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"Aleph One Ltd"
Biofeedback From Aleph One. Product Information :On-Line Versions Of Our Product Datasheets And Information For Customers. Relaxometers (Data Sheet 1) ,Myo-Electric Instruments (Data Sheet 2), Ooks And Cassettes (Data Sheet 3), Group Relaxometer (Data She

"Alliance Tinnitus And Hearing Center"

"Thorough Medical And Audiological Evaluation; Individually Tailoredtreatment With Approaches Such As Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Hypnosis,Masking, Cognitive Therapy, Biofeedback, Medication."

"American Biotec"

American Biotec Corporation Is A Full Service Company Providing Assistance To Health Care And Educational Professionals In Acquiring The Correct Equipment, Training, And In-Depth Understanding Of The Rapidly Developing Science And Economics Of Biofeedback

"Bio Research Institute"

The Bio Research Institute Is A Facility Dedicated To The Understanding Of Psychophysiology And The Mind/Body Connection. Bri Is The Birthplace Of The Bio Integrator Plus, An Advanced Biofeedback Instrument That Provides State-Of-The-Art Eeg And Body Meas

"Bio-Medical Instruments, Inc"

Bio-Medical Instruments Is A Sales And Distribution Center Specializing In Biofeedback / Neurofeedback Style Instrumentation From Most Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Biofeedback Equipment And Supplies.

"Biocybernaut Institute"

The Gold Standard In Brain Wave Biofeedback Training (Alpha Brainwaves). Studies Show Higher Creativity, Iq, Performance, Spirituality. Dr. Jim Hardt Has Been Doing Neurofeedback Training From 1971.

"Biocybernaut Institute"

We Have More Than A Dozen Programs Of Advanced Training In Brain Wave Self Regulation. The Entry Point Into All Of These Advanced Programs Is The Introductory Seven Day Intensive Alpha-1 Program. For A Biocybernaut It Is Like Brain Waves 101. We Also Offe

"Biofeedback Instrument Corporation"

Computerized Biofeedback Systems (General), Computerized Biofeedback Systems (Eeg/Neurofeedback Only), Computerized Quantum Eeg/Eeg Biofeedback Equipment, Biofeedback (Incontinence) Etc .

"Braincare, Inc."

We Believe That Eeg Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) Can Be A Safe, Drug-Free Cure For Add, Adhd And Other Health Issues For Children And Adults.

"Brainmaster Technologies, Inc."

World-Wide Supplier Of Electroencephalographic (Eeg) Brainwave Monitoring And Biofeedback Systems, Software, Accessories, Publications, And Training. Our Interest Areas Include Clinical Biofeedback, Education, Research, Self-Improvement, Mental Fitness An

"Care Rehab«, Inc."

Care Rehab Is A Leading Supplier Of Physical Therapy Equipment And Supplies. We Specialize In Patient Rental Equipment, Such As Tens, Muscle Stimulation, Biofeedback, And Range Of Motionsplints.

"Chomg And Bios"

Chomg And Bios Work In Harmony To Provide Highly Individualized Cancer Care. Chomg Provides And Coordinates Allopathic (Conventional) Oncology Care, While Bios Provides The Supportive And Complementary Functions Found In Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Bio

"Cybermed, Inc"

We Are A Small, Low-Overhead Corporation That Performs Contract Engineering Work In The Areas Of Communications And Biomedical Electronics.

"East3, Ltd."

East3, Based In Richmond, Va, Is A Privately Held Technology Development And Commercialization Firm Specializing In Advanced Feedback Technology. This Technology Enables Software Applications To Respond To A User`S Physical And Mental State, Creating Exci

"Eeg Spectrum International"

Neurofeedback Is A Learning Strategy That Enables People To Alter Their Brain Waves And Exercise The Brain`S Own Regulatory Mechanisms. Also Known As Eeg Biofeedback, It Is Used For Many Conditions And Disabilities In Which The Brain Is Not Functioning As

"Elixa, Ltd."

Biofeedback Is A Non-Invasive, Painless, Non-Pharmaceutical Method Of Teaching You To Become Aware Of Your Body Processes And To Help You Learn To Change Them. Our Products : Waverider Pro, Waverider Jr., Dde Software Kit, Waverider Max .


Biofeedback Operates On The Notion That We Have The Innate Ability And Potential To Influence The Automatic Functions Of Our Bodies Through The Exertion Of Will And Mind. Biofeedback Has Recently Been Shown To Give Us What Had Previously Seemed An Impossi

"J&J Engineering"

We Offer J&J Biofeedback Software . Also We Offer J&J Engineering Biofeedback Equipment .

"Mind Growth"

Our Products : The Gsr2 Biofeedback Device , Gsr/Temp 2x Biofeedback System, Control Stress And Release The Powers Of The Mind,Mind Over Muscle Etc .

"North Shore Biofeedback"

Biofeedback Is Non-Invasive, And Unlike Medications, Has No Side Effects. The Results Are Long-Lasting. In Essence, Biofeedback Blends The Elements Of Scientific Technology With Self-Help Strategies For Proven Results.


Counseling And Biofeedback Services In Flagstaff, Arizona . Services We Provide Include: Child, Adolescent And Family Therapy ,Biofeedback And Stress Management Biofeedback Defined , Bilingual (Spanish) Counseling And Assessment , Group Therapy .

"R A Bell Instruments Ltd"

Biofeedback Is A Way Of Learning To Change The Bodies Responses In A Way That Improves Health Using Electronic Instruments That Measure And Indicate Various Things That Are Happening In The Body. We Specialise In Biofeedback Instruments And Have 10 Years

"Stress Counselling"

Stress Counseling & Biofeedback Services . The F1000 Feedback Training System .

"Westchester Head And Neck Pain Center"

At Westchester Head And Neck Pain Center, We Have Developed A Non-Invasive Treatment For Migraine And Tension Headaches That Works Better Than Any Headache Drug Or Alternative Treatment (Biofeedback, Herbs, Acupuncture, Etc.).

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