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"4 Natural Aromatherapy"
Aromatherapy Products, Including Essential Oils, Diffusers, Bath Gels, Massage Oils, Bath Salts, Gift Baskets, Blending Supplies, And Books, Videos And Music. Products From Anatolian Treasures, Aroma Vera, Oshadhi And Nature

"Aar Edition"

Specializing In Neuromuscular, Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy And Geriatric Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, And Essential Products.

"Allen Jay Friedman"

Allen Jay Friedman, Author And Composer, Ensures An Emotionally Satisfying Experience With His Unique Musical Work, Transcending Us From Here To The Next Realm . Dance Of The Soul Blends Spiritual Music With Inspirational Lyrics And Melodies. His Music Ra

"Alpha Talker"

Alpha Talker Is A Collections Of Three Musical Instrumental Compositions, Alpha Talker, Poetry-In-Motion, And June Gull. Each Are Distinct, With Individual Purpose, Providing Music And Sound Environments Which Are Useful For Enhancing Various States

"American Music Therapy Association, Inc."

The Mission Of The American Music Therapy Association Is To Advance Public Awareness Of The Benefits Of Music Therapy And Increase Access To Quality Music Therapy Services In A Rapidly Changing World. Amta Is Committed To The Advancement Of Education, Tra

"Andrew Pacholyk"

Music Therapy Is The Prescribed Use Of Music And Music Related Techniques To Assist And Motivate A Person Towards Specific, Nonmusical Goals. Music Therapists Use Their Training To Effect Changes Physical, Social, And Emotional Skills.Music Therapy Is Inc

"Arlington Yoga Center,"

Provides A Loving Community For People To Exercise, Meditate, Communicate, And Grow As Their Spirit Dictates.

"Ayurveda Ltd"

Gandharva Veda Music Is The Eternal Music Of Nature - The Rhythms And Melodies Of Nature Expressed As Music.Musicians Have Joined In A World-Wide Revival Of This Eternal Music Of Nature, Enlivening Its Power To Create Balance In The Individual And The Env

"Ayurveda Ltd"

Ayur-Veda Herbal Supplements & Rasayanas,Beverages,Aromatherapy Products,Ayur-Veda Foods Items,Personal Care Products,Gandharva-Veda Music,Etc

"Balavi Natural Health Center"

The Natural Health Fitness Center Provides Many Fitness Services. Besides Those Basic Aerobic And Muscle Training Equipment, We Still Have Both East-West Body And Mind Training Classes E.G. Hydro-Aerobic, Yoga, Qigong, Music For Health, Subconscious Train

"Canadian Association For Music Therapy"

Offers Music Therapy Which Is A Method Of Treatment Which Uses Music To Help People Live More Fully.

"Canadian Association For Music Therapy"

While The Bible Was One Of The Earliest Literary Works Providing Evidence Of The Use Of Music In Treating Illness, It Was Not Until The 18th Century That Reasonably Well Reported Anecdotes

"Dream Weaver Sound Spa"

The Dreamweaver Is A Full Body Surround Sound System. It Combines Music And Sacred Geometry That You Both Hear And Feel Throughout The Body. Like A Sound Spa For Deep Relaxation, Stress Management And Personal Transformation.

"Florida Association For Music Therapy"

The Purpose Of The Florida Association For Music Therapy (Famt) Is The Advancement Of The Purposes And Objectives Of Music Therapy In The State Of Florida And Within The American Music Therapy Association. Famt Serves To Further The Education Of Its Membe

"Heartland Holistic Health Association"

Services Offered Are Music Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Yoga, Aromatherapy And Other Treatments.


Mood Music Cd - Aromatherapy (For Aromatherapy Use And Relaxation), Mood Music Cd - Crystals (For Crystal Healing And Relaxation), Mood Music Cd - Feng Shui (For Feng Shui Use And Relaxation), Mood Music Cd - Reflexology (For Reflexology Use And Relaxatio

"Jack Lim"

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Meditation Music, Relaxarion Videos, Qigong Videos Of Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim

"La Bergerie Body, Mind & Spirit Resource Centre"

Music:On These Pages You Will Find Details Of Nic`S Musical Career Plus The Sheet Music Of A Recent Piano Composition (Suitable For Intermediate Level Players) And A Vocal Arrangement Suitable For 4part Vocal Ensembles.

"Market Street Music"

Seattle Area Company Specializing In Kindermusik Instruction And Music Therapy Providing Services Like Consultation,Documentation Of Services,1:1 And Group Music Therapy Settings,Inservices And Training,Client Assessment,Design And Implementation Of Treat

"Mayas Music Therapy Fund"

12 Years Of Successful Scientific Medical Research With The Medical Resonance Therapy Music Scientific Music Therapy

"Medical Resonance Therapy Music"

Healing Music Interwoven With Wombsounds Designed To Relax Crying Babies, Children And Adults And Help Them Sleep


Our Music Therapy Categories :Mind, Body, Spirit Series, Mozart Effect, Ying & Yang Music, Chanting/Mantras, Kama Sutra Music, Bath Therapy Music, Element Music For Health, Meditation Music, Chakra Balancing Music, Sleep Music, Yoga Music, Music For Relax

"Music For Therapy"

Music For Life Music Therapy Services Benefits Lives By Assessing Clients` Needs And Implementing Music Therapy Programs Toward Individualized Therapeutic Outcomes. Music For Life Music Therapy Services Enhances Persons` Physical, Behavioral, Emotional, S

"Music Therapy"

The Use Of Music As A Treatment Tool Dates Back To The Time Of Plato And Aristotle. However, It Was Not Until Centuries Later That Its Efficacy Was Substantiated By Scientific Method

"Music Therapy Association Of British Columbia"

A Music Therapist Is A Graduate Of A Music Therapy Degree Program Approved By The Canadian Association For Music Therapy

"Music Therapy At University Hospitals Of Cleveland"

University Hospitals Of Cleveland Is A 947-Bed Medical Center And The Primary Affiliate Of Case Western Reserve University (Cwru). Hospital Departments With Music Therapy Programs Are Ireland Cancer Center,Rainbow Babies & Children`S Hospital ,Hanna House

"Music Therapy Cd`S"

Offers Cd`S Fpr Music Therapy For Rejuvinenation & Healing (Crystal Gong Meditation, Crystal Gong Chakra Meditation) And More.

"Music Therapy Connections"

Provides Parents Of Special Needs Children With Information About Music Therapy And Gives Practical Ideas On How To Use Music In The Home.

"Music Therapy On Line"

Music Therapy Definitions, Bibliographical References, Music Therapy Methods, Papers On Music Therapy And Clinical Applications

"Music Therapy Online"

Music Therapy Is The Use Of Music Within A Therapeutic Relationship To Sustain, Restore Or Improve Emotional, Cognitive, Spiritual, Or Physical Health. Music Therapy Is Different From Music Education & Music Lessons, And Recreation & Entertainment

"Music Therapy Works"

Music Therapists Provide A Variety Of Services To Clients. As A Therapist Who Specializes On Developing Programs For Persons With Developmental Disabilities, Primary Services Include Direct Contracting Services, Consultation Services, And Speaking Appeara


Musicamedica Offers For The First Time The Possibility To Combine In A Simple Way The Effects Of Music With Vibrational Somatosensory Impulses.Musicamedica Acts On: Stress Relief,Relaxation,Rheumatism, Fibromyalgy,Multiple Sclerosis,Aftermath Of Poliomyel

"Natural Healing Institute & Center Of Music Meditation,"

Meditation, Hypnosis And Music Healing Have Been Wonderful Ways For Healing And Health Maintenance.We Are Living On This Land With Both Physical Body And Spiritual Body Which Are Connected To Each Other

"Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy"

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Is A Creative Form Of Treatment, Using Improvised Music To Form A Therapeutic Relationship With Emotional And Developmental Aims

"Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre"

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Is A Creative Form Of Treatment, Using Improvised Music To Form A Therapeutic Relationship With Emotional And Developmental Aims.

"Pagewise, Inc."

Music Has Been Linked To Health And Happiness For A Long Time. Now Research Is Proving That Is Can Really Relieve Stress, Lower Blood Pressure And Help To Manage Pain. Music Also Affects The Part Of The Nervous System Which Control Things We Do Without Th


Alternative Medicine And Therapies For Healing Mind, Body, Spirit. Yoga, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Essential Oils, Herbology, Homeopathy, Crystals, Metaphysics, Massage, Color, And Music Therapy

"Planet Saffron Inc."

Music Can Play An Effective Role In Helping Us Lead Better, Fruitful Lives. Listening To Specific Kinds Of Music At Specific Times Of The Day Has Been Shown To Be Helpful In Maintaining Good Health. Indian Music, With Its Many Ragas, Is Known To Be Partic


Music Influences All Levels Of Human Existence. It Is A Medium For Communication Which Can Be Both A Pleasant And Healing Experience.

"Sarah Bensons Music Tapes"

Omega Theater Grows Out Of A Vision That Uses Innovative And Entertaining Theater Performance And Programs To Inspire People To Discover Their Creative Potential And Celebrate Their Unity. The Emphasis Of Our Work Is To Create A Theater That Is Both

"Scientific Music Therapy"

12 Years Of Successful Scientific Medical Research With The Medical Resonance Therapy Music

"Sleep Soundly."

Sleepsoundly.Com Offers A Safe Solution To Insomnia And Sleep Problems. Sleep-Like-A-Baby Heartbeat Music Therapy Is Music That Incorporates A Copyrighted Combination Of A Recorded Heartbeat And Softly Sung Lullabies That Achieves A Sleep-Inducing R


Sleepsoundly.Com May Help You Go To Sleep Faster And Sleep Better By Offering More Information About Music Therapy.

"Sound Feelings Publishing"

Feeling Stressed:Touching Deep With Music.22-Minute Transformational Piano Composition To Help Pain, Insomnia, Addictions, Cardiovascular Illnesses, And Anxiety. Feeling Stressed: Touching Deep With Music, From Sound Feelings, Is An Audio Cassette Intende

"Sound Feelings Publishing"

We Are Music, Health And Education Audio And Book Publishers. We Specialize In Music Medicine, Music Instruction, Weight Loss, And Alternative Therapies

"The Body-Mind Connection"

The Body-Mind Connection Is An Integrative Approach To Healing Which Utilizes Music, Therapeutic Massage And Guided Imagery, To Significantly Alter The Body/Mind Consciousness. Carefully Chosen Music Provides The Framework, Weaving The Session Of Visualiz

"The Center For Complimentary Healthcare"

Offers Specilaised Services As Qigong,Massage Theraphy, Taichi, Music Theraphy, Reiki, Yoga,Acupressure And More

"The Center For Music Therapy"

The Center For Music Therapy Is Dedicated To Making Music Therapy Accessible To All Those Who Want Or Need It, Both In Traditional And Non-Traditional Settings.All Of The Center`S Therapists Are Certified By The Certification Board For Music Therapists. I

"The Center For Music Therapy"

The Center For Music Therapy`S Therapists Use Neurologic Music Therapy Interventions And Protocol:In The Assessment And Treatment Of Behavior Problems,Visual And Auditory Processing,Receptive And Expressive Language,Musical Mnemonic Training,Auditory Perc

"The Healing Arts Center"

The Healing Arts Center Offers The Discovery Sound-Water System Which Is Nothing But The Power Of Sound & Music For Transformation.The Discovery Sound-Water System Is A Sound Table That Utilizes A Heated Water Medium And Stereo Equipment And Headphones To

"The Jade Spring Health Center"

Jade Spring Health Center Offers Poetry Therapy And Tutorials , Qigong , Korean Hand Therapy , Etc .,

"University Of Surrey Roehampton"

The University Of Surrey Roehampton Home Page. The University Is Made Up Of Four Colleges, Set In Beautiful Grounds In South-West London

"University Of Surrey Roehampton"

The University Of Surrey Roehampton Has Been Awarded The Prestigious Queen`S Anniversary Prize For Higher And Further Education For Its Research Into ChildrenıS Literature


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