natural Healing Properties Of ""Seven Expeller Pressed Oils"" Safflower, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Hazelnut, Pecan, Apricot And Vitamin E ."

"Elan Essentials"

Aromatherapy Oils, Accessories, Gifts, And Natural Personal Care Items, Including Those For Babies And Children. Secure Online Ordering Is Also Available.

"Elan Essentials"

Aromatherapy Is The Centuries Old Practice Of Healing, Promoting Well-Being, And Enhancing Moods Through The Use Of Extremely Concentrated, Pure Plant Oils. Elan Essentials Offers A Wide Variety Of Aromatherapy Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Products Of

"Elixarome Limited"

Carrier Oils : Essential Oils Are Over 100,000 Times Stronger Than The Plant From Which They Are Distilled. Vegetable Oils Are The Most Well Used Carriers For Essential Oils As They Readily Mix Together And The Resulting Dilution Is Ideal For Massage And

"Elixarome Limited,"

Elixarome Is A Prime Source And Supplier Of Pure, Natural Essential Oils For Aromatherapy, Perfumery, Cosmetics And Flavouring To The Trade And Retail Markets .

"Elixir Aromatherapy And Natural Health"

We Pride Ourselves On Only Supplying The Best. Our Pure Essential Oils Are Just That 100% Pure. And We Only Use The Finest Of Ingredients In Our Ranges. We Have An In-Depth Knowledge Of Essential Oils, Their Properties And How They Work.

"Elizabeth Connock"

Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) May Easily Be Replaced In Cosmetic Formulae With Any Of The Following Vegetable Oils: Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca), Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus Persica), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis), Safflower Oil (Ca

"Elizabeth Van Buren"

All Massage Oils Are Packaged In 8 Oz Bottles Unless Noted. 100% Pure Gc/Ms Analyzed Oils. Our Oils : Juniper Tonic ,Cedar Orange , Clary Vanilla , Lemon Laurel , Patchouli Tangerine ,Unscented Base Oil Etc.

"Eo/Small World Trading Company"

Base Oils Are Nut, Seed Or Vegetable Oils Which Have Their Own Therapeutic Properties. Plant Oils Are A Concentrated Source Of Nutrients. They Are Good Sources Of The Oil-Soluble Vitamins Such As A, D And E As Well As The Essential Fatty Acids Needed By T

"Escents Aromatherapy"

100% Pure Essential Oils Or Plant Essences From Around The World, An Extensive Line Of Hair Skin Care Lines For Men, Women Children, Bath Massage Products, Candles Customized Aromatherapy Blending Essential

"Espace Nature"

A Site Dedicated To Aromatherapy And Diffusers. We Offer A Wide Variety Of Essentials Oils Extracted From Plants Organically Grown, As Well As, Various Models Of Diffusors. Advice And Pratical Information About Essential Oils Properties.

"Essensial Oil"

Organic, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Health And Body Building Supplements And Non Toxic Personal Care Products For Better Wellness. Plus A Home Business Opportunity

"Essential Aromas"

An Essential Oil Is A Highly Concentrated Aromatic Substance Which Evaporates Easily. It Is Extracted By Distillation Or Expression From A Single Source. This Source May Be Any Species Of : Flower Seed,Fruit (Peel),Grass,Root ,Tree ,Leaf .Essential Oils A

"Essential Botanicals"

Blends Containing Precious Oils : Abandon , Aphrodite, Aurora, Comfort, Insight, Luscious, Meadow, Minerva, Persephone , Silk Etc .

"Essential Botanicals"

Essential Oils : Ammi Visnaga (Khella), Angelica Root, Angelica Root India, Anise Extra, Anise Star, Basil, Basil Extra, Holy Basil, Pungent Basil, Tropical Basil, Bay Laurel, Bay St. Thomas, Benzoin Etc .

"Essential Essences"

Essential Essences Offers Pure Essential Oils For Your Enjoyment And Therapeutic Benefits.

"Essential Oil Company"

Source For The Highest Quality, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils, Massage And Fragrance Oils, Soapmaking And Incense Supplies

"Essential Oil Company"

Your Source For The Highest Quality, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils, Massage And Fragrance Oils, Soapmaking And Incense Supplies.

"Essential Oil Harmony Limited"

Essential Oil Harmony Limited Is A Company That Supplies Blends Of Aromatherapy Oils To Ease Everyday Complaints And Ailments

"Essentiel Elements."

Our Purpose Is To Create Pure Body Care Products Using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils And Advanced Botanical Ingredients. Caring For Body, Soul & Self Has Been My Personal Commitment Since I Started Essentiel Elements.

"Everything Natural"

Everything Natural Brings You A Great Resource Full Of Information On Alternative Health. Information On Essential Oils, Dr. Christopher`S Formulas, Herbs, Water Distillers And Other Holistic Health Resources. Our Oils : Combination Oils, Essential Oil Ki

"Exotic Fragrances Inc., Intl."

Our Oils : Incese Oils , Scented Lotions , Essential Oils , Massage Oils , Bubble Bath : Shower Gels .

"E`S.Scents Botanicals"

Aromatherapy Products, Massage Oils, Fragrances, Essential Oils, Books, And Herbal Teas For Body Care.

"Filomena Skin Care Inc"

Our Aromatherapy Oils : Aromessence Neroli,Concentre Stimulant, Aromessence Angelique, Ylang Ylang Etc.


We Carry Essential Oils, Blended Oils , Organic Oils - Fully Certified , Base/Carrier Oils - Cold Pressed , Massage Oils, Bath Oils .

"Flower Essence Energy"

We Have Blended The Finest Quality Natural And Highly Refined Cold Pressed Carrier Oils To Provide The Bodywork Professional Excellent Slip And Lubrication. This Rich Massage Oil Wipes Easily From The Body And Leaves The Skin Feeling Naturally Soft And Co

"Flower Essence Services."

Terra Flora Essential Oils Have Been Carefully Selected According To The Highest Possible Standards Of Quality And Integrity.

"Flower Essence Society"

Terra Flora Essential Oils Have Been Carefully Selected According To The Highest Possible Standards Of Quality And Integrity. We Have Chosen The Purest And Most Potent Oils Available From The Best Possible Sources. We Have Worked Hard To Keep Our Prices A

"Flower Mound Oils"

Flower Mound Oils - The Place To Buy 100% Pure Essential Oils And Essential Oil Blends .Flower Mound Oils Is Committed To Providing Consistently High Quality Essential Oils At Competitive Prices. We Have Been A Leader In Supplying 100% Pure Essential Oils


Essential Oil: Anise Seed, Essential Oil: Basil, Essential Oil: Bergamot, Essential Oil: Cajeput, Essential Oil: Camphor, Essential Oil: Carrotseed, Essential Oil: Cedarwood, Essential Oil: Cinnamon Leaf, Essential Oil: Citronella Java, Essential Oil: Cla

"Frontier Corp"

Unscented Carrier Oils : Almond, Sweet Vegetable Oil, 1 2/3 Oz. Bottle, Almond, Sweet Vegetable Oil, 8 Oz. Bottle, Aloe Vera Extract (In Vegetable Oil)Skin Care & Carrier Oils, 4 Oz Bottle , Aloe Vera Extract In Vegetable Oil, 1 2/3 Oz. Bottle, Aloe Vera

"Frontier Natural Products Co-Op"

Essential Oil Blends : Citrus Blossom Essential Oil Blends, 1/2oz. Bottle , Energize Essential Oil Blends, 1/2oz Bottle, Euphoria Essential Oil Blends, 1/2oz Bottle, Heart Song Essential Oil Blends, 1/2oz. Bottle, Inspiration Essential Oil Blends, 1/2oz.

"Frontier Natural Products Co-Op"

Aromatherapy Massage Oils - Already Scented With Our Most Popular Scents And Ready To Go.Unscented Carrier Oils . Look Here For Our Carrier Oils Such As Sesame, Jojoba Or Vitamin E . Body Butters And Balms - Both Our Scented Body Balms (Like Heart Song Or

"Full Spectrum Healing Arts"

Services: Only Organically Produced Or Wildcrafted Massage Oils, Essential Oils And Essences Are Used At Full Spectrum, Insuring Maximum Benefits Without The Toxicity Of The Herbicides, Pesticides And Synthetic Fertilizers Found In Other Products.

"Gaia Naturals"

Gaia Naturals, A Resource For Natural Healthy Living.Our Aromatherapy Products : Diffusers, Eye Pillows , Incense, Essential Oils .

"God`S Green Earth Inc"

God`S Green Earth Inc. Carries A Complete Line Of Herbal Products. Offers Over 200 Different Herbs (Cultivated, Ethically Wild Crafted, Certified Organic), 40 Of The Most Common Essential Oils, Bath And Body Products, Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Bath Salts,

"Grampa¹S Garden Inc"

Provide High Quality Innovative All-Natural Therapeutic Products For Those Who Care About Living A Healthy Life And The Earth S Environment. All Formulas And Product Designs Are Meant To Assist The Consumer In Self-Care Practices Which Help To Relax, Bala


Gratefulbody Offers Natural, Organic, Aromatherapy, Alternative Medicine, Essential Oils, Skin Care,Allergies, Nail Fungus, Herbal Medicine

"Green Valley Aromatherapy Ltd."

Our Aromatherapy Oils Are Unsurpassed Because We Consistently Maintain The Highest Standards In Quality And Purity. We Sell Nothing But The Best. We Also Offer Top Quality Natural And Environmentally Friendly Aromatherapy Products.

"Gritman Essential Oils"

Your Friendly Source For Essential Oils. We Strive To Carry The Finest Quality Oils Available On The World Market, And Welcome Your Input About Our Offerings . Gritman Carries Over 200 Of The Finest, High Grade Essential Oils Available Today.

"Handa Fine Chemicals."

We Supply High Quality Botanical Extracts, Pure And Natural Essential Oils, Fresh Herbs, Herbal Powders, Fragrances And Aromatic Chemicals. We Endeavour To Be Of Service To The Cosmetic, Pharmacutical, Health & Beauty And Fragrance Industry By Supplying Y

"Harjit Dhanoa"

Thames Valley Fragrances - Suppliers Of Aromatherapy Materials To The Trade User.Bulk Supplier Of Essential Oils For Aromatherapy. International E-Commerce Site Permitting Online Ordering Of Aromatherapy Materials. Aromatherapy And Holistic Health, Altern

"Hawaii Rainforest Botanicals, Inc"

Hawaii`S Own Manufacturer Of Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Blends And Aromatic Products. Shop Online, Send Gifts Anywhere. Hawaii Rainforest Botanicals Ships Worldwide. Great Prices. Products Include Relief For Stress, Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headach

"Healing Arts Aromatherapy Oils"

Healing Arts Aromatherapy Oils Are Essential Oil Combinations Created For Specific Imbalances. These Are Made With The Finest And Most Pure Essential Oils Available. Essential Oils Are Concentrated Oils, Made From Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, And Plants. Aroma

"Healthy Alternatives"

Offers Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Holy Anointing Oil, Transcendental Meditation, Massage And More.


"100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil : Nature`S ""Medicine Chest In A Bottle,"" Our Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Is A Must For Every First Aid Kit. This Antibacterial, Antifungal And Antiseptic Oil Improves The Body""S Ability To Heal Itself From External Sk"

"Herbal Brews"

These Are The Ritual Oils . They Are Blends Containing 100% Pure Essential Oils And Absolutes. Essential Oils Must Be Diluted Before Coming In Contact With The Skin. Many Essential Oils {Like Cinnamon, Clove & Frankincense}Are Extreme Skin Irritants.

"Herbal Furniture Oil"

Our Oils Are An Innovative Way Of Subtly Perfuming Each Room Of The Home While Nourishing The Furniture And Other Wood Surfaces. They Add A Soothing Fragrance And Charm. Your Home Will Feel Like It Belongs To An Earlier, Gentler Time.

"Herbal Gourmet"

Organic Gourmet Foods And Fresh Herbs Including Dried Fruits And Veggies, Pasta Blends, And Flavored Cream Cheeses, Oils, And Vinegars

"Herbal Magik"

Great Deals On Dried Herb, Essentail Oils, Pure Essential & Carrier Oil, Herbalware, Bottles & Jars, Hand-Made Herbal Products, And Much More! Free Newsletter And Herbal Recipes


Sweet Almond Base Oil , Jojoba Base Oil , Relaxing Body Oil For Massage , Evening Primrose Oil With Vitamin E ,Pure Linden Blossom Absolute Oil 2ml .


Massage Oils, Essential Oils .We Have A Unique Formula For Our Massage Oils,Using An All Natural Oil Base, Essential Oils And Fragrances .

"Herbs Depot"

Herbs Depot, All Of Our Herbs, Oils, Spices And Other Products Are Of The Highest Possible Quality. We Select Many Of These Herbs From Around The World. However, We Do Not Offer These Herbs Or Other Products With The Intention Of Making Any Representation


Our Oils : 100% Cocoa Butter By Aura Cacia - 4 Oz. Jar, 100% Cocoa Butter Stick -0.75 Oz., Love Butter By Aura Cacia - 4 Oz. Jar , Aloe Vera Extract (In Vegetable Oil), Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil, Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil Etc .

"Hillside Herbal Products"

Massage Oil With A Soothing And Relaxing Effect. It Has An Exotic / Flowery Fragrance For Your Enjoyment. And They Are Healthy Products For The Betterment Of The Health.

"Holistic Health & Nutrition."

Offers Essential Oils Like Arthritis Blend, Baby Oil, Hot Mix Sciatic Oil, Peppermint Cooler Foot Lotion And More.

"Holistic Health Choices"

Natural Vitamins & Minerals, Essential Oils, Single Symptom Homeopathic Remedies, Herbasaurs (Children`S Products) And More.

"Holistic Health Ranch"

Essential Oils Organic Foods Enzymes Large Variety Of Holistic Products Young Living.

"Holywel L17"

Offers Ear Cones Essential Oils Eye Cup Herbs - Bulk Formulas Herbs - Syrups Herbs - Alcohol Extracts/Oils Herbs - Bulk Singles Herbs - Capsulated Formulas Herbs - Capsulated Singles Herbs - Extract Singles Herbs - Glycerine Formulas.


We Are Manufacturers And Exporters Of Incense Sticks,Cones,Dhoop Sticks And Aromatherapy Oils .


Manufacturers And Exporters Of Incense Sticks,Cones,Dhoop Sticks And Aromatherapy Oils

"Infant Massage"

These Infant Massage Dolls Work Well For Parent Classes And Instructor Training Classes. They Are Machine Washable, Have A Soft Cloth Torso, Vinyl Arms, Legs And Face. The Infant Massage Oil Is 100% Expeller Pressed /Cold Pressed Natural Oil.

"Infusion Bath & Body"

Essential Bath/Massage Oil Set. Our Three Most Popular Bath/Massage Oils -- Invigorating, Relaxing And Sensual.

"Infusion Bath & Body,"

Infusion Bath And Body -- Retailer Of High Quality Bath, Body And Skincare Products Made With Essential Oils For The Body, Mind And Spirit .Our Oils : Essential Massage Oils, Bath/Massage Oil, Cellulite Massage Oil,

"Inner Sanctuary Of Healing, Inc"

Discription Of Carrier Oils : Almond Oil (Sweet) , Avocado Oil (Refined), Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Sesame Oil .

"Inner Sanctuary Of Healing, Inc."

Aromatherapy By Inner Sanctuary Of Healing: Essential Oils, Healing Blends, Newsletter, Blending Tips, Books, Diffusers, Safety, Accessories And More!


Offer Aromatherapy Products Like Essential Oils, Candles, Incense, Oil Diffusers Plus Vitamins And Supplements


Essential Oils:Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Are: Immune Stimulating,Anti-Viral,Anti-Bacterial,Anti-Microbial,Anti-Tumoral,Etc.

"International Herbs"

Bennington Candle Co. These Candles Are Made With The Purest Of Essential Oils, And They Are All Hand Poured.

"J.M. Vanhove"

We Have The Usual Health Products, Herbs, Organic Quality Food, And Are Known Throughout Belgium For The Diversity Of Essential Oils We Offer. Its Not Unusual For Us To Receive Clients That Come From 50 Or 100 Km, Just Because Of Our Essential Oils.

"Jackie S Handcrafted Soap"

We Use Only The Finest Vegetable, Essential And Fragrance Oils In The Production Of Our Soaps. Our Soaps Are Made By Hand Every Step Of The Way,From Measuring Ingredients, To Cutting And Wrapping. Jackie S Soaps Are Mild, Cleansing And Wonderfully Fragran

"Just Neat Stuff, Ltd."

Massage, Bath & Body Oils : Bodycalm (4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal), Enchantment (4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal), Newself (4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal), Revitalize4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal), Serenity4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal), Warmdown (4 Oz ,16 Oz, 1 Gal) .


Water Soluble Massage Oil - Relaxing Blend. Massage Holster Lets You Focus On The Massage - No Interruptions.U Will Get The Best Of The Oils Forthe Massaging.

"Kamavirya Aphrodisiac Oil"

Kamavirya Is A Wonderful Ayurvedic Massage Oil Which Enhances Sexual Desire, Increases Sexual Activity And Improves The Way Of Love.

"Kathleen`S Well."

We Offer A Complete Line Of Aromatherapy Products And Services, As Well As Our Unique Blending Ability For Creating Just The Perfect Combination Of Pure Essential Oils

"Kobashi Essential Oils"

Kobashi Pure Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Products. 55 Guaranteed True Natural Essential Oils. Tested By Gc-Ms For Their Purity. Oils Direct From The Grower, Farmer, Distiller.

"Kobashi Essential Oils"

Kobashi Essential Oils Aromatherapy Shopping Site Essential Oil Aromatherapy Products 55 Guaranteed True Natural Essential Oils. Kobashi Essential Oils Are World Specialist In Pure Essentialoil. The 1st Choice For Essential Oil For The Home Or Business

"Lb Processors"

Lb Processors Is A Leader In The Emu Oil Refining Industry. Our Emu Oil Is The Only Emu Oil That Is Process In A Food Grade Processing Oil Facility. Our Refinery Has Over 100 Years Of Experience! The Oil Is Tested By Aocs Certified Lab To The Highest Stan

"Le Milange Home Fragrances"

Massage Oil Warmer ,Massage Oil Blends : Anxiety ,Arthritis, Depression, Energizing ,Headache , Insomnia ,Migraine , Relaxing ,Sleepytime , Soothing Etc.

"Leaves & Roots"

Leaves & Roots Is A Small Herb Store In Orlando, Florida. We Specialize In Bulk Herbs, And Essential Oils. We Have Over 400 Herbs And Oils In Stock. We Also Carry Many Supplies For Aromatherapy (Bottles, Droppers, Carrier Oils Etc.). We Carry Only The Hig

"Leaves & Roots"

Essential Oils Are Derived From Plants By Various Extraction And/Or Distillation Methods. Their Maximum Properties Can Be Maintained For Many Years In Dark, Airtight, Glass Bottles. These Are The Highest Quality Oils Except When Noted.

"Leaves & Roots"

Essential Oils Are Derived From Plants By Various Extraction Or Distillation Methods. Their Maximum Properties Can Be Maintained For Many Years In Dark, Airtight, Glass Bottles. Our Essential Oils : Amber, Angelica, Anise Seed, Allspice, Almond (Bitter),

"Les Herbes, Ltd."

The Essential Oils 100% Pure, Unadulterated Essential Oils - Because Of Their High Concentration, These Oils Should Not Be Used Directly On The Skin, Unless Blended In A Base Oil. Essential Oils Should Be Stored Away From Strong Light Sources Or Heat. Pri

"Leydet Aromatics"

Massage And Body Oils & Carrier And Base Oils: Athena Massage And Body Oil , Female Balance Massage And Body Oil, Psyche Massage And Body Oil, Aphrodite Massage And Body Oil, Three Goddess Massage And Body Oil, Venus Massage And Body Oil, Atlantia Massage


Life-Span Can Also Provide Products From Ralmafe Massage Oils, Tao Massage Oils, Nessa, Primal Nature Rosehip Oils, Emu Oils, Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, Oralmat Drops And Tiger Balm .

"Living Temple Products"

Home Of Unique, Alternative Health Care Products. Believe In The Safe, Natural And Effective Use Of Aromatherapy, Essential Oils And Medicinal Herbs To Promote Health And Well Being

"Lorann Oils, Inc."

With Our Origins In Pharmacy, Lorann Has Distributed Top-Quality, Pure Essential Oils For Their Use In Pharmacy, Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy And Manufacturing Since 1964. Today, We Make Natural Essential Oils And Many Specialty Ingredients Available To

"Lorann Oils, Inc."

Lorann Offers An Extensive Collection Of Natural Base Oils, Excellent For A Variety Of Skin Types. They Can Be Used Alone, Or Combined With Essentail Oils, Or Blended Together For Bath And Massage. Lorann`S Athletic Formula Is An After Sports Muscle Sooth

"Lorann Oils, Inc."

Our Aromatherapy Products :Pure Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Personal, Fragrances, Essential Oil, Candles, Premium Incense, Body/Room Sprays, Room Diffusers .

"Louisville Botanical Company"

Louisville Botanical Company Is Proud To Introduce Smart Oil,The Most Powerful Cognitive Booster On The Market Today. Smart Oil Is Extracted From The Seeds Of Celastrus Paniculatis And The Plant Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi)


Fixed Oils & Additives : Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil , Avocado Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum , Coconut Oil: Fractionated, Evening Primrose , Grapeseed Oil , Hazelnut Oil Etc .

"Madison Avenue West, Inc."

Aromatherapy Bath Blends Eight Different Blends To Captivate Your Body, Mind And Soul . Aromatherapy Bath Blends Are Available In Four Distinctly Different Products. All Of These Products Can Be Ordered Individually Or In Our Specially Priced Gift Sets. T

"Mary Jane S Aromatherapy"

Mary Janes Aromatherapyoffering Mists, Massage Oils, Bath Salts, And Lotions.

"Mary Jane`S Aromatherapy"

Our Oils :Lavender Spray Mist, Rosemary Spray Mist, Eucalyptus Spray Mist, Cinnamon Clove Spray Mist, Lavender Lotion, Rosemary Orange Lotion, Peppermint Foot Massage Lotion, Lavender Body Shampoo, Rosemary Orange Body Shampoo, Rosemary Body Smoother, Lav

"Mary Kurus Project"

Mary Also Makes Choming Vibrational Healing Oils That Can Be Used To Support Your Overall Well Being. They Can Be Used On Chakra And Pulse Centers, In Your Bath, Or Included In Your Massage Oil For Deep Integration Into Your Physical And Energetic Bodies.

"Masada Ltd"

We Are Suppliers Of Essential Oils & Carrier Oils & Massage Oil . We Products Are In Cosmetics, Perfumes, Fragrances, Aromatherapy.

"Massage Oils Auroma, Inc"

Cold-Pressed Vegetable Oils Blended With Auroma 100% Pure Essential Oils. Working With Massage Therapists Around The World, We Created Ten Therapeutic Blends Chosen That Are Guaranteed To Delight Your Senses. Includes Balance, Ease, Harmony, Invigorate, N

"Medicine Flower, Inc."

Medicine Flower, Inc. Is Family Owned And Operated And Has Been In Business Since 1986 As A Retailer And Manufacturer Of High Quality Essential Oils, Raw Materials, Basic Body Care Products, Aromatherapy Blends, And


We Have Compiled Profiles On All The Oils We Carry. At Present There Are Over 100 Different Variants. Each Profile Is Designed With You In Mind, With In Depth Information Regarding Its Uses, Benefits, Safety Concerns And All Manner Of Extra Information. A


The One Stop Shop Where You Can Purchase Natural Spice Oils , Essential Chemicals, Aromatic Chemicals, Natural Peppermint Products, Carrier & Base Oils, Attars Indian Perfumery Compounds, Dry Herbs, Seeds & Roots


Dedicated To Providing The Finest Quality Massage And Aromatherapy Oil For Healthcare And Bodywork Professionals - At Prices That Make Sense

"Millindius Inc."

Offers Natural Healing Herbs, Meditation Cds, Ayurvedic Products, Tm, Massage Oils, Vatis, Chawanprash And More.

"Mindful Healing Center"

Offers Essential Oils Which Contain Chemical Constituents That Provide Each Oil With Properties That Are Either Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Immune Stimulating, Comforting, Relaxing, Cleansing.


Artificial Colors, Or Other Synthetics. Instead We Use Herbs, Plants, Flowers, Essential Oils, And Vegetable And Nut Oils That Have Traditionally Been Used To Benefit Skin And Hair For The Personal Care.

"Modern Natural Products"

Modern Natural Products (Mnp) Is A Pioneer Company. In The Field Of Manufacturing & Supply Of Ayurvedic Herbs & Their Extracts.Also Offers Essential Oils, Perfumes , Flavors & Natural Colors.

"Morrills`New Direction"

Offers Herbal Mite Oil This Herbal Ear Oil Is Specific For Ear Mites. Contains Neem, A Natural Insecticide, Plus Other Herbs Known For Their Insect Repellent Properties

"Mount Nebo`S"

"All Of Our Massage Oils Contain Pure Vegetable Oils And Are Free Of Synthetic Preservatives, Colors, And Petrochemical Derivatives. If You Intend To Make Your Own Massage Oil Blends, Please Also Check Out Our ""Vegetable Oils"" For Bodycare And Our Essent"

"Mountain View Naturals"

Mountain View Naturals Believes In Using Natural Ingredients For Healthy Skin. Our Soaps Are Handcrafted By The Cold-Process Method Of Saponification (Saponification Is The Conversion Of An Oil And Alkali Into Natural Soap And Glycerin). This Process Make

"Naples Spice Company"

This Company Is A Family Owned Business That Is Dedicated To Supplying The Customers With The Highest Quality Herbs, Spices, Teas, And Essential Oils

"Natura Essentials Inc."

Natura Essentials Is An Environmentally Conscious Company Created To Enhance The Quality Of Life Through Its Use Of Pure Essential Oils In Its Elegantly Designed, High Quality Aromatherapy Products. Natura Essentials Aromatherapy Offers 100% Pure Essentia

"Natural Products Such As Pure Emu Oil, Soap, Lotion, Balm, And Massage Oil."

Offers Natural Products Such As Pure Emu Oil, Soap, Lotion, Balm, And Massage Oil.

"Natural Scents"

Exotic Perfume Oils Are Available In The Following Blends: Nectar, Venus , Enamorada , Soie, Euphoric, Elixir Etc .

"Natural Things Aromatherapy & Skin Care"

Offers A Wide Range Of Aromatherapy Products Such As Quality Pure Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Soaps, Hand Rolled Incense Sticks, Floral Water Sprays, Organic Medicinal Herbs, Facial Oils, Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Accessories, Gift Packs And

"Natural Treasures"

Our Stain Resistant, Fragrance-Free Massage Oil. An Excellent Massage Lotion And A Superb Moisturizer Available In Bulk,

"Naturalis Limited"

Our Essential Oils Are Top Quality And Are Supplied In 10ml Amber Dropper Bottles. They Are Tested By Our Importers And Distillers Using High Performance Gas Liquid Chromatography (Hpglc) And Chiral Testing To Ensure That Oil Oils Are Pure, Unadulterated

"Naturally Yours Aromatherapy"

We Carry The Leading Brands Of Aromatherapy. Offering A Complete Line Of All Natural Essential Oils, Mineral Salts, Bath Accessories And More.

"Nature Made Scents"

We Present To You A Careful Blend Of Fine Cold-Pressed Vegetable Oils, And Pure Aromartherapy-Grade Essential Oils For Use As A Massage Oil. Each Blend Has Been Formulated To Create A Beneficial Massage Oil From Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kern

"Nature S Products, Inc."

Herbal Products Made From Certified Organically Grown Herbs And Roots. Everything Sold At Naturesproducts.Com We Use Ourselves. If We Didn T Believe In Our Products, We Would Not Sell Them. We Have Been Online Since 1997. We Pride Ourselves On Knowing Eac

"Natures Energies"

Sunspirit Essential Oils Are Produced In Byron Bay, Australia, And Have Upheld A Reputation Of Quality Commitment Since 1975. Applications For The Sunspirit Oils Include Massage, Skin Or Facial Oil, Therapeutic Baths, Foot Baths, Vapourisation, Spritzer,

"Natures Essence Aromatherapy Inc."

Essential Oils Are Concentrated Plant Extracts.Essential Oils Potentially Are Antibacterial, Antifungal And Antiviral. They Also Have The Ability To Alter Body Chemistry And Therapeutic Responses. They Need Therefore To Be Used Appropriately.

"Natures Gift"

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit. Superb Organic And Wildcrafted Essential Oils, Sourced Internationally, A Wealth Of Information On Their Safe And Effective Use, And A Full Range Of Aromatherapy Accessories

"Natures Gift"

Carrier Oils, Infused Oils, Floral Waxes, And Other Enrichments . Individual Oils And Enrichments :Apricot, Kernel, Avocado, Borage Seed, Beeswax Beads, Calendula Oil, Calophyllum (Foraha Or Tamanu), Heliocarrot (Root), Emulsifying Wax, Evening Primrose F

"Natures Spirit Herbals Of Sedona"

Ns Herbs Of Sedona Sells High Quality Organic, Wild Crafted, Ayurvedic, And Chinese Medicinal Herbs. Also Offer A Wide Variety Of Other Health Related Productssuch As Essential Oils, Skin Care, Books, Healing Gifts And More.

"Needz Bath And Body, Inc."

Use Essential Oils In Message-Always Blend Essential Oils With A Carrier Oil. Sweet Almond Oil Makes An Excellent Carrier Oil Due To Its Nourishing Effects On The Skin.

"New Brook Oils Limited"

All Oils Are Independently Tested By A Major Uk University To Verify The Quality Of The Product.Aromatherapy Essential Oils And Products Online, Secure Shopping Made Easy, Bases, Bath Products And Oil Burners.

"New Sun, Inc"

"Products Are Listed Under Four Catagories: Liquid Herbs; Capsules, Tablets, And Powders; Essential Oils; And Water Filters"

"Newborn Essentials"

Our Massage Oils Are A Blend Of Cold Pressed, 100% Nut-Free, Vegetable Oils. The Mixture Of Pure Sunflower, Safflower, Rice Bran And Grapeseed Oils Is Lightweight And Absorbs Beautifully. Scented With Our Unique Therapeutic Blends, These Massage Oils Are

"Newhouse Manufacturing Co., Inc."

In The Mid Seventies, Production Started On Mint Distillation Equipment. Mint And Other Essential Oil Distillation Equipment Remains A Primary Product Line For The Company Today.

"Norfolk Essential Oils"

Neo Specialises In The Growing And Steam Distilling Of A Range Of Aromatic Herbs For The Production Of High Quality Essential Oils, Floral Waters And Other Associated Products That Grow Well In The Rich Fertile Fenland Soils And Florish In The Uk Climate.

"Nutri-Pharm (Aust) Pty Ltd"

Nutri-Pharm Offers Therapeutic Products For Users Of Pain Killers And For Suffers Of Rheumatoid Athritis, Fibromyalgia And Psoriasis, Lower Back Pain, Shoulder, Heel And Foot Pain, Plus Other Maladies. Suitable For Medical Massage Use.

"Nutri-Pharm (Aust) Pty Ltd"

Our Products Are Utilise The Therapeutic Power Of Natural Australian Oils Formulated With The Aid Of The Latest Scientific Evidence

"Oasis Massage Products"

Aromatherapy Massage & Body Oils :Pure Apricot Kernel Base Oil Blended With Quality Essential Oils, Tinctures, And Absolutes. Contains No Cheap Filler Oils.

"Oasis Massage Products"

We Are A Manufacturer Of Aromatherapy Massage Oil, Soaps And Candles. For Our Massage Oil We Use Apricot Kernel Base Oil With A Harmonious Blend Of Essential Oils

"Of The Goddess Ltd."

Soft Touch Bath & Body Oils Are In A Luxurious, Emollient Base Of Apricot Kernel & Safflower Oils, With Pure Glycerin And Aloe Vera Added To The Base. The Skin Care Qualities Of These Fine Oils Fare Surpass Commercial Moisturizing Lotions. Mandarin Bath &

"Of The Goddess Ltd."

We Offer Only The Highest Quality Essential & Fragrance Oils. We Have Sought Out A Selection Of Wonderful Essential & Fragrance Oils That Can Be Used As Perfume, In A Diffuser, Mixed Into Your Favorite Bath Products, Etc. Many Of Our Bath & Body Products

"Oil Hut Fragrance Shop"

Body And Bath Oil Products Available In Over 400 Fragrances For His And Hers. On-Line Ordering. All Pure And Natural, Plant Or Vegetable Based. Comein

"Old World Botanicals, Inc"

Large Line Of Essential Oils And Related Items Come From Such Reputable Manufacturers As Tisserand, Lorann, Frontier, Aura Cacia And Now. Also Feature Blue Pearl Incense And A Variety Of Diffusers And Ash Catchers

"One Planet"

One Planet. We Offer A Wide Variety Of Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Bath Salts, Books And Accessories. We Now Also Offer Fragrance Oils .

"One Planet"

One Planet Offers Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Diffusers.

"Organix Natural Health"

Discount Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins, Holistic Healing, Aromatherapy, Pet Care Products, Neem & Emu Oils, Mushrooms, Personal Health Consultations, Bach Flower Essences, Traditional Chinese Medicine And More.

"Organixs Aromatherapy."

Essential Oils Are Pure, Chemically Complex Extracts Of Herbs, Flowers, Leaves, Spices, Fruits, Roots And Woods, Each With Its Own Benefit For The Body And Mind. The Oils Can Be Used As A Pure And Natural Way To Help Relieve Stress, Encourage Relaxation,

"Organixs Natural Health."

Products & Information About Neem, Emu, & Buddys Oils.Neem Oil - We Carry The Finest Grade Neem Oil Available From India.Emu Oil - Emu Man Emu Oil Is Of The Highest Quality Available.Buddys Oil - The Essential Natural Therapy For Herpes Simplex Virus Type


We Are Suppliers Of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Base Products, Absolutes, Floral Waters, Glass And Aluminum Bottles, Vaporizer And Diffuser.

"Orysi Aromatherapy & Body Care"

Offers Wholesale Retail Sales Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Therapeutic Oils, Diffusers, Fragrances, Soaps, And Candles.

"Pacific Essences"

The Abundance Oil Is A Pure Aromatherapy Oil Which Can Be Used For Massage, Bath Therapy, Or In An Aromatic Diffuser. It Is A Combination Of The Abundance Essence And The Essential Oil Of Tangerine Which Carries The Orange Healing Ray Of Creativity And Pr

"Paradise Oils"

Fragrance Perfume Oils Over 300to Choose From. Lotions,Massage Oil,Bubblebath/Shower Gels,Incense Oils,Anti-Baterial Hand Wash(No Water Needed),Gift Packages,Oil Holding Jewerly And Much,Much More All At A Very Reasonable Price

"Pathweaver`S Holistic Health Center"

We Are The Creators Of Pathweaver Spiritual Essences & Oils Wolf Spirit Animal Remedies.

"Paula`S Potions"

Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Potions For Bath, Body And Massage Including Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Healing, Sore Body, Woman`S Comfort, And Love Blends .The Aromatherapy Products Use High Grade Essential Oils That Are Mixed With Almond Oil And Vitami

"Peaceful Gardens Aromatherapy"

Peaceful Gardens Aromatherapy Wants Your Health To Be Our #1 Concern So You Can Feel Confident In Employing Our Essential Oils Or Body Wellness Products In Your Every Day Use.


Alternative Medicine And Therapies For Healing Mind, Body, Spirit. Yoga, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Essential Oils, Herbology, Homeopathy, Crystals, Metaphysics, Massage, Color, And Music Therapy

"Phoenix Natural Products Ltd"

Phoenix Natural Products Ltd Are Suppliers Of Essential Oils, Organic Certified Oils, Absolutes, Carrier Oils, Base Products, Hydrolates / Floral Waters, Extracts, Cosmetic Ingredients, Amber And Blue Glass Bottles And Jars, Accessories For Aromatherapy B

"Plant Dreaming Aromassage"

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, And Massage Therapy By Plant Dreaming. A Full Online Selection Of Essential Oils And Aromatherpy Products

"Polarome International"

Manufacture These Flavors And Fragrances. And They Still Share A Common Dependence On Our Ability To Source And Supply, On Demand, The Numerous Raw Materials, Which Are The Olfactive Building Blocks Of Their Products, And Of All Flavors And Fragrances And

"Power Of Scent"

Handmade Natural Essential Oil Perfumes And Body Massage Oils, Do Not Take Internally. Essential Oils Are Readily Absorbed Through The Skin, They Can Affect The Internal Organs And System Of The Body By External Use.

"Poya Naturals"

Poya Essential Oils Specializes In Pure Essential Oils, Fragrant Oils, Absolutes, Floral Water, Carrier Oils For Use In Aromatherapy


Producer Of Pure Medical Grade Essential Oils For The Medical, Cosmetics And Food Industry. Scientifique Aromatherapy, Wellness Products And Alternative Medicines.

"Pravek Kalp. Indian Mart"

Pravek Kalp Is A Research Orientated Unit With The Aim Of Rediscovery Of The Ancient Ayurvedic Medical Literature, Quality And Purity Of Herbs And Plants.

"Precious Aromather"

Essential Oil Collection : Discovery Cards : Stress Relief,Spiritual, Mindful, Natural Remedies, Rest & Relaxation , Sensual . All The Essential Oils On These Cards (Plus Others) Are Available In 1 Dram Sizes.

"Precious Aromatherapy"

Absolute & Essential Oil Blends : Stress Relief ,Sensual, Rest & Relaxation, Spiritual, Purifying, Mindful

"Precious Aromatherapy"

Welcome To Precious Aromatherapy, A Leading Manufacturer Of Aromatherapy Products.The Precious Oils Can Be Very Costly, Which Often Leads To Commercial Adulteration. We Take Considerable Care In Selecting The Finest Quality Essential Oils For Our Product


Psychicsuperstore.Com Specializes In New Age And Metaphysical Products Including Alternative Health, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Magnetic Therapy, Diet Aids, Herbs, Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplement

"Pt Indesso Aroma"

We Manufacture A Broad Range Of Products, Applying The Latest Technology And Strict In-Process Control As Well As Thorough Quality-Checks Demanded By The Industry. Additional Products Are Manufactured According To Special Customer Requirements. From The O

"Pure Essential Oils."

Offers Kobashi Essential Oils: Used By Thousands Of Aromatherapists, Kobashi Defined Is Good Aroma And Redefined Devoutly Tested To Make Sure They`Re As Nature Intended.

"Pure Essentials"

We Offer Absolutely The Finest Oils And Fragrances At The Lowest Prices Found Anywhere. Let Us Help You Create Your Own Unique Product Line By Exploring The Aromatic World Of Pure Essentials.

"Pure Light"

Aromatherapy Aquaessence Has A Commitment To The Professional Practitioner To Provide The Highest Quality, Pure Essntial Oils.

"Pureness Marketing Services"

Aromatherapy: We Are The Supplier Of High Quality Essential Oils And Fragrance Oils. We Also Supply A Wide Range Of Essential Oil - Based Products

"Pureness Marketing Services"

Essential Oil : Basil , Bergamot , Chamomile Roman (5ml), Cedarwood Clary Sage , Cypress , Eucalyptus , Fennel , Frankincense (5ml), Geranium , Ginger , Juniper Berry , Lavender , Lemon , Lemon Grass , Mandarin , Marjoram , Orange , Palmarosa , Patchouli

"Pureness Marketing Services"

Fragrant Oils : Apple Blossom, English Rose, Gardenia , Honey Suckle , Jasmine , Lavender , Lemon , Lily Of Valley , Musk , Nana`S Garden , Peach, Potpurri, Rainforest, Rose, Sandalwood, Sea Mist, Tea Rose, Sweet Almond .

"Purple Flame"

Carrier Base Oils : Sweet Almond, Avocado Pear, Star Flower Borage, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Wheatgerm . Many More Carrier / Base Oils - Provided In Our Price List.

"Quintessence Aromatics Canada Inc"

We Provide: Essential Oils For Aromatherapy, Wholesale Essential Oils, Pure Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Recipes, Aromatherapy Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Pure Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Diffusers, Essential Oils Distillation. We Distribu

"Quintessence, Aromatic Inc"

Quintessence, Aromatic Inc Offers The Finest Steam Distilled Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Related Products. Our Essential Oils Have Been Analyzed And Defined Botanically And Biochemically For Purity And Authenticity.

"R.D.Lights, Inc."

Essential Oils Are Highly Concentrated Plant Extracts And They Are Extremely Volatile. They Come From All Parts Of A Plant Such As The Leaves, Flowers, Seeds, Bark, Stem, Fruit Peels And Roots. The Use Of Essential Oils Is Considered Among The Most Therap

"Rainbow Crystals"

Offers Aromatherapy And Essential Oils.Aromatherapy Is Part Of The Subtle Healing Realm Which Also Includes Flower Essences And Crystals.Essential Oils Such As Aromatherapy Is Part Of The Subtle Healing Realm Which Also Includes Flower Essences And Crysta

"Rainbow Meadow Inc."

Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils For Skin Care And Nutrients For Additional Healing Properties . Our Carrier Oils : Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose, Glycerin , Jojoba, Mango Butter , Macadami

"Ravencrafts Enterprises, Inc."

Ne135 Radix Ginseng Root & Astragalus Root Extract - Box Of 10 Ampules $6.95 : This Is An Exclusive Liquid Extract From Mainland China. This Special Preparation Is Made With 2000mg Ginseng & 2000mg Astragalus, Distilled Water, Alcohol, And Honey, Packed I

"Realm Of Nature"

Their Product Line Are Oils, Oil Blends, Flower Essences Which Helps Those Interested In Developing Connection With Their Inner Self.


Reigndance Offers A Ceremonials Oils, Hawaiians Massage Oils,Therapeutic Healing Oils,Premium Foundation Massage Oils,Etc,.


In Native American, Hawaiian, Tibetan And European Cultures, Throughout The World And Throughout All Of Time, Ceremonial Oils Served As An Integral Part Of All Rituals. Sacred Oils Preceded And Closed Healing And Religious Rites For They Were Seen As Powe

"Reiki Healing Ministry"

Offers Seed Oil, Nut Oils, Rose, Avocado Oil, And Apricot Kernel Oil, Kukui Nut, Macadamia Nut, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil.

"Relaxus Products Ltd."

"The ""Holly Oil"" Is Derived From A Cold Press Process. The Oil Comes From The Branched Of The Holly Plant And Is Then De-Ionized. A Water Based Vitamin E, (Cyclo Alocaine) Is Then Added Along With Jojoba As A Therapeutic Moisturizer And To Add Glide, The"

"Ritchart Soaps And Oils"

We Proudly Present Our Collection Of Herbal Soaps And Body Products Inspired From A Garden Of Herbs And Flowers Sparkling With Essential Oils Which Grace And Perfume The Atmosphere. Aromatherapy Products : Use The Power Of Aromatherapy To Quietly Scent Yo

"Rocky Mountain Soap Co."

Offers Massage Oil Which Is Used During Massage, To Help The Masseuse Glide Smoothly Over The Skin. But Our Product Can Actually Enhance The Experience With Aromatherapy Qualities

"Rose Petals Aromatherapy"

We Carry Several Lines Of Exquisite Bath And Body Products Made With Pure Essential Oils And/Or Dead Sea Minerals (Not Mineral Oil!), As Well As Natural Medicine, Wellness Tonic Teas, Books, Music, Crystals, Candles, Etc...

"Rural Remedies"

Other Therapies Available At Rural Remedies Include, Therapeutic Massage With Aromatic Oils And Guidance On Healing With Herbs.

"Samara Botane"

Bottles Jars And Accessories : These Are The Tools, Bottles And Jars That We Use To Make And Package Our Products, Or That We Sell In Our Shop In Seattle. We Are Making Them Available To You For Your Convenience In Customizing Our Products For Your Own Us

"Sami Spices"

Vasco De Gama Led The Portuguese And The Rest Of Europe To The Shores Of India For ŒChrist And Spices¹. Today Not Only Europe But Also America In Their Quest For Exotic Condiments Come To The Same Shores To Relish These Delightful Flavours, Nurtured By Th

"Satsun Marketing Sdn, Bhd."

Satsun Marketing Sdn, Bhd Offers A Medicated Oil Used For Treatment Of Insect Bites, Cuts, And Other Minor First Aid Injuries.

"Scent From Heaven"

We Offer The Bellmira Herbaflor Bath Foam Products For Natural Therapy. This Line Is Available In Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Peppermint, Rosemary, Melissa.


Pure Unadulterated Essential Oils , Two Bath Oil Blends And 2 Massage Oil Blends , Pot-Pourri , Nite Lites , Fragrance Oils .

"Scentsational Shoppe Inc."

"Scentsational Shoppe Is Part Of A Family Business That Has Existed For The Past 25 Years . It Is The Manufacturer, Importer And Distributor Of Over 400 Uncut ""Grade A"" Fragrance Oils. Scentsational Shoppe Prides Itself In Knowing It Has The Best Quality"

"Scentual Beginnings"

Bath & Body Oils : All Of Our Bath & Body Oils Are Created With A Harmonious Blend Of Sunflower, Jojoba, And Sweet Almond Oil With Pure Essential Oils Or Fine Fragrance Oils. No Chemical Preservatives Or Petroleum By-Products Have Been Added To Our Bath O

"Sephora.Com, Inc"

Jules & Jane Massage Oil: Multipurpose Massage Oil For Face And Body, Composed Of Cold Pressed Oils And An Ancient Herbal Mix. Start With One Drop Inside Your Nose...Breathe Deeply And Consciously For A Short Moment To Fully Experience The Power Of The Pr

"Serenity Lane Soap Company"

Our Massage Oils Are Blended With 100% Pure Essential Oils (We Believe They Are The Best You Can Buy), And A Combination Of Grapeseed (Nourishing), Olive (Moisturizing), Sweet Almond (Reduces Friction) Oils And Vitamin E.

"Shah Aromatics"

One Stop Shop For All Your Requirement Of Aromatic Chemicals, Resinoids And Essential Oils . We Are Importer And Manufacturer Of High Quality Material With 2 Manufacturing Units In Mumbai , India .

"Snowbound Herbals"

Snowbound Herbals On-Line Is Here. With The Colder Weather, The Cold And Flu Season Is Upon Us. This Prompted Me To Write About Echinacea This Month In Our Herb-Of-The-Month Section Provinding The Best Herbal Oils.

"Snowdrift Farm Natural Products"

Pure, High Quality Oils, Perfect For Aromatherapy And The Preparation Of Fine Toiletries And Soaps. All Weights Are Liquid Measure.


Utopian Body & Bath Oils : In Our Body & Bath Oils, We Use Pure Jojoba And Sweet Almond Oils. Then, To Create The Character And Aromatheraputic Magic Of Each Oil, We Add Our Own Special Blend Of Pure Essential Oils With The Jojoba & Almond .

"Something Special Of Mchenry, Inc."

Our Online Oils: Pure Essential Oils, Massage & Body Oils, Pure Essential Oil Blends, Base Or Carrier Oils .

"Soon To Be Yours.Com"

Also Available: Acne Treatment Oil Aphrodisiac Personal Blend Asthma Inhalant Appetite-Suppressing Inhalant Appetite-Suppressing Stomach Rub Oil Cut And Wound Oil Dandruff Shampoo

"Soothing Sensations"

Our Products Are Designed To Lather Away The Rigors Of Daily Life, To Rinse Away Stress, And To Leave You Feeling Invigorated. All Of Our Products Are Lovingly Handmade To Your Order, All The Oils Are Made Of Natural Herbs And With Best Care In Them.

"South Beach Aloe, Inc."

"Aloe Vera Oil Is A Unique Whole Leaf Extract, Not Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Added To An Inferior Base Oil. The Oil Is Extremely Light And Absorbs Quickly Into The Skin; Light Green In Color (No Fragrance Added)."

"Spicyladys Aromatherapy"

Spicyladys Aromatherapy Products, Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Lotions And Candles Are Top Quality Products And Affordable For Everyone. . The Fragrance Oils Are Ideally Suited For Use In Craft Projects Such As Candles, Soaps, Lotions And Massage Oils.


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Are Live Essence Aromatherapy Oils With Frequency And Vibration .The Use Of Essential Oils Has Been Shown To Raise The Body`S Vibration And Their Chemical Constituents Have Been Documented To Go Beyond The Blood-Brain Barr


Aromatherapy Essential Oils Of Therapeutic Grade Are Vibrational Medicine For Alternative Health .Aromatherapy And Grade A Essential Oils Are Used For Personal Healing And Alternative Health By Millions Of People And Thousands Of Holistic Therapists

"Summer Bee Meadow"

We Are Dedicated To Crafting The Highest Quality Soaps And Natural Oils , Meant To Be Used And Enjoyed For Their Great Scents, Lather And Cleansing Qualities.

"Summit Soapworks"

Made In The Hills Of Vermont, These Fine, Handmade Herbal Olive Oils Soaps Are Made From High Quality, All-Natural Ingredientsour Combination Of Olive Oil With Other Oils Offers A Luxurious Bath, Provides Relief From Dry, Sensitive Skin And Gives A Sumptu

"Superior Natural Oils International, Inc."

Snoi International`S Natural Oils Can Be Used As Massage Oils Or As Carrier Oils For Aromatherapy. Each Oil Has Distinctive Characteristics , But All Are Excellent Moisturizers For The Skin And Are A Good Base For Mixing With Essential Oils.

"Susan J. Kimball, Ph.D"

Specially Expressed, Pure Botanical Oils That Address All Of Your Topical Needs Nourishment And Protection For The Skin, Completely Unique Oral Hygiene, And A Soothing Liniment.

"Tea Tree Oil"

We Provide Comprehensive Information About Tea Tree Oil, Its Uses, Latest Updates From The World Of Science And Research, And A Forum To Enable Your Feedback And Recommendations For Use.

"The Aromatherapist Usa"

This Unique Line Of Essential Oils, From Rare Species And Chemical Free Farming, Consists Of More Than 300 Single Oils, 50 Synergistic Blends And A Full Line Of Aromatherapy Skin And Body Care Products. Our Oils Are Not Deturpenated, Peroxidized Or Recons

"The Body Garden"

The Body Garden An Oasis For Your Spirit, Mind And Body. Our Intentions Are To Bring You An Informative And Secure Environment In Which To Purchase Custom Blended Aromatherapy Spritzers, Lotions And Massage Oils That Have Been Attributed Throughout Histor

"The Earthlady"

Offers Rosemary (Rosmarinos Officinalis) Essential Oil A Popular Oil In Aromatherapy Where It Warms, Stimulates And Restores. Excellent For Refreshing Tired Muscles And Helping Concentration, It Combats Fatigue And Clears A Stuffy Atmosphere

"The Essence Factory"

A Source For All Things Concerning Aromatherapy, The Ancient Art Of Healing Through Essential Oils

"The Essential Oil Company"

Quality Pure Essential Oils Since 1977 Promoting Distillation On Small Scale. The Native Essential Oil Network .

"The Flaming Ice Cube"

The Flaming Ice Cube Is An Aromatherapy And Gift Shop Located In Boardman, Ohio Where We Offer An Eclectic Selection Of Products Natural And/Or Artistic, Specializing In Aromatherapy . At The Flaming Ice Cube, We Offer 100% Pure Essential Oils From Aromal

"The Fragrance Factory"

We Are The Manufacturers Of The Finest Premium Incense, Oils, Aroma Therapy Products And Fragrances Available. Our Incense Is Soaked And Drenched In Pure Fragrance Oils. All Of Our Oils Are Cosmetic Grade So They May Be Worn On The Skin. Our Products Out

"The Herb Corner"

The Herb Corner And Learning Center Specializes In Medicinal Herb Classes.Also Have Hundreds Of Organic Bulk Herbs, Essential Oils, Extracts, Books, And Supplies For The Herbalist.

"The Herb Pantry"

"Offers Herbal Oils That Can Be Used To Help Soothe Rashes, Sunburns And Other Skin Irritations; Others Are Useful Against The Pain Of Strains, Sprains And Sore Muscles, And Speed The Healing Of Such Injuries"

"The Herbal Cottage"

Provide Hair Analysis, Herbs, Homeopathics, Essential Oils, And Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification Systems To Help People To Maintain Their Health, Naturally, With Supplements And Education

"The Kevala Centre"

Natural Health Tapes And Essential Oils : Aromatherapy: Quality Essential Oils Includes Pure Essential Oils, To Fill Your Home With Soothing Or Stimulating Aromas Or, Mixed With Carrier Oils For Massages.

"The Medicine Bag"

The Medicine Bag Specialises Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Air Plants, Herb Seeds, Herb Plants, Aromatherapy, Candles, Essential Oils, Music, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy.

"The Oil Pharm"

The Oil Pharm Offers The Finest Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Anywhere In The World - We Will Also Custom Blend Any Of Our Oils To Your Specific Needs And/Or Taste.

"The Soap Opera"

The Soap Opera Is A Retail And Wholesale Supplier Of Fine Body-Care Products, And Aromatherapy Oils, Including Natural Skin Care Products, Complexion And Hair Care Products, Hand Mirrors, Shaving Brushes, Straight Edge Razors, Soaps, Soap Recipes, Glyceri

"Therapeutic Hemp Oil"

The Nutritional Composition Of Oil From The Marijuana Plant Could Be Beneficial To Your Health. To Most People, Cannabis Sativa Is Synonymous With Marijuana, But The Plant S Latin Name Means The Useful Hemp. Species Designated Sativa (Useful) Are Usually

"Therapeutic Touch Oil & Massage Supply Co."

Therapeutic Touch Oil And Massage Supply Company Combines Personal Service, Large Inventory, And Delivery Or Shipping Within A Few Days To Better Serve You.

"Tisserand Aromatherapy"

Offers Massage Oils, Essential Oils,Vegetable/Base Oils.Tisserand Offer Many Fantastic And Innovative Aromatherapy Accessories, Such As Our Lavender Wheat Cushion, Seascape And Forestsong Cd And Cassette,

"Tollhouse Bathworks"

Carrier Oils: Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernal, Avocado, Emu, Hempseed, Jojoba- Natural , Jojoba- Refined (Clear) . Fragrance Oils: Amber, Mugler Angelchina Rain, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Cranberry, Cucumber, Cucumber/Melon , Fougere, Frankincense & Myrrh,

"Toona Essential Oils Pty. Ltd."

Producer Of Essential Oils From A Range Of Queensland Grown Trees, Including The Backhousia Citriodora.

"Tree Of Life Essential Oil"

Our Essential Oil Is Processed Through The Conventional Steam Distillation System. To Ensure A Quality Product, Only Freshly Harvested Cedar Foliage Is Used

"Tri Health"

Tri Health Offer The Highest Quality Ayurvedic Herbal Food Supplements, Medicinal Oils, And Rejuvenators

"Uniquely You Aromatherapy"

Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates : Gift Baskets Are Available In Small, Medium And Large Sizes. You May Choose From The Following Fragrances: Cassie L`Orange, Lullabye, Revitalize , Ginger Island , Spruce & Grapefruit . Small Gift Basket Contains 4 Oz, Bo

"Uniquely You Aromatherapy"

Aromatherapy Basic Care Starter Kit, Aromatherapy Basic Care Travel Kit. Our Gift Basket Includes 3 Glycerin Soaps, One Bath Salt, One Lip Balm, One Bath Sponge, And A Small Bouquet Of Dried Flowers. Addition Of Other Product Is Possible .

"Uniquely You Aromatherapy"

Uniquely You Aromatherapy Carrier Oils : Almond Sweet - Refined - 16 Oz, Almond Sweet - Refined - 8 Oz, Aloe Vera In Soybean Oil 8 Oz, Apricot Kernel - Refined - 16 Oz, Apricot Kernel - Refined - 8 Oz, Avocado - Refined - 8 Oz, Borage - Expeller - 4 Oz, B


Manufacture Alternative Healing Health Care Products Massage Oils, Skin Creams And Lotions That Are Interactively Custom Designed Using Healing Properties Of Essential Oils As They Relate To Customer Symptoms


Manufacturers And Wholesalers Of Fragrance Oil And Herbal Products

"Whole You Soaps Company"

Offers Grapeseed -- This Light, Penetrating Oil Is Rich In Vitamins And Minerals Making It A Great Massage Oil.

"Wise Weeds And C"

We Offer A Variety Of Herbal And Aromatherapy Products, Including Candles, Oils, Incense, Bath Salts, Herbal Extracts, Healing Salves, Massage Oils And More.

"Wiseways Herbals"

"Offer Over 100 Unique Products That Include; Bath Crystals, Salves, Balms, Oils, Teas, Extracts, Vinegars, Spritzers And Flower Essences Made With Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils And Herbs That Are Only Organic Or Ecologically Wildcrafted."


All Natural Body Massage Oil - This Massage Oil Will Warm The Heart And Relax The Soul. The Olive Oil Base Is

"Yound Living Essential Oil"

Offers 100% Pure Grade A Organic Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Organic Essential Oils,

"Young Living"

Massage Oils :Cel-Lite Magic ,Desert Breeze , Dragon Time 4oz,Massage Oil Base ,Ortho Ease, Ortho Sport - Seagal Health Line, Protec , Relaxation, Sensation, V-6 Vegetable Mixing Oil .

"Young Living Essential Oils"

Massage Oils: Massage Or Therapeutic Touch Has Always Been Part Of The Healing For Both Physical And Emotional Needs. When Essential Oils Are Combined With Massage, The Benefits Are Numerous. It Improves Circulation And Lymphatic Drainage And Aids In The

"Young Living Essential Oils"

Young Living Essential Oils 100% Grade A Therapeutic Aromatherapy . Essential Oils Are Valuable Substances Extracted From Plants Through Distillation. They Enhance Life By Bringing The Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Aspects Of Your Being Into Balance.

"Young Living Essential Oils"

Young Living Carries High Frequency, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils For Aromatheapy And Body Application, Essential Oil Enhanced Supplements, Personal Care Products, Floral Water, Tinctures, Literature And More

"Young Living Essential Oils."

We Are Dedicated To Producing The Highest Quality Organic Oils In The World So That We May Contribute To The Health, Joy, And Prosperity Of People Everywhere.

"Young Livings Essential Oils"

"Essential Oils Have Been Called ""The Purest Form Of Living Energy That We Can Insert Into Man"", And They Have The Oldest History Of Healing Known.Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy And Reflexology All Incorporate Essential Oil"

"Zinnia Worldly Notions"

Natural Aromatherapy Massage Oil . Product Name :Amber, Aphrodesia, Bergamot, Fantasia, Jasmine, Kum Kum, Lilac, Lotus, Lily Of The Valley, Magnolia, Musk, Neroli, Patchouli, Pikaki, Poppy, Rhododendron, Rose, Sandalwood, Violet, Vanilla, Zinnia.

"Zinnia Worldly Notions"

Hand Crafted Treasures And Aromatherapy Products Made Directly By The Artisans And Crafts People Of Ten Different Countries. With Over 1000 Items Now On Our Website To Choose From We Are One Of The Internets Largest Aromatherapy, Hindu And Buddhist Statue

"Zuzus Petals Aromatherapy"

Largest Retailers Of Online Aromatherapy Products Such As Unique Blends Of Essential Oils,Aromatherapy Accessories And More.

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