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"Electra Health"
Welcome to downtown Vancouver’s largest and most passionate community of health and wellness professionals. We specialize in providing one-on-one therapeutic care.

"Thai massage London"
Our specialist Thai massage therapists will help you select from a full range of Traditional Thai massage and spa treatments | Earls Court Chelsea West London.

"A.D.A.C. Hypnosis"

Professional Hypnosis Service For Those Wanting To Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Manage Pain And More.Hypnosis Is A Safe And Effective Tool Of The Mind That You Control And Guide Through The Power Of Positive Thought And Relaxation


Offering Specialty Care In Chiropractic,Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, Nutrition, Yoga, Therapeutic Massage And More.

"Beauty Business Health & Beauty Centre"

Relaxation Therapy:Tension (Back & Shoulder) Massage With A Choice Of Aromatherapy Oils(_ Hr)£16.50, Full Body Massage(1hr)With Choice Of Aromatherapy Oils£30.00, Aromatherapy - First Treatment To Include Consultation(1_ Hrs)£37.50, Aromatherapy (1_ Hrs)£


Bewellnaturally.Net - The Comprehensive Health And Wellness Network For Mind/Body/Spirit--Diverse Article Library, Sister Publications, National Directory Of Goods And Services, Events Calendar, Healing For The New Millennium .


"Whether You Are New To Meditation And Want To Discover What Buddhist Meditation Is All About; Or If You Already Have A Meditation Practice That You Are Looking To Develop; Or If You Want To Study Buddha`S Teachings Systematically, In Depth` You Will Find"

"Body, Mind & Soulhealer"

Proper Nutrition Plays A Key Role In Maintaining Health And Vitality. Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals And Phytonutrients Can Help The Body To Return To A State Of Health.

"Body/Mind Restoration Retreats."

The Diet Is A Healthy Mix Of Living, Vegetarian Foods. Fresh Vegetables And Sprouts, Fruit, Wheatgrass And Vegetable Juices, And A Variety Of Specially Prepared Delicacies Form The Day`S Menu.

"Brainybrawn Inc"

Body: Androstenedione Is A Hormone Produced Naturally In The Body That Aids In The Manufacture Of Male Sex Hormones (Testosterone) And Female Sex Hormones (Estrogen-Related Compounds). Androstenedione Supplements Are Promoted To Boost Athletic Performance

"Center For Healing."

A Health Clinic That Combines Alternative And Traditional Medicine To Help Achieve A Healthy Mind And Body.Etc.Center For Healing Can Help You For Smoking.

"Crystal Herbs"

Healing Mind, Body And Spirit A Wonderful Selection Of Flower, Gem And Crystal Essences To Assist Our Inherent Ability To Heal Ourselves

"Deep Muscle Therapy And Wellness Center"

An Alternative Medicine Integrative Health Center Specializing In Support For Body, Mind And Spirit.The Doctor Of The Future Will Give No Medicine, But Will Instead Interest His Patients In The Care Of The Human Frame, In Diet, And In The Cause And Preven

"Dennis Gersten M.D."

Mind-Body Technology:Mind And Body Are So Intimately Interconnected That The Separation Of The Two Is Artificial And Incorrect. One Cannot Define Where The Mind Ends And The Body Begins.There Are Techniques One Can Practice That Allow The Mind To Impact T

"Dr. Miller"

Dr. Emmett Miller Is An Innovator In The Field Of Mind Body Medicine - People Can Learn About The The Healing Powers They Have Within Their Own Consciousness From This Physician, Philosopher, And Highly Respected Clinician.


Get Your Body, Mind And Spirit Focused And Relaxed Through Yoga, Shiatsu And Thai Massage. We Are Trisha Martin And Birgitta Holma Durell, Certified Yoga And Shiatsu Teachers. We Offer Workshops At Your Worksite And Also Give Weekend And Week Long Retreat

"Emmett E. Miller, Md"

Mind And Body Are Not Separate. They Are In Constant And Dynamic Interaction. The Images, Or Mental Programs,² That Reside In Your Mind Dramatically Influence Your Mood (Emotions), Your Behaviors.

"Essential Aesthetics Inc."

"Our Mind:Includes The Conscious And The Subconscious. The Brain And Nerves (Components Of Our Body) Act As Relay Stations For Information Received And Transmitted By The Mind. Our Body:Refers To Our Physical (Gross) Self; The Part Of Our Being With The Sl"

"Generic Drugs at PharmaExpressRX"

Buy Generic Viagra Online at discount prices. New Pharmacy product: Buy Generic Viagra Caverta Online

"Gordon Medical Arts Center"

Offerd: The Highest Quality In Integrative Healthcare Supporting The Health And Healing Of The Body, Mind, And Spirit.This Process Leads To Healthy Organ, Tissue, Immune, And Nervous System Function, Many Times Resolving Chronic Health Or Pain Problems.


We Are Dedicated To Healing The Mind, Body, Spirit, And Soul Through The Use Of Holistic Healing Methodologies.

"Harper Collins Publishers"

Attracting A Soul Mate:You Will Need:Clean White Clothing,Sandalwood Incense,A Red Candle,Etc.First We Are Avoiding Our Tension,And Pressure.

"Health Journeys."

Belleruth Naparstek`S Health Journeys Website Offers Visualization Audiotapes, Books, Research And Resources On Guided Imagery, A Complementary Medicine And Holistic Mind And Body Healing Process.Etc

"Healthworld Online"

Men`S Health Center Contains Articles From The Experts On Natural Approaches To Men`S Health, Including Alternative And Complementary Treatments From Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, Homeopathy.Etc.

"Holistic Chiropractic"

As Represented By Our Logo, The Body, Mind And Spirit Are Interconnected Components Of Whole Health. Mind Body Medicine,Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine,Health Care,Acute,Chronic, Anxiety, Mind Body Spirit, New Age, Healing,Self Empowerment, S

"Holistic.Com, Inc."

Holistic.Com Is A Site Of Good Health. Complementary And Alternative Medicine Information And Directories


Offers Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, Herbs, Nutrition, Vitamins.

"Hypnosis Institute Of Texas"

Specializing In Clinical Hypnotherapy For Mind/Body Self Healing.Hypnotherapy Is Harnessing The Mind/Body Connection With Clinical Hypnotherapy And Guided Imagery Is On The Cutting Edge Of Alternative/Complimentary Medicine Today Because Is Safe And Free

"In The Now"

Mind, Body And Spiritual Properties Of Crystals Were Well Understood In Ancient Times.Balance Of Mind, Body And Spiritual.Stress,Poor Health, Low Self-Esteem,Depression,Relationships,Fears And Lack Of Motivation Are Seen In A Different Light.

"Journey To Health"

Dedicated To The Health Of The Whole Body, Mind & Spirit.And A Site Dedicated To The Health Of The Whole Body, Mind & Spirit. Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupunture, Chiropractic.

"Karniya Mind Body And Medicine"

Know That Information Contained In Karinya Is For Educational Purposes Only. Know Also That Karinya Is Not Part Of Any Religious Organization Or Personages. Know That Karinya Is Intended To Be A Tool For Increasing Awareness, Thus, The Reader Must Careful

"King Of Prussia Medical Building."

Wholistic Treatments For:Addictions ,Family Conflict ,Habit Control Mood Disorders ,Relationship Problems, Etc.

"La Bergerie Body, Mind & Spirit Resource Centre"

La Bergerie Body, Mind & Spirit Is An Advice And Information Centre For Anyone Interested In Natural Health, Diet, Music Or Spiritual Development.

"Life Doctors"

We Are Helping To Total Health Support With A Holistic View Of Mind, Body And Spirit Operated Over The Internet And By Telephone.You May Be Seeking Deeper Understanding Of Specific Health Issues.

"Maharishi Medical Center"

The Transcendental Meditation Program Is A Simple, Natural, Effortless Technique Practiced For 15 To 20 Minutes In The Morning And Evening While Sitting Comfortably With The Eyes Closed. During The Tm Technique The Individual`S Awareness Settles Down And


Our Mind, Body, Spirit Series : Aromatherapy Cd, Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology Cd ,Crystals Cd , Yoga, Tai Chi Cd , Feng Shui Cd , Sleep .

"Metamedicine International"

Mind Body Medicine, Human Energy Field, Mind Energizers, Stress Busters, Stress Override, Genetic Intelligence, Healing Entertainment, Healing Fun, Alternate Medical Therapy, Music Therapy, Winning Edge Magic,Etc.

"Mind / Body Medicine Department"

Mind Body Medicine For Relief From Most Major Ailments, Including Asthma, Back Pain, Cancer, Heart Disease, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Many More

"Mind And Body Hypnosis And Massage Therapy"

Mind And Body:We Are Cheryl Wallace And Nevyn Langlinais And We Offer Both Hypnosis And Massage To Our Clientele. Read More Below About How You Can Use Hypnosis, Massage Therapy Or Both To Improve Your Life And Health.

"Mind Body Chi"

We Will Find Summaries Of Recent Research In The Field Of Alternative And Complimentary Medicine. We Will Also Have Links To Related Sites Of Interest. Please Visit Us Again And The Months Ahead.

"Mind Body Healing"

Colored Light Therapy Promotes Health Of Mind, Body And Spirit As An Alternative Healing Treatment Or Holistic Medicine In Chinese Medicine (Ayurveda Healing).

"Mind Body Soul"

Mind Body Soul Advocates The Health Of The Whole Person Through Education, Self-Awareness, Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Growth, And Natural Remedies.

"Mind Body Technologies"

Located In Beautiful Colorado Springs,Colorado,Mind Body Technologies Offers Alternative,Natural Methodologies To Health & Wellness.These Include Psychotherapy,On-Line Counseling, Targeted Nutritional Strategies, Acupressure, Solutions For Stress Related

"Natural Wellbeing"

Mind & Body:The New Paradigm Of Quantum Mechanics Proves The Body And Mind Are Interconnected And Emotions Play A Big Part In Determining One`S Health Status.Stress And Its Negative Effect On The Immune System Remains The Major Challenge To Good Health.Et

"Nutriplex Formulas Inc"

Offers Natural Healthcare Information For Patients Based On Biochemical Facts And Mind-Body Medicine To Separate Marketing Hype From Truth

"Oregon School Of Massage"

To Provide Excellence In Education By Engaging The Whole Person - Body, Mind And Spirit - In Order To Promote Health Through Quality Touch.We Value: Safety & Support Personal Responsibility Whole & Healthy,Etc.

"Pathways Magazine"

We Have Been Providing Mind-Body-Sprit, Alternative Medicine And New Age Resources To The Washington Dc Metro Area For Over 22 Years. We Now Offer Hundreds Of Articles, Resources And Links Online. Surf And Enjoy.

"Peter Italia"

Supernatural Medicine©:Is Readily Capable Of Transcending The Established Methods Of Both Traditional Medicine And Alternative Medicine Combined! Supernatural Medicine© Can: Lead To Faster Recovery, With More Complete Healing Decrease The Amount Of Pain A


A Psychotherapist And Counsellor Offering Workshops And Individual Transformational Therapy. He Specializes In Stress Reduction, Pain Management And A Variety Of Healing Modalities Integrating Mind, Body And Spirit.

"Preparing For Surgery"

A Step-By-Step Program Based On Recent Scientific Advances In Mind-Body Medicine That Are Proven To Reduce Pain And Distress Associated With Surgery, And Enhance Healing And Recovery.

"Prince William Center"

Prince William Center For Mind & Body Health, We Hear These Questions AndŠ Yes! We Can Help. Prince William Center For Mind & Body Health Was Founded To Respond To The Ever-Increasing Demand For Preventive Health Education And Care.

"Psychosomatics In Brazil"

Offers Psychosomatic Medicine, Neuropsychology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychobiology, Psychophysiology, Psychodynamics, Medical Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychology In The Hospital, Psychoneuroendocrinology

"Scarboro Chiropractic Wellness Centre."

We Are Offering Many Comprehensive Programs To Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind.Providing Educational Events, Seminars And Lectures. The Center Was Created By Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., Acknowledged As One Of The World`S.

"Sharon`S Meadow"

I Have Put Together A Wide Array Of Products Geared Toward The Body, Mind & Spirit Connection.Herbal Bath Meditation, Dream Interpretation, Chakra Work ,Etc.

"Simply Therapeutic Inc."

The Mind:We Are Simply Here To Guide Your Mind To The Subconscious Level.This Portion Of Our Wondrous Mind Accepts Unconditionally. The Body:Natural Health Products From Our Proprietary Aromatherapy Soother Lines.


Mental Health Therapists Discuss Emotional Stability,Establish Dynamics Of Balanced Behavior Of The Individual,Create Patterns Of Reciprocal Relationships,And Promote Career Goals.Yet,Most Mental Health Therapists Do Not Entertain The Necessity Of The Hea

"Spirit In Motion."

Healing For The Body, Mind And Spirit In Tucson Arizona, Spirit In Motion Helps Treat Stress, Illness And Both Physical And Emotional Illness With Reiki, Energy Readings And Aromatherapy.

"Stain Blue Press"

The Director Of The Program In Integrative Medicine And Clinical Professor Of Internal Medicine At The University Of Arizona In Tucson. He Is Also The Founder Of The Foundation For Integrative Medicine And Editor-In-Chief Of The Professional Journal Integ

"The Center For Body Mind Harmony."

The Center Is An Official Branch Of The Wu Tang Martial Arts System, Associated With The Wu Tang Kung Fu Development Center Of Taiwan Founded By The Late Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao.

"The Center For Mind-Body Medicine"

Mind-Body Medicine Focuses On The Interactions Between Mind And Body And The Powerful Ways In Which Emotional, Mental, Social And Spiritual Factors Can Directly Affect Health

"The Fitness Guru Center"

Mind:Offered In Medation And Therapy.We Can Help To Relief From The Tension And Pressure.Body:We Can Help To Relief The Free Soul,Etc

"The Good Medicine Society"

We Are A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To The Teachings Of Good Medicine. We Continue The School Established By Eli Gatoga, Our Teacher And The Founder Of Our Society.

"The Healing Touch Inc."

Reiki Promotes Balance In Body, Mind, And Spirit. This Method Of Healing Can Provide Reduction Of Stress, Relief Of Pain And Increased Relaxation. Reiki May Also Enhance Traditional And Alternative Health Techniques.

"The Heall"

Mind:The Sacred Truth Associated With Each Of The Body¹S Chakras, Or Energy Centers. If The Sacred Truth Is Not Honored, The Likelihood Of Energy Weakness, And Possibly Physical Dysfunctions May Increase. Body:Complementary Medicine Treatments For Disease

"The Kevala Centre"

The Kevala Centre Is An Online Community, Devoted To Health Of Mind, Body And Spirit Aims To Bring The Best Holistic Therapy Training, Information And Products.

"The Mediation Center"

Mediation Is Non-Adversarial Confidential Easily Initiated Reasonably Priced,Mediator Does Utilize Specific Methods And Techniques In Conflict Resolution To Help You Identify Issues, Set Priorities, Generate Options And Prepare A Memorandum Of Understandi

"The Mind Body Sprit Connection"

The Mind/Body Approach Teaches That We Must Reach Out For The Best That Medical Science Has To Offer And Reach Within To Mobilize Our Own Internal Resources For Healing.

"The Mind-Body Digestive Center"

At The Mind-Body Digestive Center Treat Patients With Functional Bowel Disorders In A New And Unique Way.Gastroenterologist And A Clinical Psychologist, Both With Academic Backgrounds And Clinical Experience With Gastrointestinal Disorders

"The Stress Site"

Mind Body Spirit : Stress Is All About A Mind/Body Relationship And This Is Dealt With On Other Pages Of This Site. Here, We Addanother Element - The Spirit.

"The Transformation Lessons"

The Transformation Lessons Is A Groundbreaking System That Maximizes Human Potential. By Using Gentle, Mindful Movements, This Work Accelerates The Natural Evolution Of Your Body-Mind And Being. The Special Movements Activate And Deepen Core-Level Abiliti

"The Wellness Support Programme"

"The Wellness Support Programme Aims To Offer To People With Life-Threatening Diseases A ""Mind-Body Medicine Orientated"" Support, Resource And Information Programme Which Is Able To Assist Them At All Stages Of The Disease Process."

"The Wessex Natural Health Centre"

The Bodyharmonics® Centre Was Founded By Maria Mercati To Provide Treatment And Training To The Highest Possible Standards In The Traditional Healing Systems Of The Orient.


Our Work Over The Past Ten Years Has Focused On Those In Crisis As Well As Those Seeking To Enrich Their Lives. Children And Adults With Life-Threatening Illnesses Have Found That Our Multi-Sensory Work Enables Them To Move Through This Passage With An En

"Therapeutic Mind And Body Work"

Paul St.John`S Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Accupressure,Energy Work,Pain Management,Injury And Trauma.While Working In A Rehabilitation Clinic With Whiplash,Sports Injuries, Trauma And Chronic Pain,Helene Realized Her Clients Were Not Only

"Thought Field Therapy in Northern NSW, Australia"

I offer Thought Field Therapy (TFT) in Lismore, Northern NSW, and phone sessions Australia-wide.

"Transsage®, Inc."

Transsage- Bridging Mind And Body Therapies.We Are Helping To Relef The Tension And Pressure Through Mediation.

"University Of Surrey Roehampton"

Music At Roehampton Has A Long And Distinguished Tradition As A Centre Of Excellence In Academic Research, Composition, And Performance. Music Students At Roehampton Follow An Academic Course, Which Has A Strong Emphasis On The Practical Application Of Ac


Vibrational medicine essences developed and produced in Israel/ \nBest products for energy, holistic treatments for kids natural anti stress and pain killers \nPowerful crystal essences looking for worldwide representatives and instructors

"Wellscape Mindbody Health"

A Gathering Place For Those Interested In Complementary, Alternative, And Integrated Medical, Psychological, And Mind-Body Health Care. Wellscape Intends To Become The Premier Internet Site For Public And Professional Interaction Related To The Integratio

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