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"Alexandra Health Center"
This Kit Contains 50 Remedies Chosen For Acute And Emergency Situations On #10 Pellets In 1/2dram Amber Glass Containers. The Plastic Case Measures 5.5 X 2.75 X 1.75 Inches And Fits Easily Into Handbags, Briefcases, Back Packs, Glove Compartments, Etc

"Alternative Healing Center"

Alternative Healing Center Offers Homeopathy , Iridology , Chiropractic Care ,Acupuncture Therapy , Chelation Therapy, Dmso Therapy , Massage Therapy , Etc .,

"Alternative Medicine Inc."

Alternative Medicine, Inc. Is The First Primary Care Alternative Medicine Ipa, Contracted With Hmo Illinois, A Blue Cross Hmo. Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Integrating Alternative And Traditional Medicine To Offer You A Unique And Flexible Approach

"Alternative Solutions"

Alternative Solutions Providing Alternative Health Care Solutions For A Varity Of Illnesses Including, Allergies, Headaches, Migraines, Skin Problems, Thyroid, Digestive And Other Diseases In The Body. If You Have Already Been To A Conventional Health Car


However, A Number Of Controlled Studies Have Been Performed Which Show The Effectiveness Of Homeopathic Medicine In Treating A Number Of Diseases.

"Aswini Homeo & Ayurvedic Products Ltd"

The Aswini Group Is 5 Years Old And One Of The Leading Business House In Andhra Pradesh State, India, Dealing In Homeopathy And Ayurvedic Products

"Beaumont Bio-Med,Inc,."

Beaumont Bio`Med, Inc. Specializes In The Manufacturing And Marketing Of Unique Homeopathic Preparations. The Company Is Dedicated To Advancing The Knowledge And Use Of Homeopathy As An Accepted Alternative For Improving Health And Well`Being

"Bio Lonreco Inc."

Develop The General Practice Of Homeopathy And To Make Sure All Practitioners Have The Latest Information On The Dr. Reckeweg Remedies, Bio Lonreco Inc. Conducts Seminars, Sends Professional Literature And Educational Videos

"Blue Turtle Publishing & Lightforce, Inc"

Blue Turtle Publishing & Lightforce, Inc Offers A Alternative Medicine Information And Products Including Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Soul Recovery And Extraction, And Medical Astrology

"British School Of Homoeopathy"

"Homeopathic Training Colleges, Professional And Amateur Homoeopathy Courses, Downloadable Information; Registers Of Practitioners; Buying Homoeopathic And Natural Remedies. International Scope."

"Caduceus Institute Of Classical Homeopathy"

Homeopathy Is Popular And Widely Practiced All Over Europe, South America, And India Because It Has Proved To Be Effective Throughout Almost Two Centuries Of Practice. But In The United States, Where Homeopathic Medical Schools, Hospitals, And Clinic

"Canada Homeopathy"

Homeopathy Is A Safe And Effective System Of Healing That Has Been Verified Experimentally And Clinically In The Everyday Lives Of Millions Of People Around The World For Over 200 Years

"Center For Healing"

A Health Clinic That Combines Alternative And Traditional Medicine To Help Achieve A Healthy Mind And Body

"Cindy L. Griffin"

Homeopathy Is A 200 Year Old System Of Healing, Utilizing Very Small, Dilute Amounts Of Various Substances.

"Classical Homeopathy, Inc."

Classical Homeopathy, Inc.Offers A Homeopathy,Classical Homeopathy,Referrals,Homoeopathy,Classical Homoeopathy,Alternative,Natural,Medicine,Ear Infections, Otitis Medea,Steve Aviva Waldstein.

"Coral Springs Physicians Associates"

Coral Springs Physicians Associates Provides Homeopathic Remedies To Assist The Healing Process .

"Dan York"

Homeopathy Has A Long And Illustrious Name In Alternative Medicine. Dr. Eileen Nauman Is A Practicing Classical Homeopath For 27 Years

"David Little,"

Homoeopathic Online Education Is Offering An Extensive Membership Course On Hahnemannian Homoeopathy Written And Presented By David Little. This Course Provides Practical Instructions On Administering The Medicinal Solution Of The C And Lm Potency As Well


Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine Whose Principle Was Accidentally Discovered By A German Physician, Samuel Hahnemann, At The Turn Of The 19th Century

"Dr. Luc De Schepper,"

A Western Medical Doctor, Homeopath And Acupuncturist, Has Many Years Of Experience In Practicing Homeopathy

"Drugstore.Com, Inc."

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs Explains How Homeopathic Remedies Are Effective For Many Kids Ailments. Belladonna--Sudden Onset Of High Fever With Flushed, Hot, Bright Red Face And Dilated Pupils. The Child May Be Very Thirsty And Somewhat Delirious.

"Family Wellness Center"

Homeopathy Is A Highly Systematic, Scientific Method Of Therapy Which Stimulates The Organisms Own Healing Process. Useful In Both Chronic And Acute Diseases, It Is A Rejuvenation Of An Ancient Concept Of Health And Disease, Based On Deep Understanding Of

"Foliage Inc"

Plants Homeopathy Project Started In 1994. Ever Since We Developed Natural, Simple And Inexpensive Method To Increase Agricultural Production Without Any Quantity Of Chemicals Involved

"Freemans Homeopathic Pharmacy"

The Specialists In Homeopathy. Manufacturers And Suppliers Of The Highest Quality Homeopathic Specials, All Prepared By Traditional Methods

"Global Homeopath Ltd"

Is Dedicated To Providing On-Line Services To Homeopaths And Individuals Wishing To Use Homeopathy. The Board Of Directors, All Of Whom Wish To Make Homeopathy More Accessible, Includes Two Homeopaths.

"Herbal Alternatives, Inc."

There Is A Way To Re-Generate Homeopathic Remedies Which Have Been Exposed To Undesirable Energy Sources Such As Magnetic Field Or Microwave Radiation.

"HGH Anti Aging Herbal Remedies Natural"

Human Growth Hormone, Carb Blocker, Viagra alternative, heat activated glucosamine

"Holistic Healing Arts"

Holistic Healing Arts Carries One Of The Largest Selections Of Herbal And Homeopathic Treatments That Can Be Found In Southern Ontario

"Holistic Health & Beauty (Irl.) Ltd"

Has Been Set Up To Bring To A Wider Market Many Of The Homeopathic Mixtures Our Founder Has Used In Human & In Veterinary Treatments Of Common Disorders With Great Success Over The Past Fifteen Years.

"Holland & Barrett"

Offers Homeopathic Products:Celery Seed Capsules:A Herbal Remedy For Symptomatic Relief Of Lumbago, Muscular Pain And Stiffness, And Rheumatic Pain.New Era Moulded Tablets:A Homeopathically Prepared Biochemic Remedy. For Hayfever And Allergic Rhinitis.

"Homeopathic Arthritis Treatment"

Homeopathy As Defined Today Is An Alternative System Of Medical Thinking. Dr. Samuel Hahneman, An Early 19th Century German Physician, Founded The System As We Know It Today

"Homeopathic Clinic"

Homeopathy Is One Of The Alternatives To Modern Medicine, Which We Call Allopathic Medicine. It Is About 200 Years Old And Was Discovered In Germany By Samuel Hahnemann.

"Homeopathic Educational Services"

Homeopathic Medicines For Sports Injuries Aching For Homeopathic Medicine A Growing Number Of Professional Athletes And Weekend Warriors Are Spelling Relief H-O-M-E-O-P-A-T-H-Y. Although Homeopathic Medicines Have A Reputation


Homeopathy Is A System Of Health Care Which Concentrates On Care Of The Whole Person By Methods That Are Specific, Gentle And Sympathetic To The Bodys Needs

"Homeopathy Central"

Homeopathy Is A Surprisingly Inexpensive Natural And Safe System Of Medicine Which Gives Relief From Suffering To Millions Of People Around The World

"Homeopathy For All"

"The Highest Ideal Of Therapy Is To Restore Health Rapidly, Gently, Permanently; To Remove And Destroy The Whole Disease In The Shortest, Surest, Least Harmful Way, According To Clearly Comprehensible Principles"

"Homeopathy On The Web"

Based On The Principle Of Similars, Homeopathy Is A Form Of Alternative Medicine That Can Be Used To Treat A Wide Range Of Complaints - From Simple Home Ailments Such As Coughs, Colds And Sore Throats Through To Allergies, Hormonal Problems, Asthma,

"Homeopathy Overnight"

Homeopathy Is A 200 Year Old Well-Established System Of Medicine Based On Unchanging Principles. The Basic Principle Is Like Cures Like.

"Homeopathy Shop"

Essential homeopathy books, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and alchemical tinctures.

"Homeopathy Works"

Watch Homeopathic Remedies Being Made At Homeopathy Works. The Combination Museum, Manufactory And Retail Outlet Offers Hundreds Of Remedies


Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine That Recognizes Our Uniqueness. We Are All Individuals With Particular Strengths And Weaknesses, So It IsnıT Surprising That When We Become Ill We Each React In Our Own Way


"Homvopathie, Pharma, Arzneimittel, Naturheilkunde, Krduter, Medizin, Medikamente, Homeopathy, Pharmacy, Medicine, Remedy"""

"Homoeopathy And Alternative Medicine"

The Highest Ideal Of Cure Is Rapid, Gentle, And Permanent Restoration Of Health, Or Removal And Annihilation Of The Disease In It`S Whole Extent, In The Shortest, Most Reliable, And Most Harmless Way

"Homoeopathy India Foundation"

Homoeopathy (=Homeopathy) Is An Alternative Method Of Treatment, Based On The Natures Law Of Cure, Namely Like Cures Like. The Truth Of This Law Was Discovered By A German Scientist

"Hopkins Technology, Llc"

The Company Maintains The Worlds Largest Food Nutrition Database Compiled From Various Government And Industry Sources. Most Of The Data Come Directly From Food Manufacturers

"Inspiring Homeopathy"

Always Believed That The Therapeutic Possibilities Of Homeopathy Were Used Only To A Very Restricted Extend And I Sought For A Deepening Of This Marvelous Medicine

"International Academy Of Classical Homeopathy"

Actually, Homeopathy Can Be Used For Acute Cures As Well As Constitutional Ones. The First Homeopathic Remedy Was Originally An Acute One. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, A German Physician And Medical Researcher, Was Frustrated With The Medicine Practiced In The L

"J + C Enterprises"

Offers Product: Cough Syrup - Childrens:Herbasaurs Cough Syrup Is A Natural Homeopathic Medicine For The Relief Of Coughs Due To Common Colds Or Minor Throat And Bronchial Irritation. Product:Asthma:Asthma Is A Natural Homeopathic Medicine For Relief Of T

"Kathryn Jones & Elixirs.Com"

The Safety Of Homeopathy, By Offering No Long Term Side Effects, Is Well Known. Homeopathy Also Boasts Of Being Safe For Pregnant Women, Infants And The Elderly As Compared With Other Therapies

"Lifeline Center For Holistic Health"

Homeopathy:Homeopathy Is A Scientific System Of Health Care That Stimulates The BodyıS Own Powerful Healing Resources. A Science Of Natural Medicine, Homeopathy Uses Extremely Minute Doses Of Pure Extracts From All Realms Of Nature.

"Linda Jhonston"

Homeopathic Medicine Offers You A Safe, Effective And Natural Way Of Healing By Activating The Bodys Own Natural Defenses And Releasing The Inner Power Of Self-Healing

"Lutra Vision"

Gives Information About Books And Software For Homeopathy (Radar) And Acupuncture (Acuvision), In English And Dutch Language. About Getting Homeopathic Clinical Experience In India With Dr. Farokh Master. And Much More

"Medicine Garden"

Seeds, Flowers, Ethnobotanicals, Entheogens, Desert, Landscaping, Mescaline, San Pedro, Poppy, Panachoi, Plants, Gardens, Extracts, Tincures, Aromatherapy, Wildcrafted, Wildflowers,

"Methode Brigitte Kettner"

We are German cosmetics manufacturer, with own and high quality full line of personal care products and complete wellness and body studio packages. We are looking for partners / agents / champions to set up national franchise & license networks.

"Miccant Ltd"

The Best Software For The Homeopathic Professional. Great Features, More Books And The Best Price For Top Quality Professional Software.

"Mohan Homeopathy Medical Centre Online"

The Word Homeopathy Comes From Greek...Homois Means Similar And Pathos, Meaning Even Before His Time It Was Noticed By The Great Hippocrates Himself, Who Knew And Observed The Principle Of Similia Similibus Curentur Or Like Cures Like. This Is The Basic P

"Mohrdar Institute Of Homeopathy And Integrated Medicine"

Providing Services For A Plethora Of Medical Conditions With A Functional Homeopathic, Nutritional And Chiropractic Approach To The Treatment

"Mount Nebo"

Homeopathy Is A Recognized Alternative Medical Science. The Remedies Are Classified In The United States Pharmacopeia Of Homeopathy. We Have Gathered The Remedies From All Of The Major Manufacturers Serving The United States And Now Make Them Available To

"Natural Health Advantage"

In Florida And Many Other States Within The U.S.A There Is No Formal Licenser For Homeopathy. There Are National Board Exams That Are Designed To Protect The Public From Harm And To Insure A Certain Level Of Competancy When Practicing Homeopathy


Homeopathy Is A Fairly Late Development In Natural Medicine. Based Upon The Theories Of The German Physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), Its Practice Spread Rapidly Through Europe During His Lifetime, Mostly Due To The Success Of Homeopathic Physic

"Naturally .You.Freeyellow"

"Classical Homeopaths, Such As Yours Truly, Share A Unique Body Of Knowledge Inherent In The Fundamentals Of Homeopathy (Pronounced: Home + Ee + Ah"" + Pa + Thee ). Classical Homeopaths Discourage People From Taking More Than One Remedy At A Time, Because"

"New England School Of Homeopathy"

Our Goal Is For Practitioners Of Homeopathy To Fulfill Their Potential Role In Health Care-To Help People Attain Freedom From Illness On The Mental, Emotional, And Physical Planes So They May Better Realize Their Highest Aspirations.

"Personal Excellence Wellness Center"

Offers Homeopathy Products:Acute Rescue-Spray For Relief Of Symptoms Due To Cold,Allergies And Sinusitis,Adrenal Pep For Relief Of Symptoms Due To Low Energy,Stress,And Exhaustion,Asthma Plus Relief Of Symptoms Associated With Asthma

"Petrondas Homoeopathic Clinic"

Petrondas Homoeopathic Clinic Offers A Omeopathy Homeopathy Homoeopathic Medicine, Alternative, Arthritis, Asthma, Migraines, Eczema, Allergies,Psoriasis, Depression, Me, Disease, Health, Natural, Remedies, Female, Menopause, Headaches, Herpes, Endometrio

"Petrondas Homoeopathic Clinic"

Homeopathy Is A Complete And Holistic System Of Medicine. It Is Used By People Suffering From A Multitude Of Illnesses, From Depression To Arthritis, Asthma To Migraines, And Now Even Cancer, Aids And Me.

"Positive Health Clinic"

Homeopathy Treats You Holistically, As One Single Unit Of Mind And Body, Which Is Why Its The Only Therapeutic System To Take Personalities Into Account. It Believes That There Are No Illnesses, Only Ill People

"Predictive Homoeopathy"

Homoeopathic Drugs Can Also Suppress If Not Prescribed According To The Seven Fundamental Principles Of Homoeopathy


The Foot And Body Works, Holistic Care Of The Feet And Lower Extremities. The Pain Experienced With Inflammed Heels And Associated Structures That Form The Arch Is Now Being Successfully Managed Using Therapeutic Massage.

"Sam Scarffe"

Homeopathy Is A Natural And Safe System Of Medicine, That Works With Your Bodys Own Healing Processes. It Recognises That Disease Is Simply The Bodys Way Of Showing That It Is Out Of Balance And That It Is Therefore The Patient Who Needs Treatment Not The


It Strives To Provide Enough Information To Help People Deal With Non-Life Threatening Illnesses And First Aid Needs. It Is Not Meant As A Substitute For A Primary Health Provider But Instead Is Offered As A Guide To Self-Medication In The Use Of Homeopat

"Sanjeevani Trust"

There Is A Fathomless Chasm Existing Between Homoeopathic Principles And Science. It Has Been Deepened By Misunderstanding Of Principles And Misconceptions Which Have Prevented Each Of Them To Be Benefitted By Mutual Interaction

"Shift Work"

While Many Other Things Will Cause The Symptoms Listed Below, Our Research Has Found That These Problems Increase When Shift Workers Work Night Shifts

"Silver Sage"

Homeopathy Is A Gentle Form Of Medicine That Works By Stimulating The Bodys Inner Healing Mechanisms To Ward Off Illness, Rather Than By Simply Suppressing Symptoms

"The Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy"

There Will Be Early Emphasis On Using Homeopathy In Clinical Settings With Tips On Record Keeping, Billing, Emergencies And Phone Consultations

"The Archibel Team"

Archibel Has Been Known Throughout The World For More Than A Decade As A Leader In Merging State-Of-The-Art Technology With Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Herbal And Phyto Therapies, And Other Complementary Healing Arts

"The British Institute Of Homeopathy"

The British Institute Of Homeopathy Offers A Homeopathy,Alternativemedicine,Health,Herbalison,Nutrition,Back Flowers,Herbal Medicine,Natural Medicine,Homeopathy,Alternative, Medicine,Natural,Hahnemann,Ottawa,Toronto,Correspondence Classes,Naturopathy,Comp

"The Center For Health And Holistic."

"Homeopathy:Homeopathy Is That System Of Medicine Which Holds That Diseases Can Be Cured By Giving The Patient A Medicine Which Will Produce Symptoms Similar To Those Already Manifested By Them.Homeopathy Is Derived From The Greek Words ""Homeos"" = Simila"

"The European Council For Classical Homeopathy"

Homeopathy Is System Of Medicine Which Is Based On Natural Laws Which Have Always Existed But Which Were Only Discovered, Understood And Applied Therapeutically Some 200 Years Ago.

"The Foundation For Homoeopathic Research"

A Homoeopathy Website From India For Lay-People As Well As For The Professionals. Offers Faqs, On`Line Consultation, Journal, Courses, Etc. The World Is Turning To Homoeopathy

"The Medicinebag"

Good Medicine For Body, Mind, And Spirit. Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Air Plants, Herb Seeds, Herb Plants, Aromatherapy, Candles, Essential Oils, Music, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Native American.

"The Practice"

Homoeopathy Uses Mineral, Fauna And Flora Remedies In The Form Of Pills Which Are Easy To Take And Have A Pleasant Taste

"The Toronto School Of Homeopathic Medicine"

Homeopathic Medicine Has Been Practised Worldwide For 200 Years And Plays A Significant Role In The Healthcare Systems Of Many Countries Today

"The Wellness Path"

Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine That Treats Illness By The Stimulation Of The Bodys Own Healing Powers.Homeopathic Remedies Are Designed For Their Reactive Effect, Which Is Their Purported Ability To Stimulate The Bodys Own Healing Powers. They Do Not

"Totally Vitamins"

Homeopathic Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is A Condition Of The Forearm And Wrist That Comes From Overuse Or Stress, Causing Nerve Compression That Leads To Weakness, Pain, And Restricted Movement. Homeopathic Remedies Often H

"Vancouver Homeopathic Academy Ltd"

Homeopathy Was Established In 1810 By A German Physician, Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann Was Disappointed With Healing As It Was Practiced In His Day

"Villa Park Pharmacy"

Villa Park Pharmacy, Villa Park,Ca Is A State-Of-The-Art Pharmacy That Provides Traditional Pharmacy Products And Natural Medicines Including Herbals


Offers Homeopathy Products:Acne Remedies,Aconitum Napellus,Allergy Remedies,Allium Cepa,Antimonium Tartaricum,Apis Mellifica Arnica Montana Etc..

"Vitamin World"

Acne Relief:All Natural Homeopathic Remedy. Made From All-Natural Ingredients, Homeopathic Remedies Contain No Synthetic Drugs. They Are Remarkably Free Of Side Effects Of Any Kind And Are Among The Safest Preparations Known.

"Wellness And Longevity Centre, Inc."

Homeopathy, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Healthcare Amp Medicine, All Natural Pharmacy Phyllis O`Shields Jones,Online,Homeopath,Herbalist, Flower Remedy Practitioner Medical Consulatation,Health.


Homeopathy Is A Well-Described, Scientifically Based System Of Approaching Health And Disease.

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