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"1st Herbal Supplements"
Offers Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Herbal Medicine And More. Online Shopping Is Also Available.

"A Better Massage"

Solana Beach Healing Clinic Offering Massage And Spa Services For Stress Management, Healing And Rehabilitation.

"A Healing Place"

A Healing Place Offers Registered Massage Therapy For Your Musculosketetal Problems And General Stress Reduction .

"A Kneaded Break"

A Kneaded Break Is A Stress Management Company With Therapists Who Offer Full Body Swedish And Oriental Massage As Well As On-Site Chair Massage In The Home, Office, Party Or Fund Raising Event, Along With Lectures And Workshops On Tension, Stress, Tai Ch

"A Touch Of Beauty Is"

Touch Of Beauty Is A Beauty Salon For Complete Esthetic Services, Relaxation And Therapeutic Massage.

"A Touch Of The Keys"

A Touch Of The Keys : Florida State Licensed Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Swedish Massage, Aroma Massage Outcall Service In Key Largo .

"A Wellness Center"

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Holistic Healthcare Integrating Chiropractic, Medical Care, And Massage Therapy

"Absolutely Massage, Llc"

Absolutely Massage, Llc Provide Information And Support Services For Those Interested In Seeking The High Level Wellness Through Stress Reduction, Nutritional/Immune System Support, And Massage Therapy Services.

"Academic Health Centers"

The Association of Academic Health Centers (AHC) is a national, non-profit organization that consists of over 100 institutional members throughout the United States that are the health complexes of the major universities.

"Academy Of Somatic Healing Arts"

Academy Of Somatic Healing Arts Offers Therapeutic Massage Services By Offering Relaxation And Stress Reduction With Therapeutic Swedish Massage,Offering Therapy For Mild Pain Conditions With A Focus On Stress Management,Offering Therapy For Acute/Chronic

"Accident Pain Center"

Accident Pain Center Is A Modern Facility Integrating A Variety Of Natural Healing Methods Including:Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy And Rehabilitation.

"Accreditation Association For Ambulatory Health Care"

Aaahc Incorporated In 1979 As A Non-Profit In The State Of Illinois, But Its History Spans More Than 25 Years Of Independent And Cooperative Efforts By Many National Organizations, All Dedicated To High Quality Ambulatory Health Care.

"Acm Health Centers"

Our Care Is Not Only For Acupuncture But Also Also Work To Improve Your Overall Health And Help You Stay Healthy Far Into The Future. Treat Allergies,Sprains / Strains,Headache,Diabetes Mellitus Etc.

"Acu-Tech Massage Therapy Clinic & School"

Acutech Massage Clinic & School Of Houston, Tx Is A Premium Provider Of Certified Training For Massage Therapists, Providing State-Approved Training And Experience, Along With Assistance In Acquiring Stable Positions In The Workplace.

"Acucenter Of La"

Acucenter Of La Is A Full Service Acupuncture And Herbs Clinic Located In Los Angeles, California, On The Miracle Mile. We Have Two Full-Time Certified Acupuncturists, Ike Choi, L.Ac., And Steven Rhee, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., To Meet All Of Your Health Concerns.

"Addiction Treatment Centers"

We Are A Team Of Medical Professionals, Addiction Medicine Physicians, Anesthesiologists, And Critical Care Nurses With A Serious Interest In Addiction Medicine. Patients Receive Individualized Treatment In Our State-Of-The-Art Critical Care Suite.

"Advanced Alternatives Cancer Center"

Advanced Alternatives Cancer Center Specializing In Bringing Cancer Patients The Most Scientifically Advanced Natural Therapies Currently Available

"Advanced Health Technologies"

Advanced Health Technologies Offers State Of The Art Medical Devices For Healthcare Professionals.

"Advanced Reproductive Health Centers, Ltd"

Infertility Is A Very Common Disease. This Web Site Is Designed To Provide You Answers To Common Questions, But It Certainly Is No Substitute For A Personal Consultation. Try Not To Waste Time, Energy, And Create Additional Anxiety In Your Life.

"Agastya Garden"

Health Center And Beach Resort In Kerala, India.A Combination Of Relaxing Resorts Holidays With Ayurvedic Treatments And Massage And Also Marma Rejuvenation Massage

"Aks Massage"

Aks Massage School Offers Therapeutic Massage Sessions To The Public, By Appointment, At A Reduced Rate In Our Student And Graduate Clinic.

"Alexandra Health Center"

Alexandra Health Center Effectively Provides A Full Range Of Care - From Acute To Chronic Conditions, From Short -Term To Long-Term Treatment.

"All Saints Health System"

It Is A Full-Service Not-For-Profit Health Care Provider Consisting Of Two Hospitals, Several Primary Care Centers, A Senior Health Center, A Nursing Home And A Rehabilitation And Fitness Center. Areas Of Excellence Include Oncology, Cardiology Etc.

"Allergy Care Centers"

Allergy Care Center`S Purpose Is To Explain To Kids Why They Have It, How They Got It, And What They Can Do To Help Keep It Under Control.

"Almaden Chiropractic Center."

Chiropractors:Chiropractors Are The Only Health Care Professionals Specifically Trained To Locate And Correct These Areas Of Spinal Dysfunction Known As Subluxations, And Restore Their Normal Motion.The Doctor Of Chiropractic Removes The Interference To T

"Aloha Clinic,"

We Are Here To Assist You With Recovery From Injury, Pain Relief, Healing, And Prevention Of Illness, As Well As Achieving

"Aloha Holistic Health Clinic."

Offers Holistic Chiropractic Care & Trigger Point Therapy By Richard Wolf, D.C. Received His Doctor Of Chiropractic From Pennsylvania College Of Chiropractic In 1983.

"Alterna-Med - Health & Nutrition Center"

Alterna-Med, Is An Health And Nutrition Center Offering Personal Care Products Which Includes Hair, Skin And Nails , Etc .,

"Alternate Healthcare Solutions."

Ahs Is A Chiropractic Clinic Located In The Flower Mound Lewisville Area Just North Of Dallas.We Specialize In Neurology And Nutrition To Help With Pain Or Discomfort Associated With Headaches,Neck,Back And Disc Injuries,Stress,Numbness And Tingling.Other

"Alternative Healing Center"

Alternative Healing Centers Mission Is To Provide Access To Alternative, Complementary Health Care .

"Alternative Healing Center"

Alternative Healing Center Offers Chiropractic Care ,Acupuncture Therapy , Chelation Therapy, Dmso Therapy , Massage Therapy , Etc .,

"Alternative Healing Center"

Alternative Healing Center Offers Homeopathy , Iridology , Chiropractic Care ,Acupuncture Therapy , Chelation Therapy, Dmso Therapy , Massage Therapy , Etc .,

"Alternative Health Resources, Ltd"

Our Approach To Healthcare Is Aimed At Creating Energetic Balance In The Body So It May Rid Itself Of Chemical And Emotional Toxins, Therefore Creating Healing Changes And Balance In The Mind, Body, And Spirit.

"Alternative Medicine Connection"

Is Devoted To Information And Research On Tibetan Medicine, Medicine Buddha And Tantric Teachings. Features

"Alternative Medicine Foundation Inc.,"

The Alternative Medicine Foundation Is A 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organization Formed To Provide Evidence-Based Research Resources For Health Care Professionals

"Amazing Remedies Radical Research"

Amazing Remedies Is All About Alternative Medicine But We Sell No Alternative Medicine! If We Did, We Would Immediately Lose Our Objectivity. We Would Also Lose Our Motive To Tell You The Whole Truth. And Our Flexibility To Discard The Old And Offer The N

"American Chiropractic Center."

The Doctors At American Chiropractic Are Highly Trained In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Neuromuscular Skeletal Conditions And Are Known For Their Compassionate Manner.

"American Chiropractic Health Center."

Signals Of Possible Spinal Problems:Headaches Or Migraines Stiffness Or Pain In Neck, Shoulder Or Back,Pain Between Shoulders Backache,Lowback, Hip Or Leg Pain,Joint Pain,Numbness In Arms, Legs Or Feet Etc.

"Amoia Holistic Chiropractic Life Center"

We Offers The Information Contained On This Chiropractic Web Site To Everyone Seeking Knowledge On The Wonders Of Good Health Through Chiropractic.

"Anchor Health Services"

Using Sophisticated Equipment, They Can Identify The Presence And Severity Of Any Hearing Problem, Measure Hearing Ability And Provide Counseling For Hearing Aids Or Other Types Of Amplification Devices.

"Animal Speclised Group"

The Specialist, Referring Veterinarian, And Pet Owner Work Closely Together To Provide Optimal Patient Care.During The Recent History Of Veterinary Medicine, Tremendous Advancements Have Been Made In Knowledge, Techniques, And Equipment.

"Anugraha Ayurvedic Health Centre"

Offer Genuine Ayurvedic Health And Beauty Care Packages Under The Direct Supervision Of Highly Qualified And Experienced Doctors

"Apollo Hospitals"

Our Mission Is To Bring Health Care Of International Standards Within The Reach Of Every Individual.We Are Committed To The Achievement And Maintenance Of Excellence In Education, Research And Health Care For The Benefit Of Humanity.

"Applied Kinesiology Center Of San Francisco"

Applied Kinesiology Center Of San Francisco Is An Health Care Offering All The Needs Of Health.

"Applied Kinesiology Center Of San Francisco"

Applied Kinesiology Center Of San Francisco Offers Chiropractic Which Is The Major Healing Profession Dealing With The Body`S Structure .

"Aravind Eye Hospitals"

They Have Built An Exceptional Team, Equipped The Hospital With The Latest In Medical Technology, And Committed Aravind To Research And Training Programmes That Will Produce Future Leaders In Ophthalmology.

"Arizona Association Of Community Health Centers, Inc."

Aachc Is Made Up Of Non-Profit And Public Primary Care Health Centers Serving A Lot Of People In More Than Eighty-Five Medically 0underserved Arizona Locations.Services May Include Primary Care And Preventive Services, Dental And Therapeutic Service.

"Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic And Carpal Tunnel Clinic."

Specializing In The Treatment Of:Leg Pain Shoulder Pain Tennis Elbow Tmj Knee Pain Ankle Pain.Mid Back Pain Lower Back Pain Neck Pain.Etc

"Arlington Chiropractic Neurology Center."

Chiropractic Is A Family Proactice Specializing In Chronic Pain Management, Work And Automobile Injuries, And Sports Injuries.In Our Treatment Programs, Gentle Adjustments, Advanced Techniques, And The Use Of Modern Therapeutic And Diagnostic Equipment Ar

"Arnold Chiropractic Life Center."

Everyone Needs Chiropractic Care And Most Do Not Know. Because People Do Not Know The True Value Of Chiropractic. We Are Sick And Tired Of People Turning To Drugs And Surgery When Searching For Health.We Are Absolutely Certain That Chiropractic Works.

"Arya Vaidya Sala"

A Health Care Centre Specializing In Ayurveda And Traditional Alternative Herbal Medicines And Treatments. Massage Treatments With The Essentials Of Panchakarma And Native Classical Dances Of Kerala Like Kathakali

"Asian Health Services"

To Serve And Advocate For The Immigrant And Refugee Asian Community Regarding Its Health Rights, And To Assure Access To Health Care Services Regardless Of Income, Insurance Status, Language, Or Culture.

"Asian Health Traditions"

General Information About Chinese Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture, Including Educational Requirements And Legislation And Licencing,Its One Of The Well Know Health Center.


Dr Li Is The Chief Practitioner Of The Atlantic Medical Health Care, Inc. Twenty Three Years In Practice Of Acupuncture And Herbs Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine Has Been A Family Profession For Many Generations.

"Avard Chiropractic Centers."

Spinal And Extraspinal Manipulative Therapies Are Coupled With Physiotheraputics, Nutritional Support And Lifestyle Counseling For The Greatest Results.We Also Have A Variety Of Supportive Health Care Products Available For Those Who Need Them.

"Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Medical Clinic"

Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Medical Clinic Offers Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Pancha Karma, Holistic, Heal, Health, Natural, Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Massage, Therapist, Veterinarian.

"Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Medical Clinic"

Offers Ayurvedic, Naturopath, Naturopathy, Naturopathic, Pancha Karma, Holistic, Heal, Health, Healing, Healer, Natural, Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Massage, Therapist, Veterinarian,

"Ayurvedic Health Center"

Dr. Partap Chauhan Offers The Basic Principles Of Ayurveda, Home Remedies For Common Diseases, Ayurvedic Products And Online Courses.

"Babcock Chiropractic Clinic."

Providing The Treatement Like This:Low Back Pain,Neck Pain, Car Accidents,Spinal Stiffings,Headaches. The Treatement Is No Drugs,No Surjery, Etc,.

"Baker Family Chiropractic Center."

Specializing In Fibromyalgia Treatment, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports Injuries, Whiplash, Chronic Pain, Disc Injuries, Numbness And Tingling Syndromes, Migraine Headaches, Neck And Lower Back Pain.

"Balavi Natural Health Center"

Balavi Natural Health Center Offers Holistic Medicine Which Include Qigong , Taichi , Acupuncture , Etc .,

"Balavi Natural Health Center"

Balavi Natural Health Center Is An Health Center Who Observed That Natural Diet , Exercise And Meditation Can Help Neutralization Of Life- Threatening Diseases Ranging From Chronic Stress Syndrome To Cancer.

"Balavi Natural Health Center."

Natural Health Center In Thailand With Holistic Program, Staffed By Medical Doctors. Programs For Detoxification, Diet Counseling, Colon Cleansing, Thai Massage, Body And Mind Training, Yoga, And Qigong.

"Ballard Wellness Clinic"

Seattle Alternative Health Clinic, Specializing In Chiropractic And Naturopathy.

"Baptist Health System, Inc."

Whether You Are Already In Great Health, Looking For Ways To Improve, Or Just Browsing For Helpful Information.They Give Health Tips,Healthy Recipes,Classes & Support Groups Etc.

"Barnes-Kasson Hospitals And Health Centers"

Barnes-Kasson Hospital Is A Not-For-Profit Facility.It Is An Acute Care, Short Term General Hospital Of Forty-Seven Beds, Licensed For Acute And Swing Beds, Qualified To Handle A Range Of Medical/Surgical, Pediatric, General, Ob/Gyn.

"Barnstaple Chiropractic Clinic."

Chiropractic Can Do This:Back Pain / Backache / Lumbago Disc Problems / Slipped Disc Sciatica Back Pain Due To Pregnancy Pelvic Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Frozen Shoulder Arm Pain Tennis Elbow Etc.

"Bbc Heart Care"

The Alarming Increase Of Incidence Of Heart Disease In The Indian Sub- Continent Prompted The Setting Up Of Comprehensive Cardiac Centres.The Facilities / Services Offered Are Non-Invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Open Heart Surgery Etc

"Bc Association Of Private Care Online"

Our Membership Includes Long-Term Care Facilities, Licensed Private Hospitals, Congregate Living And Private Health Care Centers, Community Health-Care Agencies, Mental Health Facilities, And Homes For The Mentally Handicapped .

"Beauty Business Health & Beauty Centre"

The Alternative Clinic At Beauty Business Was Opened To Provide The Services Or Referral Of Practitioners. The Treatments Available Complement Thealready Healthy And Holistic Approach Of Beauty Business.

"Best Of Health"

Making Available To You The Finest Personalized Alternative Holistic Health Care. Best Of Health Nutritional Holistic For Balancing, Nutritional Supplements,

"Beverly Holistic Health Center"

A Multi-Service Holistic Health Center Committed To Providing The Ultimate In Alternative Health Care.

"Blanchard Valley Health Association"

It Is The Mission To Continually Improve The Health Status .The Mission Of Improved Health Status Will Be Offered With Respect, Courtesy, Compassion, Privacy, Sensitivity And Confidentiality.

"Body Conscious"

Body Conscious Is A Multi-Modality Clinic Located In Madison Park. Licensed Massage Practitioner Maureen Warren Founded Body Conscious In 1986. Our Team Of Health Care Professionals Includes A Hellerworker, A Dnft Chiropractor, A Naturopathic Doctor And L

"Body Therapy Center"

Body Therapy Center`S Mission Is To Offer The Best Professional Service And Training In Massage And Bodywork, And To Help People Grow In Heart, Health And Spirit

"Breath Awareness Center"

Breath Awareness Center Is A Wholistic Health Center Dedicated To Alternative Health Through The Use Of Alternative Healing Modalities And Conscious Connected Breathing - Rebirthing .

"Brisbanes Wesley Hospital"

The Wesley Is Known As A Magnet Hospital - Able To Attract And Retain Highly Qualified And Caring Staff - With The Lowest Staff Turnover Rate And The Highest Nurse To Patient Ratio

"British Medical Acupuncture Society"

Society Of Doctors, Dentists And Vets, Which Aims To Promote The Use And Scientific Understanding Of Acupuncture As Part Of The Practice Of Medicine. Provides Details Of Training Courses For Doctors And Can Help Patients Find A Local Acupuncture Practitio

"Bubbling Spring"

A Holistic Health Center. As A Bubbling Spring Feeds All Vegetation From A Deep Source With Its Life-Giving Waters It Is Our Goal To Provide Holistic Health Care Information, Products And Services

"Buteyko Health Centre"

Includes Definition Of The Method, Techniques And Tips, Practitioners Training, Patients Workshops, And Clinical Trial Results.

"Canadian Healthcare Association"

It Is The Federation Of Provincial And Territorial Hospital And Health Organizations Across Canada.It Represents A Broad Continuum Of Care, Including Acute Care, Home And Community Care, Long Term Care, Public Health, Mental Health, Palliative Care.

"Canadian Holistic Health Group"

The Mission Of The Canadian Holistic Health Group Is To Utilize Technology To Link Canadians With A Broad Range Of Complementary Health Care Information Via This Web Site.

"Candlewood Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center"

Offers Chiropractic,Traditional Chinese Needle Acupuncture And No-Needle Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbal And Nutritional Counseling And Other Alternative Therapies.

"Capital City Chiropractic & Wellness Center"

Services Available Are X-Rays On Premises, Emergency Care Available, Auto & Work-Related Injuries, Athletic Injuries, Provide Treatment For:Headaches, Neck & Mid Back Pain, Shoulder And Arm Pain, Low Back Or Hip Pain, Leg & Arm Numbness, Muscle Spasm, Car

"Cascade Eye & Skin Centers"

We Share A Desire To Provide Quality Medical Services In A Personal And Caring Environment. We Pride Ourselves On Taking The Time To Talk With And Listen To Our Patients..

"Center For Behavioral Health"

It Is A Center For Adults Who Are In Treatment At Our Center For Severe And Persistant Mental Health Problems, Such As Schizophrenic Disorders.

"Center For Massage & Natural Health"

Center For Massage & Natural Health To Offer The Highest Quality Education In Massage Therapy, Bodywork And Natural Healing Modalities To All Who Desire To Become An Integral Part Of Alternative Health Care And Those Who Are Already Practitioners Of The H

"Center For Massage & Natural Health"

The Center For Massage & Natural Health Offers The Highest Quality Professional Massage Therapy Available.

"Centers For Disease Control And Prevention"

The Main Aims Is To Promote Health And Quality Of Life By Preventing And Controlling Disease, Injury And Disability.To Base All Public Health Decisions On The Highest Quality Scientific Data, Openly And Objectively Derived.

"Central Indiana Health System"

Cihs Is A Nonprofit, Spiritually Centered Health Care System And Is Dedicated To The Mission Of Improving The Lives And Health Status Of Residents Of Indiana Through The Provision Of A Continuum Of Holistic And High Quality Health Care Services.

"Central Toronto Community Health Centres"

Ctchc Is One Of Over 50 Such Non-Profit Organizations Which Offers Programs And Services That Match The Needs Of Its Local Community. The Health Centre Attuned To Todays Health Needs.

"Centre Sida Mcgill"

Coordinates, Facilitates And Promotes Teaching, Research And Treatment Activities, Relating To Hiv Infection And Aids, At Mcgill University And Its Affiliated Teaching Hospitals.

"Chinese Healing Arts Center"

The Chinese Healing Arts Center Was Founded By Doctor Tzu Kuo Shih And His Family For The Purpose Of Providing The American Public With Information And Instruction In The Ancient Chinese Arts Of Taiji Chuan, Qi Gong And Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Chironetwork Health Care Centers"

Traditionally People Seek Chiropractic Care When Suffering From Back Pain, Neck Pain, And Headaches. If You Are Suffering From Similar Symptoms, We Have The Perfect Opportunity For You To Find Out If Chiropractic Care Will Work For You.

"Chiropractic Solutions Is"

Chiropractic Solutions Is A Natural Health Care Site Devoted To The Endless Possibilities Of Achieving Wellness Through Chiropratic Care, Contact Reflex Analysis (Cra), And The Clinical Application Of Nutritional Medicines.

"Clinic Of Digestive Surgery"

The Clinic Of Digestive Surgery Is Highly Oriented Towards Laparoscopic Surgery, With A Majority Of The Operations Presently Performed By This Technique.

"Coastal Nutrition Laboratory, Inc."

Coastal Nutrition Laboratory, Inc. The Source For High Quality, Natural Dietary Suplements At Very Reasonable Prices.It Has Drawn Upon The Fields Of Alternative Medicine, Including Asian And Chinese Medicine As Well As Native American Medicine To Select P

"Community Health Care Association"

The Community Healthcare Association Is A State Nonprofit Membership Organization That Provides Leadership On Primary Health Care Issues In North Dakota And South Dakota.

"Community Health Centers"

Community Health Centers Of The Central Coast Is A Non-Profit Network Of Community Health Centers On California`S Central Coast Offering Accessible And Affordable Medical, Dental, Health Education, And Mental Health Services.

"Community Health Network"

Our Goals Go Beyond Just Providing You With Health Care. Along With It We Also Provide Education To Our Patients, Helping Everyone To Understand That Good Health Begins In Childhood And Is Achievable Regardless Of Your Financial Or Ethnic Background.

"Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy"

Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy Offers Programs In Therapeutic Massage.Provides Career Training In Massage Therapy,Education, Products And Services That Enhance Personal Growth And Professional Development For Massage Therapists

"Continence Health Centers, Inc."

Has Created A Successful Incontinence Treatment Program That Incorporates The Latest Developments In Treating The Cause Of Urinary Incontinence (Ui, Bladder Leakage) -Weakened Or Injured Pelvic Floor Muscles -Without Surgery Or Drug Therapy.

"Coral Springs Physicians Associates"

Coral Springs Physicians Associates Operates As A Multidisciplinary Health Care Delivery System Which Provides Chiropractic Care, General Family Medicine, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Chelation Therapy, Homeopathy, Diagnostic Imaging And Nutrition.

"Coral Springs Physicians Associates"

At Our Center, The Doctors Recommend Homeopathic Remedies To Assist The Healing Process. These Remedies Are Devoid Of Side Effects And Toxicity, Yet Are Remarkably Effective In The Treatment Of Most Conditions.

"Core Behavioral Health Centers"

Mental Illness Is Indiscriminate. It Can Strike Anyone At Anytime, Regardless Of Age, Race Or Sex.Core Health Center A Private Non-Profit Mental Health Care Provider Servies The People Of West And Northwest Hamilton County.

"Country Doctor Community Health Centers"

Our Mission Is To Improve The Health Of Our Community By Providing High-Quality, Caring, Culturally Appropriate Primary Health Care That Addresses The Needs Of People Regardless Of Ability To Pay.

"Creative Visions"

To Provide Services Geared Toward Creatively Envisioning Your Life In The Form Of Self-Help And Inspirational Material Which Address Your Healthful And Spiritual Needs.

"Crescent Medical Aid"

It Is A Non-Profit Making Organisation Dedicated To The Service Of Humanity In The Field Of Curative And Preventive Health Care. Provides Medical Treatment Clinics In Certain Areas.

"Crossroads Centre At Antigua"

We Are Here To Help People Whose Lives Are Controlled By Alcohol And Or Drugs - Helping Them To Make The Changes Necessary To Find New Health, A New Sense Of Well-Being And A New Life Of Sobriety.

"Darin M. Camarena Health Centers"

Camarena Health Centers Gives Special Care To All The Patients Around. It Treats All The Patients With Special Care To See That They Feel Better As Soon As Possible.

"Dayton Mediation Center"

By Using The Mediation Process, Citizens Empower Themselves To Take Responsibility For Their Concerns.The Dayton Mediation Center Trains And Maintains A Group Of More Than 100 Diverse People As Highly Skilled Mediators,Etc.

"Deep Muscle Therapy And Wellness Center"

Deep Muscle Therapy And Wellness Center Is An Health Care Center Offering Primmer Therapy ,Therapeutic Massage,Mothermassage, Reflexology , Chiropractic Care , Acupuncture , Yoga , Stress Reduction , Etc .,

"Delmar Center For Therapeutic Massage"

Licensed Massage Therapists Offer Swedish Massage. Facials, Make-Up, Special Packages, And Online Gift Certificates Are Also Available.

"Delta Gardens"

Delta Gardens, A World-Recognized Center For Flower Essence Research Education And Product Development Since 1986. Delta Gardens Features A Line Of Reputable, Researched And Renowned Flower Essence Products.

"Dental Health Centers"

Is A Dental Practice Management Company Providing Cosmetic, General And Specialty Care To Patients. Our Offices Accept Most Major Insurance Plans Including Cigna, Delta, Prudential Etc.

"Dhaka Community Hospital Trust"

Dch Is A Private Non-Profit Health Care Organisation. We Are Dedicated To Providing Quality Medical Services That Are Affordable For Most Of Our Poor People. We Aim To Integrate The Delivery Of Primary, Secondary, And Tertiary Health Care Services.

"Diamond Massage And Wellness Center"

Diamond Massage And Wellness Center Is A Full Service Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

"Dr. Frank Sabatino"

Vibrant Health Is Within The Reach Of Everyone Who Seeks It. True Health Care Relies On Self-Care And Positive Lifestyle Choices That Remove The Obstacles To Health, And Eliminate The Risks And Causes Of Disease.

"Dr. Warren E. Smith Health Centers,"

A Major Community Based Organization Providing A Broad Range Of High Quality Health Services To Residents Of Philadelphia, Pa.The Mission Is To Promote The Wellness Of The Community We Serve Through The Provision Of High Quality Health.



"Ear-Tronics Hearing Health Care Centers"

Our Mission Is To Provide Uncompromising Standards Of Diagnostic Hearing Assessment, Hearing Aids, And Rehabilitative Services To Children And Adults.

"East Carolina Veterinary Service"

Offered Veterniary Service And Treatments .We Practice Quaility Medicine In A Caring Environment.

"East Toronto Accelerate Clinic"

East Toronto Accelerate Clinic Is An Health Care Center Providing Chronic Pain , Acute Pain , Migraine Headaches , Sports Injuries , Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Etc .,

"East-West Medical Center"

The East-West Medical Center,Is An Integrative Medicine Healing Center Which Offers Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine , Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Etc .,

"Eastern Medical Center"

Eastern Medical Center Offers Qigong, Acupuncture,Herbs, And Acupressure.

"Encompass Wellness Services Llc"

A Health Practice Integrating Standard And Alternative Therapies To Increase General Well Being, Restore And Maintain Health And Function, Relieve Pain, Change Undesirable Habits, And Help Cope With The Stressful Effects Of Modern Life.

"Enzymatic Therapy"

Enzymatic Therapy Is A Mission To Improve The Health Of America-One Customer At A Time. Enzymatic Therapy Develops Products That Provide Essential Nutrients For Specific Body Systems Such As Energy, Vascular Function, Bones And Joints, And Visions, To Nam

"Erlanger Health System"

Have Been Primary Care Providers To The Chattanooga Area. . We Are Committed To Be A Model Of The Complete Family Practice Facility With Affordable, Accessible And High Quality Primary Medical And Dental Care.

"Eugene Sports And Orthopedic Medicine Center"

Eugene Sports And Orthopedic Medicine Center Offers Orthopedic, Osteopathic, Holistic And Alternative Medicine.

"Eye Health Vision Centers"

We Offer Total Eye Care, By Total Professionals. The Services Include Eye Exams,Contact Lenses ,Refractive Surgery ,Pediatric Eye Care,Diabetic, Retinal & Laser Surgery Etc,

"Falun Dafa Volunteers"

- Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) Is A High-Level Cultivation System, Beyond Ordinary Chi-Gong That Offers Stress Relief And Health Improvement. It Has Five Sets Of Exercises That Are Smooth, Natural, And Easy To Learn. It Also Has Profound Principles Guiding The

"Family Care Health Centers"

Providers Of Comprehensive Primary Health Care .We Are Dedicated To Providing The Highest Quality Treatment To Our Patients, Including Maintaining Confidentiality, And Treating All Patients With Dignity And Respect.

"Feathered Pipe Foundation"

Retreat Center Offering Personal Growth Seminars, Including Workshops In Yoga, Holistic Health, Shamanism, The Arts, And Bodywork. Also Hosts Peace Encampments And Retreats For Hiv-Positive People.

"Feminist Womens Health Center"

Fwhc Provides Abortion And Reproductive Health Services And Information To Three Clinics About Abortion, Including Real-Life Personal Stories Etc.

"First Health Care Group, Llc"

Open Seven Days Per Week With No Appointments Needed, First Health Care Group Can Take Care Of Your Urgent And Routine Medical Needs At A Time Convenient To You. Services As Sports Physicals, Insurance Physicals, School Physicals, Ekgs,X-Rays.

"Florida Association Of Community Health Centers"

Fachc Is Composed Of Nearly 100 Primary Health Care Centers Through-Out Underserved Areas In Florida. Last Year, These Centers Provided Quality Primary Health Care Services To Over 500,000 Patients Of Which More Than Half Were Uninsured.

"Gliead Science."

At Gilead, Testing The Safety And Efficacy Of Our Product Candidates In Human Clinical Trials Is An Important Step In Our Mission To Advance Treatments For The Most Challenging Human Diseases.

"Goodwin-Levine Adult Day Health Centers"

The Services Offered At Gladhc -- Medical, Nursing, Nutritional, Bathing, Social Service, Recreation And Transportation -- Our Elderly Rediscover Their Inner Strength And Autonomy So They May Continue To Live As Independently As Possible.

"Grady Health System"

Grace Towns Hamilton,Grady Neighbour Health Center,Hughes Spadling,Grady Health System Are The Different Section Avaliable For Children And Adults.

"Greater Philadelphia Yanxin Qigong Culture Center"

Dr. Yan Xin. It Traces Its Origins Back Over 7000 Years And Is The Basis For Chinese Medicine, Culture, And Martial Arts. Yan Xin Qigong, With Its Emphasis On The Cultivation Of Virtue, Represents The Authentic Traditional Chinese Qigong With Contemporary

"Green Lake Massage Health Center"

Green Lake Massage Health Center Is A Licensed Professional Care With A Safe Touch For Rehabilitation And Relaxation .

"Gulf Diagnostic Center"

The Gulf Diagnostic Center Is A Private Healthcare Facility Employing Western Medical Expertise And Using The Latest Technology.

"Haberfield Naturopathic Centre"

Terri Has An Advanced Diploma In Naturopathy And Is Practising In The Following Modalities:Homeopathy,Aromatherapy Massage,Herbal Medicine Nutrition,Iridology Etc

"Harbor Wholistic Health Center"

Harbor Wholistic Health Center Offers Alternative Natural Approaches To Mainstream Healthcare.Also Offers Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Attunement Energywork, Reiki Energywork, Acupressure (Tuina/Jinshin),Swedish/De

"Harmony Hill Wellness Retreat Center"

Nonprofit Wellness Retreat Center, Provides Retreat Services And Educational Programs For Small Groups, Health Professionals, And Individuals In A Stunningly Beautiful Natural Setting.

"Healing Arts L.L.C. -"

The Mission Of Healing Arts Is To Provide Therapeutic Touch Services And Education That Promote Wellness And Inspire Hope For Healing

"Health Enhancement And Renewal For Women, Inc."

Includes Womens Health Centers Located In Tucson, Arizona, And Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas. These Centers Offer A Host Of Services Focusing On The Integration Of Hormonal Changes With Physical, Emotional And Social Aspects Of Womens Lives.

"Health Restoration Medical Center"

The Health Restoration Center Specializes In Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Autism And Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

"Healthworld Online, Inc"

The Naturopathic Medicine Center Provides The Definitive Resources In Natural Medicine Articles From Leading Naturopathic Physicians, The Textbook Of Natural Medicine, Online Archives Of The Journal Of Naturopathic

"Healthy Alternatives"

A Health And Learning Center Dedicated To Providing A Truly Holistic Approach To Physical,Mental And Spiritual Well Being

"Hearing Enhancement Centers"

Is A Full Service Audiology And Hearing Aid Center.We Offer Services In Our Offices, As Well As Home Visits.Our Services Include-Hearing Testing ,Video Otoscopy ,Hearing Instrument Fittings, Repairs, And Service .

"Hearing Health Centers"

Robert ,James.

"Heartland Healing Center"

Offers Swedish Massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Myopractic, Healing Touch, Reflexology,Therapeutic Touch And More.

"Heavenly Health Centers"

Sleep And Back Specialists Help You To Relieve The Discomfort You Might Have From The Wear And Tear Of Everyday Living Like Tension, Muscle Spasms And Everyday Stress, Arthritic Like Pain And Lack Of Mobility,High And Low Back Pain Etc.

"Heavenly Health Centers"

Heavenly Health Center Carry Different Lines Of Therapy Chairs,Adjustable Sleep Systems,Thermal Massage Pads,Medically Proven Hand Massage Units,Jazzy Powered Wheelchairs,Motorized Carts,Contoured Pillows, Who Will Help You To Relieve The Discomforts

"Helios Health Center"

Our Staff Is Committed To Taking The Time To Listen To Our Patients, Understand Their Concerns, And Provide Them With The Best Possible Care. In A World Where Healthcare Has Become Impersonal And Hurried, Our Genuine Care Shines Brightly.

"Helix Health Centers"

We Are A Community Of Health Care Practitioners, Envisioning Balance In Health Care. Providing Care That Unites The Physical, Psychological, And Learning Needs Of The Patients And Their Families By Offering Choices In Traditional And Mordern Ways.


Herbalayurveda.Com Is An Online Herbal Drugs And Diseases Information Resource Center Promoted By Companies Committed To Spread Awareness About Ayurveda-Holistic System Of Medicine And Ayurvedic Practices Across The Globe.

"Heritage Day Health Centers"

Heritage Day Health Centers Provide Comprehensive Day Care Services To Physically And/Or Mentally Impaired Adults Regardless Of Their Ability To Pay For Services.

"Holistic Health & Medicine"

Center For The Triangle Area Of North Carolina, A Holistic Medical Practice, Headed By Dennis W. Fera, Md

"Holistic Health Centre"

The Holistic Health Centre Offers Sauna And Jacuzzi, Aromatherapy, Massages, Etc And Is Often A Welcome Relief For Tired Walkers On The Coast To Coast Walk.

"Homeopathic Clinic"

Homeopathy Is For You ..If You Wish To Enhance Your General Health And Vitality, If You Want To Be Treated As A Unique And Special Individual, If You Want To Tell Your Own Story About How You Became Ill And Be Heard, If Your Condition Is Considered Hopele

"Homeopathic Online Clinic"

Our Clinic Has Provided Services In Homeopathy In Toronto, Canada Since 1995. We Decided To Open Online Clinic To Help More People Take Advantage Of Homeopathy Treatment. Homeopathy Is An Alternative Choice Of Treatment For Many Diseases That Are Resistan

"Homewood Health"

Canadas Premier Provider Of Behavioural, Addiction, And Psychiatric Services Which Include Addiction Treatment,Specialized Psychiatric Treatment,Community Psychiatry For Crisis, Rehabilitation, And The Older Adult And Gives A Healthy Career Choice.

"Icn Worldwide Dosimetry Service"

Icn Offers A Full Range Of Services For Measuring Ionizing Radiation, Primarily Through Film, Thermoluminescent,And Track Etch Technologies.The Company`S Clients Include Large Nuclear Installations,Major Hospitals And Universities And Thousands Of Small Office Practitioners.With Over 30 Years Experience,Etc.

"Indiana Health Care Association"

It Is A Not-For-Profit Association Of Licensed Health Facilities Dedicated To Quality Long Term Care. Member Nursing Homes Are Located Throughout Indiana And Include Facilites And Services Services For Geriatric, Pediatric, Mentally Retarded .

"Inmotion Health Center"

Inmotion Health Center Offers The Following Service - Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Fitness, Education And Nutrition .


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist And Stress Management Consultant Offers Individual Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis Training, Stress Management Seminars And Workshops, And Professional Therapeutic Massage.

"Integrated Healthcare Clinics, Inc."

Integrated Healthcare Clinics, Inc Provides Holistic Care Covering Fields Of Natural And Allopathic Medicine.

"Internation School Of Shiatsu"

The I.S.S. School Facility Also Offers A Treatment Center Where Students And The General Public Can Come For Bodywork Sessions. Classes On Traditional Forms Of Exercise Such As Tai Chi, Chi Kung, And Yoga Are Given On An Ongoing Basis. Natural Foods, Macr

"International Center For Humor And Health"

The International Center For Humor And Health Is A Non-Profit Organization, Whose Purpose Is To Spread The Healing Art Of Laughter & Also Serves As A Clearinghouse For Information On Humor And Health, & Is A Leader In Efforts To Put It Into Practice

"International Flower Essence Center"

International Flower Essence Center Is A Supplier Of Flower Essences And Products From Around The World. Remedies For Pets Also Available

"Iredell Memorial Hospitals Health Care System"

It A Not-For-Profit Facility, Iredell Memorials Mission Has Been To Provide Quality Care At A Reasonable Cost, And To Lead The Way In Preventive Health Care.Offers Dedicated Caring Staff Of Of Nurses, Physicians, Technologists And Support Personnel.

"Jace Medical Clinic"

Jace Medical Clinic Offers Integrated Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition And Many Other Therapies.Also Offers , European, Hand/Ear Korean, And Non-Invasive Microcurrent Therapy

"Jefferson Manor Health Center"

Jefferson Manor Offers Its Guests The Warmth Of Home In The Most Modern, Well Equipped Health Center In The Area. The 214 Bed Facility Is Designed To Provide Specialized Medical Care And Rehabilitation,, As Well As Short Or Long Term Nursing

"Jensen Health & Energy Center, S.C."

Jensen Health & Energy Center Provides A Multidisciplinary, Natural, Holistic Approach To Health Care.

"Jiva Ayurvedic Research Institute"

Here You Can Read About The Basic Principles Of Ayurveda, Home Remedies For Common Diseases, Order Ayurvedic Products, Study Ayurvedic Courses Via Internet, Make A Personal Consultation And Ask Questions To Dr. Partap S. Chauhan.

"Johnson & Oliveri Holistic Health Care Center"

Johnson & Oliveri Holistic Health Care Center Providing Alternative Health Care, Chiropractic Services, And Acupuncture To Palm Beach & Martin County Residents.

"KingÕS Health Centre"

It Is An Integrated Medical Practice Dedicated To Providing The Most Accessible And Comprehensive Health Care Possible To Enable Individuals Like You To Restore, Maintain And Enhance Your Chosen Lifestyle.

"Kripalu Center"

Kripalu Is The Largest Center For Yoga And Holistic Health Who Offer A Large Number Of Experiential Yoga, Self-Discovery, Holistic Health, And Spiritual Programs That Present Ancient Yogic Principles In A Contemporary, Accessible, Yet Profound Way.

"Laleham Healthcare Limited."

Contract Manufacturers And Packers Of Tablet And Liquid Products For The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Toiletry And Healthcare Industries. Vitamin And Mineral Supplement Ranges Developed And Supplied As Own Label Or Branded Products.

"Lancaster Mediation Center"

Mediation Is A Conflict Resolution Process In Which Impartial Mediators Help People Settle Disputes Themselves. Parties Have The Chance To Tell Their Perspective On The Conflict.

"Langley Health Centre."

Our Main Responsibility As Being Able To Work With Local Healthcare Providers To The Benefit Of Our Patients Health, Convenience And Waiting Times

"Lexington Natural Health Center"

Lexington Natural Health Center - Naturopathic Physicians Dr. James Belanger And Dr. Karen Braga Practice Alternative Medicine In Lexington, Massachusett

"Lifeline Center For Holistic Health"

Center For Holistic Health Envolved In Allergy Elimination With Naet, Chiropractic And Homeopathy, Nuritional Counseling, Yoga And Tai Chi, Massage Therapy And Nlp And Hypnosis

"Lindsay Drug Co., Inc"

A Wellness & Home Health Care Center. Independent Professional Pharmacy.Serving The Troy Area Since 1922. A Wellness & Home Health Care Center .Specializing In : Service Menu .Our Pharmacy And Catologs .Herbs Natures Bounty .Asthma Care Program .Blood Pre

"Liu Clinic Of Traditional Chinese Medicine"

Liu Clinic Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Offers Various Treatments Including Acupuncture, Meditation, And Manipulation Therapy.

"Livingston Foundation Medical Center"

Livingston Foundation Medical Center Is An Health Center Which Offers Alternative Treatment Programs For Individuals Of Immune Deficiency And Debilitating Diseases.

"Lotus Health Center, Inc."

We Utilize The Wisdom Of Ancient Healing Arts In The Treatment Of Modern-Day Illnesses. By Combining The Philosophies Of The Past With Todays Leading-Edge Technologies, We Are Able To Provide Optimum Support To The Bodys Natural Healing Process.

"M.T.O. Holistic Health Center"

Offers ,Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Energy Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Meditation Classes

"M.V.Diabetes Specialities Centre"

The Main Aim Is To Provide Comprehensive And Total Diabetic Care I.E. Not Only Routine Treatment Of Diabetes But Also Of Its Various Complications.To Provide This Modern, Efficient And Relatively Inexpensive Diabetes Service .


Macrobiotics Is An European Macrobiotics Resource Centre. Macrobiotics Is The Art And Science Of Health And Longevity Through The Study And Understanding Of The Relation And Interactions Between Ourselves, The Foods We Eat, The Lifestyles We Choose To Lea

"Madison Avenue West, Inc"

Madison Avenue Online Is Very Proud To Present To You Our Newest Addition - The Herbal Nutrition Center. We Created This Area For A Number Of Reasons. We Feel That Good Nutrition Is Very Important In Order To Keep You Healthy On The Inside, Which Is An Im

"Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation."

They Provide A Comprehensive Programs To Enliven The Bodys Own Inner Intelligence To Prevent Disease And Promote Good Health.They Offer Different Health Programs.

"Marion Medical Pharmacy"

Dedicated To The Highest Possible Healthcare Available To Patients And Is Done Not Only Through Prescription Medicines, But Also Through Alternative Methods Such As Natural And Herbal Products, Compounding Of Non-Commercially Available Products, Aromather

"Mass Bay Holistic Health"

The Health Center Was Developed In 1998 To Bridge The Gap Between Modern Medicine And Natural Healing Methods Such As Reiki

"Massachusetts League Of Community Health Centers"

Provides Comprehensive Primary And Preventive Health Care And Social Services To Medically Underserved Individuals And Families Regardless Of Their Ability To Pay.

"Massage Santa Cruz"

The Center Is A Private Office With Eight To 10 Experienced Therapists Certified In Effective Basic Massage, With Individual Specialties Including Deep Tissue And Myofacial Release, Acupressure, Zero Balancing And Prenatal. We Offer A Variety Of Massage S

"Medical Associates Health Centers"

The Sevices Provided Here Are Audiolog- The Hearing Center,Counseling Center,Occupational Medicine Services ,Refractive Surgery ,Primary Care.

"Medical Plaza Pharmacy"

Medical Plaza Pharmcy Is Now Online Offering Information And Or Products About Arthritis, Artritis, Arthritis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Rumatism, Arthritis Therapy, Arthritis Cure, Arthrose, Reuma, Osteo Arthritis, Etc .,

"Medicine Buddha Healing Center"

The Buddhist Ayurveda-Tcm Center, Promotes The Flowering Of Buddhism With Traditional Chinese Medicine And Tibetan And East Indian Ayurveda

"Megahealth 2000"

Megahealth 2000 Is A True Alternative Healing Center That Dedicates Itself To The Development And Application Of Alternative Healing Technique And Technologies, Such As: Rife Treatments, Pulsing Magnetics, Infrared Light Therapy, Acupuncture, Herbal Clean

"Memorial Medical Center"

Memorial Medical Center Is The Only Acute Care Hospital Serving Dona Ana County.The Services Include Specialized Medical/Surgical Care, Health Education, Outreach Services And Emergency Services.

"Middle Piccadilly Natural Healing Centre"

Middle Piccadilly Is A Fully Residential Natural Healing Centre Established In September 1986, The Building Itself Is A 17th Century Thatched Country House And Stable Wing Lovingly Converted And Attractively Furnished To Provide Accommodation For Up To 9

"Millennium Healthcare"

Our Concept Is Based On Traditional Medicine And Alternative Medicine Working Hand-In-Hand To Provide Patients With An Integrative Model Of Care.

"Mind Body Medicine."

Our Clinics:Holly Burnes, Rn, Ms, Cs, Director Of Mind/Body Programs,Jan Doucette, Ba, Ma,Ronnie Gullette, Med, Lmhc, Lsw, Lrc Kathy Hall, Npc, Ms,Kim Larsson, Rn, Ms, Cs, Behavioral Medicine Specialist, Etc.


Ayurvedic Treatments And Holistic Healing. Center Offers Individualized Programs, Day Spa Services, Workshops, And Retreats.

"Mobile Veterinary Services, P.C. And Wellness Center."

Mobile Veterinary Services,Lima Pa,Complete Medical Staff,Hospitalization,Ekg, X-Rays,Surgical Suite,Gas Anesthesia,Oxygen,Complete Dental Equipment,Acupuncture,Pain Management,Traditional Western Medicine,Eastern Medicine,

"Murphy Harpst Childrens Centers"

The Harpst Campus Is A Behavioral Healthcare Organization Designed To Meet The Needs Of Children And Youth With Emotional And/Or Behavioral Problems. Offers A Continuum Of Quality Services That Includes Residential Treatment For Children And Youth.

"Natural At Eden Insitute"

Natural At Eden Insitute Is An Alternative Medicine Facility That Offers Natural Therapy And Healing For Cancer And Degenerative Disease As Well As Prevention Programs

"Natural Health And Longevity Resource Center"

Natural Health And Longevity Resource Center Is An Health Center Which Provides Information About Natural Health, Complementary Medicine, Longevity, Healing Methods, And Holistic Health.

"Natural Health Centers"

We Have Worked Hard To Build The Most Comprehensive Natural Health.Together With Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Chelation, Iv Vitamin Therapy, And Medication When Needed.

"Natural Health Centers"

The Professional Healthiatrist Is A Individual Who Has Been Trained In The Science And Art Of Building Health According To The Beliefs And Philosophy Of Healthiarty As A Distinct And Separate Health Science.

"Natural Health Centers"

Natural Health Center Is Dedicated To Providing You With The Care You Need To Get Healthy, The Natural Way And Offers Services Like Naturopathic , Chiropractic , Etc .,

"Natural Health Consultants Institute"

We Are A Healing Arts Institute In Montreal, Canada, And Our Vision Is To Provide People With The Tools To Discover Their True Potential And To Take Those Talents Out Into The Community, The Home And The Workplace

"Natural Healthlink Inc."

Your Link To Natural Health & Alternative Medicine Information, Nutritional Supplements And Health Professionals Referral Services. Natural Healthlink Connects Consumers And Health Professionals Who Believe In Prevention, Wellness And Natural Approaches T

"Natural Options"

Our Clinic Is Located In Belconnen, Canberra Natural Options Is A Cooperative Of Fully Qualified And Experienced Practitioners Of Massage Therapy , Bowen Therapy, And Other Forms Of Bodywork. One Of Our Members Is A Professional Counsellor And Psychothera

"Natural Therapies"

Naturopathy:Naturopathy Is The Science Of Natural Medicine. Doctors Of Natural Medicine Are Called Naturopaths Or Naturopathic Physicians Or Doctors Of Natural Medicine.

"Nebraska Mental Health Centers"

Nebraska Is A Multidisciplinary Group Of Mental Health Care Professionals Who Provide A Wide Variety Of Services Like Psychological Care,Outpatient Programs Etc.

"Nebraska Natural Health Center"

Offers The Highest Quality Treatment Using The Latest Technology In Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Meridian Testing, Anti-Aging Therapies, Functional Nutrition Assessment, Far Infra-Red Therapies And Massage Therapy.

"Nelson Health And Longevity Center"

We Believe That Through A Comprehensive Method Of Body Balancing Known As Tnt Or The Nelson Technique, Health Can Be Restored. We Dont Treat Disease At Our Clinics. Instead, We Cleanse, Nourish And Balance The Body.

"Nelson Marlborough Health Services"

Nmhs Is A Leader In Providing Efficient, Quality Health Services.The Things That This Will Involve Is Greater Local Responsibility For Determining And Meeting Community Health Needs.

"New England Acupuncture & Oriental Herbal Services, Inc"

Provide The Complete Service Of Alternative Medicine Including Acupuncture, Natural Herbs, Tui Na Oriental Bodywork And Oriental Massage.

"New Life Health Centers"

New Life Has Been Blessed With Not Only Wonderful And Dedicated Customers, But With Long-Time Employees Who Are The Backbone Of Any Business And Who Have Help Us On Our Way Of Treating Patients.

"New Life Therapy"

Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy,Reiki,Reflexology Healing Touch Myofascial Release Infrsonic And More.

"New York Center For Acupuncture And Alternative Medicine, Llp"

The New York Center For Acupuncture And Alternative Medicine Provides High-Quality, Caring Consultation, Evaluation And Treatment For Womens Health Issues And Gynecological Disorders Including Infertility, Menopause And Endometriosis. It Also Specializes

"Newham Health Care"

They Have A Lot Of Services Which Include Medical And Elderly Services,Chest And Diabetes Services,Cancer Services,Caring For The Elderly Etc.

"Nightingale Health Centers, Inc."

Nightingale Health Centers, Inc. Will Provide The Highest Quality Integrative Health Care To Its Clients To Help Them Be As Well As They Can Be.

"North American Society Of Acupuncture And Alternative Medicine"

North American Society Of Acupuncture And Alternative Medicine Is A Dedicated Group Of Licensed Acupuncturists Organized To Facilitate Scholarship And Health.

"Northfield Acupuncture & Homeopathy Clinic, Inc."

Specializing In Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, And Oriental Medicine. Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine Is A Distinctively Natural Approach To Health And Healing That Recognizes The Integrity Of The Whole Person. Naturo

"Northgate Pet Clinic"

We Provide The Utmost In Veterinary Healthcare Services And Products For Our Patients. Our Clinic Motto Is: Quality Medicine Through.....Gentle Words, Capable Hands And Caring Hearts.

"Norton Occupational Health Centers"

Specializing In Providing Comprehensive Occupational Health Services To Businesses And Industries. Occupational Health Centers Meet The Needs Of The Workplace With Cost Effective And Quality Occupational Healthcare And Wellness Programs.

"Nutriplex Formulas Inc"

Offers Natural Healthcare Information For Patients Based On Biochemical Facts And Mind-Body Medicine To Separate Marketing Hype From Truth

"Online pharmacy of generic drugs"

Trustpharma.com is your comprehensive and safe online pharmacy for obtaining generic medications

"Oregon Health Sciences University."

Ohsu Provides A Full Spectrum Of Health Care - From The Basic To The Complex, From Disease Prevention To Highly Sophisticated Care For Patients With Complicated Illnesses Or Injuries.


Offers Traditional Chinese Medicine To Treat Benign And Malignant Cancer Tumors. Features Explanation And The Cost Of Treatments

"Palm Beach Country Health Department"

Their Mission -- Assessing Public Health Issues,Developing Public Health Policy Initiatives,Assuring Access To Essential Health Services,Assuring A Healthy Environment.

"Pareek Hospital Is A Unique Centre"

Pareek Hospital Is A Unique Centre Where Students And Medical Doctors Are Taught The Homoeopathic Intricacies Of Management, At Patient`S Bed Side.

"Partners Healthcare System, Inc"

Based In Boston,Partners Health Care Is An Integrated Health Care System Offering Patients A Continuum Of Co-Ordinatedd High Quality Care.It Is A Non-Profit Organisation.

"Pathweaver`S Holistic Health Center"

Suppliers Of Herbs, Essences, Supplements, Vitamins, Purple Energy Plates, Charts And A Financial Freedom Plan

"Pella Regional Health Center"

The Mission Of Pella Regional Health Center Is To Serve The People Of The Region Through The Provision Of Health Care And Wellness Services.

"Penn Holistic Health Center"

Penn Holistic Health Center Whoses Services Include Chiropractic , Massage Therapy , Weight Loss , Endermologie , Etc .,

"People`S Health Center"

Phc Provides Comprehensive Primary Health Care To The Residents Of The City Of St. Louis And In The Community Of Maplewood.The St. Louis City Facility Serves A High Concentration Of Minority Residents, Single Heads Of Households And High Poverty.

"Personal Excellence Wellness Center, Inc.,"

Offers Innovative Alternative And Preventative Health Care Using 21st Century Technology And Naturopathic Principles.

"Physicians Health And Injury Center"

We Are A Unique Multi-Disciplinary Team Of Professionals Dedicated To Providing High Quality, Effective Treatment To Reduce Pain And Suffering In A Caring Atmosphere.

"Pinnacle Pharmaceutics"

"Regular Retail Sales Calls On All Major Drug; Mass; And Food With Pharmacy Outlets. Educating Retailers On All Brands Represented, And Provide A Resource For Category Information. Interface With Pharmacists On Product Knowledge And Training On New Products."

"Plymouth Integrative Medicine Center"

The Plymouth Integrative Medicine Clinic Is A Primary Care Medical Center And Offers A Holistic Approach For Western Medicine,Oriental Medicine,Acupuncture,Massage,Nutritional Counseling,Vitamin And Herbal Therapy,Therapeutic Exercise,Psychological Counse

"Portsmouth Healthcare"

Portsmouth Healthcare Provides A Range Of Specialist And Community Health Services .They Try To Meet Peoples Individual Health Needs And Are Committed To Improving The Health Of The Local Community.

"Pregnancy Decision Health Center"

All Of Our Client Offices Offer Free Pregnancy Tests.Our Medical Clinic Offers Free Ultrasounds With Free Physician Consultation. Each Client Office Is Staffed By An Experienced Nurse.

"Primary Care Cardiovascular Society"

The Aims Of The Pccs Are To Improve The Care And Outcome Of Patients With Cardiovascular Disease Through The Exchange Of Knowledge, And The Promotion Amongst Clinical Practitioners Of Research, Education And Development Relating To Cardiovascular .

"Primary Care Doctors Organisation Malaysia"

Our Aim Is To Develop A Nation Of Healthy Individuals, Families And Communities, Through A Health System That Is Equitable, Affordable, Efficient, Technologically Appropriate, Environmentally Adaptable And Consumer Friendly.

"Princess Margaret Hospital"

It Is The Only Specialist Childrens Hospital In Western Australia - A State.The Staff At Pmh Care For Children From Kalumburu In The North To Esperance In The South, Treating Everything From Tonsils To Cancer And Heart Disease.

"Priority Healthcare Corporation."

The Disease Treatment Programs Provided On A Nationwide Basis By Priority Healthcare Pharmacy And Pharmacy Plus, Inc. For Chronic Diseases Include: Hepatitis, Leukemia, Non-HodgkinÕS Lymphoma, Melanoma, Human Growth Deficiency.

"Professional Hearing Health Centers"

Services Include Personalized Hearing Examinations,Exceptionally Clear Sound,Repair All Brands,Batteries,100% Digital/Programmable Hearing Aids,Exceptionally Clear Sound

"Professional Pharmacy"

Medicinal Nutrition Consultants Offers A Wide Selection Of Naturopathic Products, Complimentary / Alternative Medicine Consulting Services, And An Online Newsletter. Order Products From Web Site Is Also Available

"Prohealth Centers, Inc."

The Prohealth Center For Life Enhancement Is More Than Manual Medicine, Bodywork And Injury Treatment. Active Release Techniques, Physical Therapies, Massage, Chiropractic Neurology, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Stretching, Plus Sports Performance.

"Provena Family Health Centers"

Of Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center Offer You Quality Primary And Specialty Care Physicians Trained To Care For Your Entire Family, Convenience Of Daytime, Evening And Weekend Appointments, Access To Services Such As Laboratory, X-Ray And Physical

"Queen Elizabeth Ii Health Sciences Centre"

It Is Located In The Heart Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, And Is The Largest Health Centre East Of Montreal. We Also Provide General Hospital Services For Residents Of The Central Health Region Of Nova Scotia.

"Qvius Healing Arts Center"

Qvius Healing Arts Centres Are Wellness Based Practises Where Health Is Discovered And The Body Is Viewed As An Integrated Whole.

"R-U-Ved Inc"

R-U-Vedtm - Formulated By Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Doctors. As A Subsidiary Of Ayush Herbs Inc., You Can Be Assured That R.U.Vedtm Products Are Made With The Finest Ingrediants That Nutritionally Support Good Health.

"Rani Holistic Health Center"

Rani Holistic Health Center Is One Of The Few Centers In The United States Dedicated To The Art Of Ayurvedic Healing, Not Just The Physical Body, But The Mind And Spirit As Well.

"Rani Holistic Health Center"

Health Center Was Established In 1996 In Merrillville, Indiana, And Is Run By Dr. Rani M. Pargaonker, Who Has Over 30 Years Experience In Ayurvedic Healing.

"Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center"

Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center Is A Wellness Center Specializing In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs And Therapeutic Massage.

"Red Crescent Society Of Uzbekistan"

One Of First Priorities In The Societys Activities Is Giving Medical And Social Assistance To The Lonely Disabled, The Elderly People Poor, Multi-Children Families And Other Vulnerable Groups.

"Red Cross War Memorial Childrens Hospital"

Its Mission Is To Be The Foremost Centre Of Excellence For Specialist Paediatric Services In Africa, And To Provide Comprehensive Health Care Of The Highest Quality To Children And Adolescents In A Nurturing And Friendly Environment.

"Redwoods Rural Health Center"

The Purpose Is To Provide Responsive, Preventive, High Quality Primary Health Care Services, Through A Variety Of Health Disciplines, To All People Without Regard To Social Or Economic Status.

"Reflections Breast Health Centers"

Breast Health Centers Which Offer Low Dose, Low Cost Mammography At Convenient Hours And In A Private, Relaxed Atmosphere.

"Regional Healthcare Centers"

As Your Health Care Provider, We Want You To Have The Comfort Accessing That Kind Of Information 24 Hours A Day.We Have Provided This Web Site As An Easy-To-Use Medical Reference And Home Medical Companion.

"Relaxing Alternatives Wellness Center"

Relaxing Alternatives Wellness Center Specializes In Wholistic Healing Modalities That Include Reflexology, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, And Colon Hydrotherapy.

"Reunion Center"

Reunion Center. A Holistic Health Center, Located In Pleasant Hill, California, Just Off 680 At Treat Blvd.

"Rosedale Clinic"

Treat Yourself To The Healing Experience Of Acupuncture And Herbs Administered By Patti Mccormick, M.S., L.Ac., At Rosedale Clinic In Austin, Texas. Patti Holds A Bachelor S Of Science In Engineering And A Masters Of Science In Oriental Medicine.

"Rosenstock-Lieberman Center For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery"

Our Clinic Was Founded 24 Years Ago With The Main Goal Of Achieving Our Patients Cosmetic Surgery Needs. We Hope That This Provides You With Useful Information About Our Services And Trends In Plastic Surgery.

"Rural Information Center Health Service"

Richs Serves A Wide Range Of Decision-Makers Who Are Working To Maintain And Improve Rural Health Care, Fundamental To The Economic And Social Viability Of Rural Communities. Include Health Professionals, Educators, Researchers, Government Officials,

"Rush Health Systems"

Rush Health Systems Currently Owns And Operates A Major Community-Based Acute Care Medical Center That Serves Inpatients And Outpatients Who Are Primarily Residents Of The Area Including Meridian, Mississippi.

"Sage Mediation & Negotiation Center"

The Sage Mediation And Negotiation Center Exists To Meet The Unique Needs Of Married Couples Who Are In The Process Of A Divorce Or Separation. Our Knowledgeable Staff, Experienced In The Mediation Of Matrimonial Disputes, Will Guide You Through The Entir

"Sai Pharmaceutical Ltd."

Sai Pharmaceuticals, Ever Since Its Inception In 1952 Has Dedicated Itself To The Cause Of Quality Medicare By Constantly Pursuing Excellence In Manufacture Of Pharmaceutical Products.The Company Has Been Adhering To Quality Standards With An In - House Department Dedicated For The Same Purpose. It Has Also Won A Manufacturing Certificate That Certifies .

"Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers"

Taking Into Account Patient Volume And Acuity, Saint Margaret Mercy Has Been Recognized As Providing The Best Patient Outcomes For Open Heart Surgery, At The Lowest Cost, Compared To All Northwest Indiana Hospital.

"Sama Center Inc."

Sama Center, A Holistic Health Center Support Western Medicine And Alternative Health Care, By Facilitating Individuals Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually On Their Healing Paths In A Peaceful, Safe Environment.

"Samaritan Family Health Centers"

It Looks After The Primary Medical Care Needs Of The Region. These Facilities Are Staffed By Physicians, Assistants And/Or Nurse Practitioners, And Provide A Full Continuum Of Care For An Individuals Lifetime.

"Samaritan Health System"

The Mission Is To Provide Optimum Healthcare Services To Meet The Needs Of The Northern New York Communities.To Improve The Quality Of Care Provided To Our Patients, Residents And Clients .

"Samra University"

The Samra University Clinic Is A Community-Based Oriental Medicine Clinic Where Students Treat A Variety Of Patients Under The Supervision Of The Faculty.

"San Diego American Indian Health Center"

Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Health Problems Is Combined With Education Emphasizing Prevention And Proper Health Maintenance. Services Provided Include General Medical Care And Preventive Health Services, Gynecology, Family Planning, Pediatrics.

"San Jose Hhcc,"

Offering Chiropractic, Acupuncture, And Other Services Educational Classes Are Offered Regularly On Different Topics Including: Meditation: Human And Universal Energy.

"San Jose Holistic Health Care Clinic"

Offering Chiropractic, Acupuncture, And Other Services. We Believe That While It Is Important To Treat The Immediate Agents Of The Disease (Symptoms), It Is Even More Important To Build A Strong Constitution

"Schaal Chiropractic Health Center"

The Site For This Kansas City Chiropractic Clinic Explains The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care And The Training Chiropractors Receive.

"Schachter Center For Complementary Medicine"

Schachter Center For Complementary Medicine Is An Health Care Center Offering Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathic And Manipulation And Counseling Or Psychotherapy.

"Seattle Cancer Treatment & Wellness Center"

Seattle Cancer Treatment & Wellness Center Is The Northwests Only Cancer Treatment Facility Offering This Combination Of Services To Complement Your Medical Treatment.Naturopathic Physicians Mark Gignac, N.D., M.S.A. Paul Reilly, N.D., L. Ac.

"Senior Health Centers"

Specialized Care That Is Uniquely Designed To Meet The Needs Of Aging Adults Those 65 And Older. As A Person Gets Older, Medical Problems Compound, And Treatment And Diagnosis May Get More Complicated.Thats What The Senior Health Centers Offer.

"Serenity Total Acupuncture Treatment Center"

Serenity Total Acupuncture Treatment Center Offers Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Ki Exercises And More.

"Sharon Regional Health System"

Sharon Health System Has Provided Quality Health Care Services Throughout Northwest Pennsylvania And Northeast Ohio. Offers A Full Compliment Of State-Of-The-Art Patient Care Like Heart Institute With Open Heart Surgery,Skilled Care Center Etc.

"Shaw Health Center"

Shaw Health Center Unites The Philosophies Of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, And Homeopaths .

"Shouldice Hospital"

Treat Abdominal Hernia Repairs.We Repaired More Than 250,000 Hernias With A Greater Than 99% Success Rate. Our Surgical Techniques Have Been Widely Acclaimed, However, It Is The Total Shouldice Environment That Allows Us To Maintain Hernia Treatment.

"Silver Health Centers"

Services Include Chiropractic Care,Occupational Health Services,Rehabilitation,Nutritional Counseling.

"Simi Health Center"

The Simi Health Center Strives To Maintain The Wellness Of Families. Our Open Mri Facility Has Assisted Physicians To Easily Diagnose A Wide Array Of Conditions.

"Sisters Physicians And Health Centers"

Whether You Need A Family Physician, Internist, Or A Specialist, Sisters Healthcare Has More Than 250 Physician Highly Qualified Physicians On Its Active Medical Staff.

"Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers"

Have Been Providing Quality Health Care Services To Residents Of Milwaukees Near South Side. Provides Primary Health Care (Medical, Dental And Behavioral Care), Social Services, Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse (Aoda) Counseling, Health Education Etc.

"Skinhealth Inc."

We Have A Team Of Dermatologists, Facial Cosmetic Surgeons And Medical Aestheticians Dedicated To Developing And Providing Customized State-Of-The-Art Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser And Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.

"South Dakota Council Of Mental Health Centers, Inc."

There Are Eleven Mental Health Centers In South Dakota, Dedicated To Providing The Citizens Of This State With Top Quality, Professional Services To Keep Our Individuals, Families, Schools, Workplaces And Communities Emotionally Strong And Healthy.

"Spirit Rock Meditation Center"

Spirit Rock Meditation Center Hosts A Full Program Of Ongoing Classes, Daylong Retreats And Residential Retreats Exploring The Themes Of Meditation And Its Relation To Life In Modern Society.

"St John Of God Health Care"

It Is One Of The Largest Non-Government Providers Of Health Care And A Prominent Catholic Health Care Organisation In Australia .Continued Pursuit Of A First Class Network Of Facilities, Supported By A Dedicated And Professional Team Of Care Givers E

"St Marys Vertinary Hospital"

St. Marks Veterinary Hospital Provides The Following Services: Wellness Exams & Vaccinations ,Laboratory Analysis Radiology ,Elective & Major Surgery ,Etc.

"St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers"

We Provide Quality Services In A Trustworthy, Compassionate Manner Through A Continuum Of Care With A Special Concern For The Health Needs Of The Poor And Disenfranchised.

"St. Joseph Healthcare."

Our Mission Continues To Uphold This Legacy: To Continue The Healing Ministry Of Jesus Christ By Improving The Physical, Mental, Social And Spiritual Health Of Those We Serve.

"St. Lukes Health Centers"

Provides World-Class Medical Care To The Community, With Easy Access, Free Parking, And Extended Hours At Some Locations.Provide Full Primary Care Services As Well As Specialties To Serve Your Healthcare Needs.

"St. Martins Health Care"

St Martins Is A Leading Healthcare Provider.The Hospitals Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Medicine, Including Acute Neurological Rehabilitation, Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery And Renal Medicine And Acute Medical And Surgical Specialties .

"St. Vincent Hospitals And Health Services"

Services Include Cardiovascular, Women & ChildrenÕS, Musculoskeletal, Neurosciences, Surgical Specialties, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Oncology, Medical Specialties, Occupational Health, Primary Care, Rehabilitation Services, Stress Centers,

"St.Vincent Occupational Health Center"

They Are Equipped To Provide Immediate And Complete Treatment To Your Ill Or Injured Worker.

"Sterling Health Center"

The Sterling Health Center Is A Multifaceted Facility Providing Certified Massage Therapy Training In Dallas Texas And Also Offers Approved Advanced Courses .

"Strauman Holistic Chiropratic"

Services Provide - Chiropractic Care Special Diagnostic Evaluations Automotive & Work Injury Treatment Applied Kinesiology Allergy Testing Complimentary Consultation Diagnostic Lab Assessments Detoxification Programs Vitality And Longevity Assessment Nutr

"Sun America Wellness Centers"

Sun America Wellness Center Provides The Latest Information On Pemf - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy & How We Are Using This Technology To Help People With Pain From Arthritis,Diabetes,Chronic Pain,Wound Healing,Rls ,Parkinson`S Diseases ,Etc .

"Sun Healthcare Group"

Sun Companies Are Nationally Respected As Leading Providers Of Skilled Nursing Care And Long-Term Residential Care As Well As Rehabilitation Therapy, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceutical Services, And Other Healthcare Services.

"Suncoast Community Health Centers, Inc."

Suncoast Health Center Is An Non-Profit Organisation,Primary Health Care Provider In South And East Hillsborough. Our Centersare Led By An All-Volunteer Govering Board.A Majority Of Our Board Member Are Patients Of Out Center.

"Sydney Adventist Hospital"

It Is The Largest And Most Comprehensive Private Hospital In New South Wales.The Most Common Types Of Surgery Performed At The San Are Open And Closed Heart Surgery, Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements, Shoulder Replacements & General Surgery.

"Synergy Center"

Synergy Center Is A Health Center Which Provides Subconcious Transformation Guidance Tools Such As The Klini, Psychomanteum, Tatwa Mandalas And Reiki.

"T&R Acupuncture And Herb Clinic"

An Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic With Three Generation Experiences Since 1938 In China To Houston. One Of The Largest Acupuncture And Chinese Herbal Remedy Clinics In Houston. One Of The Largest Clinics With National Board Diplomated


Your Resource Center For Alternative Health Care Such As Reiki, Yoga, Massage And More At Anywhere In The Greater Tahoe Area

"Taichi - Qigong Health Centre"

Specialising In Simple But Dynamic Taichi And Qigong Exercises, Developing Awareness, Well Being, Learning To Relax And Breathe Correctly Once Again, Building The Immune System To A Natural Level To Cope With Those Persistent Minor Ailments Most People Su

"Tampa Bay Wellness Center"

Alternative Medicine Offers Hope For Cancer Using Health And Nutrition, Consulting Is Available At Wellness Center In The Tampa Bay, Florida Area, Specializing In Holistichealth Care, Arthritis. Also Offers Personalized Patient Consulting And Treatment.

"Texas Association Of Community Health Centers, Inc."

Serves As The Primary Care Association For The State Of Texas.The Primary Goal Of Tachc Is To Provide A Variety Of Services To Its Members.It Is Dedicated To Provide Essential Support To These Centers Which Are Serving As The Primary Health Care.

"The Arcturus Foundation, Inc."

Alternative Health Therapy Naturopathic Treatments For Headaches, Chronic Pain, Asthma, Sports Injuries Etc.Cfi Therapy Is A Gentle, Non-Invasive Energetic Touch Therapy Developed To Help Trigger The Bodys Innate Self-Healing Ability To Release Old Suppr

"The Aromatherapy Center"

The Aromatherapy Center Is A Magical Day Spa That Encourages Natural Health Maintenance Though The Use Of Essential Oils, Massage, Facials, Body Wraps Lymphobiology, Pedicures And Other Holistic Treatments.

"The Association For Integrative Medicine"

The Association Of Intergrative Medicine, Alternative And Integrated Health Practitioners, And All Persons Interested In Integrative Medicine.

"The Association Of Healing Health Care Projects"

Organization Based On The Ethic Of Healing Ourselves, Our Relationships, Healing Health Care Projects And Our Communities.

"The Bolles Clinic"

Naturopathy:Naturopathic Medicine Is A Distinct Profession Of Primary Health Care Which Places An Emphasis On Prevention, Natural Therapies And Promoting Optimal Health. Naturopathy Is A Blending Of The Science Of Medicine And The Art Of Healing.

"The British Institute Of Homoeopathy"

The Institute Is Dedicated To The Development Of Classical And Modern Homeopathy Through Internationally Recognised Teachers And Research, Based On The Principles Of Medicine Established By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, The Father Of Homeopathy

"The Canadian Herb Society"

The Canadian Herb Society (Chs) Is A National Non-Profit Association Which Was Founded To Provide Acurate Information, Education, Networking, And Representation For All Those With An Interest In Herbs. It Offers An Organizational Umbrella For Special Inte

"The Center For Acupuncture & Allied Medicines"

Caam, The Center For Acupuncture And Allied Medicines, Is A Community Health Care Center Specializing In Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture Is A Medical System That Has Been Used To Diagnose, Treat And Prevent Illness For Over 23 Centuries

"The Center For Complimentary Healthcare"

The Center For Complementary Health Care Has Gathered Together 40 Professional Practitioners Specializing In Wellness For The Mind, The Body, And The Spirit.Offers Services Such As Qigong, Massage Theraphy, Taichi, Music Theraphy, Reiki, Yoga And More.

"The Center For Holistic Urology"

Center For Holistic Urology Is A Health Center Which Is Dedicated To The Complementary Treatment Of Men And Women With Disorders Of The Urinary Tract, Including Cancers Of The Prostate, Bladder, And Kidney, Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, Benign Prostat

"The Center For Spirituality, Healing & Wellness"

The Center For Spirituality, Healing And Wellness Is An Health Center Providing All Health Care Needs.

"The Center For The Study Of Complementary Medicine."

The Centre Aims To Practice Appropriate And Integrated Medicine, By Taking The Best Of Current Medical Practice And Blending It With More Traditional Healing Arts. For Some Patients, A Traditional Approach Involving Chinese Acupuncture Or Homeopathy Might

"The Center For Traditional Medicine"

Center For Traditional Medicine Cross Cultural Health And Educational Center In Yelapa, Mexico That Offers Clinical Training, Treatment And Health-Enhancing Socially Responsible Education Programs.

"The Childrens Hospital Heart Center"

Chhc Services Children With Heart Disease.There Is A Single Place The Heart Center Where Children Are Seen, Tests Done, Consultations Performed, And Teaching Accomplished.Chhc Personnel Include Board Certified Pediatric Cardiologists, Technicians.

"The Chopra Center For Well Being"

The Chopra Center For Well Being Offers A Variety Of Resources. Each Is Devoted To Helping You Better Understand The Power Of Your Body, Mind And Spirit Connection To Both Your Inner And Outer Universe.

"The College Of Practical Homoeopathy"

The Learning Clinics - The Full-Time And Part-Time Courses Are First And Foremost Professional Training For A Professional Career. We Expect Our Graduates To Be Successful In All Areas Of Their Professional Life, Including Making An Adequate Income Withou

"The Creative Health Centre"

The Creative Health Centre Offers Alternative Health, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Oriental Medicine, Massage, Reiki Stourbrige.

"The Dental Health Centres"

Dental Implants Are The Newest And Most Permanent Tooth Replacement Option Available Today. . A Single Dental Implant To Replace One Tooth. Several Dental Implants To Replace Several Teeth.This Surgery Is Done Here.

"The Edelson Center For Environmental & Preventive Medicine"

The Edelson Center Is An Innovative Medical Clinic Offering Most Services Involved In The Practice Of Chronic Disease Medicine,With A Great Emphasis On Looking Into The Risk Factors For Disease,Exploring The Environmental Factors On Health .

"The Fleming Heart & Health Institute"

The Fleming Heart And Health Institute Uses The Latest In Imaging Technology To Identify Changes In The Body Down To The Cellular Level. With This Detail, Heart Disease And Cancer Are Detected At The Earliest Moment, Allowing Doctors To Use A Wider Variet

"The Flower Essence Society"

The Flower Essence Society Was Founded In 1979 To Promote Plant Research And Empirical Clinical Research On The Therapeutic Effects Of Flower Essences.

"The Gordon Medical Arts Center"

The Center Offers The Best Of Old Fashion Personal Care Along With Both The Best Conventional Along With Powerful Alternative And Wholistic Therapies.

"The Healthworks Foundation"

Hwf Is A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Promoting The Health And Empowerment Of Women And Children From All Cultural And Economic Backgrounds Through Volunteer Service And Financial And In-Kind Contributions To Community Organizations.

"The Heart & Health Center"

We Provide You With Ongoing Educational And Exercise Programs Designed To Improve Both Your Heart And Your General Health.

"The Holistic Health Center"

Holistic Health Center Offers Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine And Therapeutic Massage.

"The Hospital For Sick Children"

Children And Parents Can Find Out More About Their Health From Information Prepared By Practicing Healthcare Professionals. Dedicated To The Health And Wellness Of Mothers, Newborns, And Children

"The Indigo Center"

The Indigo Center Is A Place To Come To Discover Healing.Bodywork, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy And Other Special Things

"The Jade Spring Health Center"

Jade Spring Health Center Is An Health Center Offering Korean Hand Therapy , Qigong , Poetry Therapy , Etc .,

"The Kevala Centre"

The Kevala Centre Is An Online Community, Devoted To Health Of Mind, Body And Spirit. Also Aims To Bring The Best Holistic Therapy Training, Information And Products.

"The Marino Center"

The Marino Center For Progressive Health In Cambridge, Massachusetts Is A Non-Profitmedical Clinic Bringing Together The Best Of Modern Medicine And Complimentary Therapies To Promote Your Health And Pursuit Of A Healthy Lifestyle. We Offer Primary Care,

"The Matilda Hospital"

The Hospital Has A Comprehensive Range Of Support Or Allied Health Departments. Each Allied Health Department Provides Quality Diagnostic Or Treatment Facilities, In A Professional And Friendly Environment.

"The Maxwell Centre"

Maxwell Centre Provides You With A Choice Of Natural Therapies Which Include Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing, Ear Candling Reflexology And Much More.

"The Mediation Center"

Mediation Empowers People, Not The Courts, To Make Decisions... Mediation Is A Private, Confidential Cooperative Process Which Uses A Facilitator To Reconcile Disputes Between Two Or More.

"The Mediation Center, Inc."

The Mediation Center In 1983. Jim Presently Teaches Maximizing Mediation And Online Dispute Resolution At Pepperdine Law School`S Straus Institute For Dispute Resolution. Jim Is Former Executive Director Of The Academy Of Family Mediators And Former Chair

"The Melanoma Foundation"

Melanoma Foundation Was Established By The University Of Sydney To Foster The Prevention,Treatment And Research Into Melanoma And Related Skin Cancers.Melanoma Is The Most Rapidly Increasing Major Cancer In These Communities.

"The Movement Center"

A Fitness And Yoga Center Offer Classes In A Safe, Fun And Nurturing Environment. Also Have An In-House Store And A Massage Therapist

"The National Assembly On School-Based Health Care"

Nasbhc Is Dedicated To Promoting Accessible, Quality School-Based Primary Health And Mental Health Care For Children And Youth Through Interdisciplinary And Collaborative Efforts.

"The National Association Of Community Health Centers"

The National Association Of Community Health Centers Is The National Trade Association Serving And Representing The Interests Of AmericaÕS Community Health Centers.

"The National Cancer Institute"

The National Cancer Institute, Which Is A Definite Enemy Of Alternative Medicine, Is Now Preaching About Alternative Treatments To Prevent Diseases. Alternative Treatments Work

"The National Center For Complementary And Alternative Medicine"

The National Center For Complementary And Alternative Medicine (Nccam) At The National Institutes Of Health (Nih) Conducts And Supports Basic And Applied Research And Training And Disseminates Information On Complementary And Alternative Medicine To Pract

"The National Center For Complementary And Alternative Medicine"

The Nih Cautions Users Not To Seek The Therapies Described On These Pages Without The Consultation Of A Licensed Healthcare Provider. The Nccam Does Not Serve As A Referral Agency For Various Alternative Medical Treatments Or Individual Practitioners. The

"The National Institute Of Ayurvedic Medicine"

Niam Is Recognized As The Largest And Most Authentic Resource Of Information On Ayurveda In The United States.The Nations Only Medical Doctor To Hold Degrees In Both Ayurveda And Conventional Allopathic Medicine.

"The New Zealand Laser Center"

It Is A Complete Refractive Surgical Center Offering An Extensive Range Of Laser Surgery.Asthere Are Extremerly Good Equipments The Patients Enjoy Teh Sucess Of The Operation.

"The Northern College Of Homeopathic Medicine"

The Northern College Of Homeopathic Medicine Is Bringing A Low Cost Teaching Clinic To Edinburgh. Offers Homeopathic Treatment

"The Raj"

The Raj Offers The World`S Most Time Tested And Effective System Of Prevention Oriented Holistic Health Care, Including Scientifically Verified Programs Which Address Chronic Disorders .

"The Sanjeevani Vaidyasala"

The Sanjeevani Vaidyasala Is A Ayurvedic Center Offering Oil Massage And Bath, Navarakizhi, Pixhichil, And Dhara.

"The Simonton Cancer Center"

Simonton Cancer Center Is Offering Psychoneuroimmunology, Books And Mind-Body Cancer Treatment.

"The Soma Acupuncture & Natural Health Clinic"

The Soma Acupuncture & Natural Health Clinic, Located In San Francisco, Is A Health Center Which Integrates Naturopathic Medicine With Traditional Chinese Medicine. Services Offered Include Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Western And Chinese Herbal Me

"The Tahoe Clinic"

The Tahoe Clinic Was Founded In 1976 By A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon From San Francisco, Dr. Lawrence Hunt Foster. It Has Grown To A Full Service Cosmetic Surgery Facility With Two Full-Time Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Patients Come From Across

"The Toronto School Of Homeopathic Medicine"

The School Promotes Classical Homeopathy As A Prime Method For Healing The Sick Through Our Teaching Clinic. At The Clinic, Our Senior Student Clinicians Team Up With Registered Homeopathic Practitioners To Provide High Quality, Natural Health Care.

"The Washington Alternative Medicine Center"

Our Mission Is To Provide Our Patients The Best Treatment Available Through A Multi-Disciplinary Holistic Approach, Including Body, Mind, And Spirit Treatment, Through A Unique Combination Of The Best Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine, And The Saf

"The Wise Choice"

Center For Holistic Health By The Wise Choice, Holistic Practitioners, Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Meditation Inner Guidance

"The Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute"

The Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute Has Been Serving Los Angeles From The Same Location Since 1973. The Institute, Under The Personal Care Of Yolanda Aguilar, Has The Natural Resources To Assist You To Lose Weight, Improve Your Skin Condition And Body Sh


Thedailyapple Is Helping Millions Of People Who Are - Living With Health Problems ,Newly Diagnosed ,Managing Their Families Health,

"Tiger Mountain Acupuncture"

Clinic Offers Licensed Massage Practitioners & 3 Acupuncturists With A Master Of Acupuncture Degree And Advanced, Post-Graduate Training In Chinese Herbal Medicine. Also Nationally Certified By The Nccaom And Licensed By The State Of Washington

"Tmc Healthcare"

The Hospital Has Contributed To The Development Of Tucson And Southern Arizona By Maintaining Its Focus On Providing Quality Service With A Caring Touch.

"Toronto Tai Chi And Qi-Gong"

Offers Free Practice At Yonge And Davisville Park For Health, Meditation And Recreation. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Touchmark Living Centers, Inc."

Is A Healthcare Management And Development Company Which Develops, Owns And Operates Retirement And Nursing Communities. Touchmark Has 19 Years Of Experience In Healthcare Management.

"Tranquility Massage And Yoga Centers"

Offers Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Hatha Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Chi Gong, And Cranial Sacral Therapy.

"Travel Health Online"

The Trusted Resourses Of Travel Medicine Practitioners Around The Globe,Created Travel Health Online To Healp You On Your Way To A Safe Healthy Adventure.

"Tri-Health, Inc."

The Tri Health Ayurveda Center Of Kauai Offers Treatments For The Rejuvenation Of Mind And Body Using The Classical Massage Therapies Of Ayurveda.

"Tri-Life Health Institute"

The Functional Medicine Healthcare Approach Integrates Knowledge From A Wide Variety Of Academic And Clinical Disciplines, Including Traditional Medicine And Alternative Or Complimentary Therapies

"Uconn Health Centers"

Outpatient Care For Patients Who Do Not Require Hospitalization, But Do Require Special Procedures Such As Chemotherapy, Blood Transfusions, And Antibiotic Therapy.Diagnosis And Management Of Patients With Allergies And Immunologic Diseases.

"Union Prescription Center"

Union Prescription Center Is Committed To Bringing You The Best In Traditional And Alternative Medicines Such As Homeopathics, Herbals, And Nutritionals.

"Universal Health Services"

Uhs Was Founded In 1978 And Is Now The Countrys Third Largest Hospital Management Company. It Is A Leading Operator Of Acute Care Hospitals, Behavioral Health Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers And Radiation Oncology Centers.

"Universal Holistic Health"

Supplies For Doctors, Individuals - Magnets, Treatment Room Products, Aucupuncture, Massage Products, Magnetic Jewlery, Magnets Supports, Tranquil Waterfalls, And Many,

"University Medical Associates"

University Medical Associates Has 11 Convenient Locations Staffed To Handle Your Familys Basic Health Care Needs.University Of Nebraska Medical Center, This Gives You Access To Every Medical Specialty And Subspecialty.

"University Of Virginia"

Being A Educational Institution It Also Provides Special Care For Many Diseases And Has Centers For Them Likecancer Center,Kidney Center,Childrens Medical Center,Surgical Service Center Etc

"Verticare Pharmacy Service."

Through Many Years Of Experience And Continued Education, The Staff Of Vetricare Have Developed A Veterinary Compounding Practice Second To None. Veterinarians And Patients From All Across The Country Have Come To Rely Upon Vetricare To Meet Their Challenging Practice And Home Needs.

"Vesta Center For Wholeness & Health Spa"

Vesta Is A Health Center For Healing And Other Health Care Products .

"Vesta Center For Wholeness & Health Spa"

Vesta Center For Wholeness & Health Spa Is An Health Care Center Offering Reiki , Massage Therapy, Radiant Heart Therapy , Kinesiology , Individual Tai Chi , Individual Yoga , Etc .,

"Veterinary Pharmacies Of America"

We Can:Compound Many Discontinued Drugs,Change Dosages And Strengths Eliminate Preservatives,Compound Combination Drugs,Change Flavors Compound Your Own Formulations,Compound Drugs To Different Dosage Form Etc.

"Village Acupuncture Center For Optimum Health"

Center For Optimum Health Offers Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Massage, Transpersonal Medicine, Educational Programs And More.

"Vital Path Health Centre"

Vital Path Health Centre Is A Unique Multidisciplinary Centre Offering The Services Of A Number Of Licensed Health Professionals. Disciplines Include Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Chiropractic, Holistic Physiotherapy, Reiki, Relaxat

"Vm Plastic Surgery Center"

It Is The First Center That Provides Exclusive Facilities For Plastic Surgery Including Cosmetic Surgery.Emphasis Is Given To Now Popular Concept Of Day Surgery Where Patients Are Sent Home Following Surgery On The Same Day.

"Washington Association Of Community And Health Center"

Promoting Access To Primary Health Care For Low Income And Underserved Populations.

"Wellness Associates Of Chicago"

Integrative Health Center That Combines Preventive Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Massage, Chiropractic, And Environmental Medicine

"West Kirby Health Centre"

There Are Three Independent Gp Practices Working At West Kirby Health Centre And We Share Many Of The Facilities Here. Also Have Staff Such As Health Visitors, Chiropodists And District Nurses - Working From The Health Centre.

"Westchester Head And Neck Pain Center"

At Westchester Head And Neck Pain Center, We Have Developed A Non-Invasive Treatment For Migraine And Tension Headaches That Works Better Than Any Headache Drug Or Alternative Treatment (Biofeedback, Herbs, Acupuncture, Etc.).

"Western District Health Services"

To Meet The Health Needs Of The Residents Of The Western District By Delivering Value, High Quality Primary Care,Health Promotion/Illiness Prevention,Acute Care,Extended Care And Communtiy Services.

"Westernu Health Care Facilities And Medical Centers"

It Is A Primary Care Medical Center Which Addresses The Health Care Needs Of Pomonas Less Advantaged Communities, As Well As Those From Participating Managed Care Organizations, And Provides Clinical Learning Opportunities For Westernu Students.

"Westside Acupuncture And Natural Healing"

Offers Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Herbal Medicine,Tui Na,

"Whole Health Center"

Whole Health Center Is Dedicated To Help You Achieve Optimal Health.Whc Approaches This With Personalized Health Assessment For Diet And Supplements, And Massage, Flower Essences And Aromatherapy For Emotional And Spiritual Well- Being.

"Whole Health Center"

Whole Health Center Offers Herbal, Vitamin And Mineral Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Inspirational And Health Related Books, And Unique Gifts .

"William Osler Health Centre"

William Osler Health Centre Is The Largest Community Hospital Corporation In Ontario, Serving A Geographic Area Of Over 2400 Square Kilometres.With A Health Care,Physicians,Caring Staff And Dedicated Volunteers, We Provide Service With Care.

"Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association"

It Was Incorporated As A Primary Care Community Health Center And An Urban Indian Clinic, But Serves Serves As One Of The Most Diverse Racial And Ethnic Neighborhood Health Centers Avaliable.

"World Link Medical Centers"

We Are Committed To Combining The Highest Quality Medical Care To The International Community Of Shanghai By Linking Best-Care Practices From Around The World. Provide Womens Health Care Services,New Dental Services .

"World Of The Goddess"

A Combination Of Swedish Technique And Shiatsu Massage (Japanese Finger Pressure Technique). It Works On The Tsubos (Pressure Points)And On The Meridians (Energy Flow Lines) To Release Tension And Encourage The Bodily Energies To Move Fluidly Along The Pr

"World Of The Goddess"

Wholistics: Healing & Teaching With Ariel Isis: Each Of The Initial Five Sessions In The Process Specifically Addresses One Of These Aspects. The Work Is Cumulative So That Each Successive Session Adds To The Previous Sessions.

"Yoga Health Center"

Offers Daily Instruction And Classes In Bikram Beginning Yoga And Iyengar Yoga, Located In San Carlos, California.

"York Clinic For Complementary Medicine"

Offers A Wide Range Of Therapies For People Who Seek Help With Their Health And Wellbeing. The Clinic Is Based On Thetadcaster Road In York Directly Opposite The Knavesmire Racecourse.

"Youth Of Yougoslav Association Against Aids/Sida"

We Have Educated Manu Young Pupils Who In Turn Educate Pupils And Students Of Primary And Secondary Schools Throughtuot Yougoslavia. In Order To Realise This Concept, We Have Organized A School For Educators.

"Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center"

Our Approach Is Unique In That We Seek To Educate Our Practice Members And Our Community On Chiropractic Philosophy And How Their Body Works So They Can Make Their Own Educated Decisions About Choosing Healthcare.

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